Giana’s Return – WIP (GP32 game)

The Jump’n’Run sequel ‘Gianas Return’ is on hold till autumn 2004. Official public announcement soon.

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GpMad MP3 v0.9 (GP32 app)

Robert J. Shepherd released the third version (0.9) of his libMad based MP3 player with seeking support.

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GP Advance Homepage (GP32 misc)

The GBA emulator”GP Advance”has it’s own homepage now. Click on the link below to check the page out.

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Insane Nights (GP32 game)

The guys at Mad Tea Time are working on a castlevania style game for the GP32 which will be freeware (regarding an email from the coder).Mad Tea Time

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Short word to GP32 devers…

As most of you know I was not able to keep PDRoms up to date for several reasons the past weeks. I missed a lot of GP32 stuff, so here comes my word to you:If you are developer and made a game, demo, application etc for use with the GP32 please send me a copy of it to”gp32(at)pdroms(dot)de”. Please keep in mind that it should be really the PERSON WHO WROTE THE PROGRAM to submit the game. To explain it: If everyone sents me his GP32 collection it would just blow my mailbox up and causes a lot of sorting work.If you want to see your program for the GP32 hosted on PDRoms please send an EMAIL with your program attached, including version information, to the emailadress mentioned above. Of course it should be the latest version only :-)Thanks in advance-Kojote/PDRoms

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Breakpoint 2004

I’ll be at Breakpoint 2004, a german demosceneparty this weekend. If anyone needs a copy of the whole PDRoms archive or a copy of the PDRoms Gameboy Color VideoCD released at TUM lemme know till tonight (today is Thursday 8th April). – Regards Kojote

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Gianas Return v0.90 BETA (GP32 game)

The inofficial sequel of”The Great Giana Sisters”is out. Head over to the official page.

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PCEAdvance v5.9 (GBA)

The PC Engine emulator for the GBA has been updated with a new release. Heres whats new:

    Added HScroll option in menu, use L and R. Added double buffering of background. Fixed some sprite updating (sprite option should be redundant). Fixed SRAM initialization. Fixed more problems with folders under pogo. Fixed multibooting from PogoPCE and on XG cards. Changed the default values for Gamma and Scaling. Changed detection of max screen height Speedhacks to various gamesAnd much more

Download the new version from the homepagehere.

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SNES Advance released (GBA)

The SNES emulator previously named PocketSNES which has now been renamed to SNES Advance has been updated with a new release. Changes are:

    – Renamed emulator to SNES Advance. – VCOUNT stuff is emulated (w/IRQs). – Added new type of autoscrolling. – Other miscellaneous stuff.

Visit the homepage at its new URL at the downloads.

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Vorton Beta 2 released (GP32)

A new version of the Highway Encounter remakeVortonhas been released. Changes are:

    Phase2 included: mode7 stages (Continue Game Hardcore).XML parser improved with ML_Lib.Dreamcast release.Fonts changes.

Downloads can be found on the homepage at

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