GPVGB v0.11 Alpha (GBC emu for GP32)

A new version of GPVGB (Gameboy Classic/Color Emulator for GP32) is out!

Changes are:

– Change of memory structure
– Fixed CPU bugs

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HAM Tutorial Hearts v2.7 (GBA Game)

Aaron Rogers updated his entry for the “Hearts Coding Competition” to version 2.7 (source avaliable too)! It is “very playable” now and the AI has been improved! Thanks to Aaron himself for the news!

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New Files! (Vectrex misc)

0ldsk00l by Manu
Animation by Manu
Gravitrex-by John Dondzila
Joystick by Manu
Kingpin v0.4 by Manu
Patriots III by John Dondzila
Vectrex Frogger by Christopher Salomon
Vectrex Pong by Christopher Salomon

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New Files (GBA/NES) (misc)

Gameboy Advance
Blod-Runner v1.1 by Opus
Corazones Hearts by Ruben Alonso
GBA Hearts by Stephen Stair
GDE Hearts by Arrow
HAM Tutorial Hearts by Aaron Rogers
Hearts by Matthew Gummo
Hearts Cafe by Mathieu
I Heart You by Team Dadako
Jashin by Costis and BigRed
PimpRaycaster v0.8 by Leigh
Uranus 2 by ZoneGN
Yoshitakas Hearts by Yoshi Taka

NES 8-Bit
Bill World v0.1 by Abonetochew
Blocks Demo by Abonetochew
Chess v0.0 by Matrixz

I passed my english exam :))) so here is the promised update! Have fun…

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Last Reminder: 5 US Dollar Discount at !!! (misc)

You might remember the post saying that you can get 5$ discount on each order you place at my sponsor GameGizmo! The offer is still valid to the 31st October!

All you need is this voucher code: 101121222

I’m sure you’ll find some interesting items at GameGizmo’s 🙂 They offer a nice variety of consoles and addons. Just have a look.

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Raycaster v0.7 (GBA Techdemo)

Leigh send a new version of his 3D-Engine “Raycaster” to the guys at! Source is avaliable too.

BTW… today is the “day of truth”. I’ve to solve my exam (a-level’s) in english. Only seven hours left… cross you fingers 🙂 In case I pass, I’ve preapared a nice update :)))

By with 0 comments Hearts Compo results! (GBA misc)

GBAdev’s Hearts Coding Competition is over. There were nine entries in total. Two of them seem to be unplayable due to bugs. Get the final results and the files from GBAdev 🙂

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Blod Runner v1.1 (GBA Game)

Opus released an updated version of Blod Runner (kind of ‘Loderunner’ clone). There were just little changes. Source is avaliable too. Check out Opus’ Homepage using the link below.

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Uranus 2 (GBA Game)

ZoneGN finally released their new GBA shooter “Uranus 2 – Sun Tear”.

Features of this game are:

– vertical shoot’em up
– 8 Stages + 2 hidden + boss!
– 3 selectables characters + 1 hidden characters
– Special Attack & upgradable shoot
– 4 types of sub weapons
– 2 languages ( English & French )
– Many special mode & hidden mode
– hidden Cheat code !

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File Update (GBA/Arcarde/GP32) (misc)

Gameboy Advance
Bombjack (unfinished) by Dennis Munsie
Clac Q One (No Sound Version) by Etage97
Coin Adventure by John Ward
Colors (04 Jan 02) by Dennis Munsie
Header by Dennis Munsie
Joytest by Dennis Munsie
The Son of Grooveboy by Scania 9 Entertainment

Neo No Panepon (Beta 7th July 2002 MAMEFIX) by Blastar

Rotozoomer by Mr Spiv

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