Lights Out

yaustar has released a demo based on the game lights out.
Check it on the author’s web page :

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LJGP32 v0.3

A new version of the NES emulator LJGP32 has been released. Changes are:

    Optimized speed : most games can be played at frameskip 0 with sound. Fixed some bugs in ppu emulation (screen borders were sometimes wrong) Added new sound option : quality (low,medium,high),filtering (none, soft, high). Basically quality is frequency (11, 22 or 44Khz).Note that on some games medium quality is required (sound mixing bug). Fixed savestate bugs (used to crash emu) Added mappers. Current supported list (some may be buggy): 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, 10,11,13,15,16,17,18,19, 21,22,23,24,25,26,32, 33,34,40,41,42,43,44,45, 64,66,68,69,70,71,72, 73,74,75,76,77,78,79,80, 82,83,85,86,87,88,89, 90,91,92,93,94,95,96,97, 99,100,101,105,112,113, 114,115,117,118,119,122,187,255. Various fixes here and there ;-). No GUI new features (next version probably…)

Visit the homepage at more information and the downloads. Feel free to leave any feedback on this release via our forum topichere

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Short sign of life…

Just got the chance to have internetaccess at Assembly 03 ( and want to give a short sign of life. I am sorry that the page did not had any update the past four days, I have three people who should post news… but well. News service will return to usual quality at Tuesday when I am back from Finland. Have a nice day all… – Kojote @ ASM03

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NeoGp32 Plublic Alpha Released

ThunderZ sent me the first public alpha of his NeoGeo Pocket Emulator for GP32. It currently features:

    – The TLCS900H (core cpu) and the Z80 (sound cpu) are running for make game run.- The sound output is actually disabled because of crappy sound.- The new gfx engine is on the way so actually some color game are buggy and black and white game are not playable.- ZIP support disabled.- SAVE/LOAD state not enabled on this version.

You can download this release fromGP32Emu. Feel free to leave any feedback on this release viaour forum posthere.

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Avoid Bullet updated

A new version of the interesting game where you must avoid the incoming asteroids has been released. It has the following changes:

    1. Logo Addition. 2. Increase Speed : Fix Code ->Increase Speed. 3. Homming Range Change : Change Range 15->30. 4. Add Infomation : Average Infomation Addition. 5. Change Bullet Size function Addition : Change 4Grade Bullet.

Downloads can be found via the homepagehere, as the homepage is in Korean the direct link to the download page can be foundherewhere there are Korean and English language versions of the game.

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More GiriGiri Walker News

Just a small updated on the GiriGiri Walker homepage which is that ‘Beat’ feature has been added. In other words when it connects to the net it gets the date/time and displays it on the GP32. Theres a new screenshot which you can check out on the homepage at

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Gdl v0.4c

Rov let me know that he has released his GP32 libraryGdl. Its a useful library which features functions for GFX, Maps, Fonts, Palette, Input and more. I tried the library earlier this week and its got some nice stuff in there. If you are looking for a library to get you up and running look no further. Visit the homepage at you can find the library, demo sources and the docs.

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SNES Station update (SNES emu for PS2)

From the author:C4 emulation is working (tested with MegaMan X3)DeJap patches (IPS format) are working (tested with Bahamut Lagoon)I’m working on getting SDD! games (like Star Ocean) and SPC7110 games (like Far East Of Eden Zero) working.(If this takes too long then it may have to wait until another release, since I don’t want it to hold things up toomuch)source

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On holiday…

I’ll be away for the next days and can not post news or answer emails. The news service will be taken over byfr4nzfor the time I’m away. – Signing off… Kojote

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Knark (GBC Demo)

GBC Demos got rare, but this LCP party we had luck. The group Phantasy released a brandnew GBC demo called Knark. You can get it from:

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