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Astroid (Mini LD 52) (NES Game)

Astroid is a NES homebrew game by ObscenelyTrue. The goal of Astroid is to get down as low as possible while avoiding asteroids. By pressing the A button, the flying saucer goes right; otherwise, it goes left. The asteroid field becomes denser with time to make more exciting the game.


* Procedural generation of the asteroid field
* Increasing level of difficulty
* Score
* Vertical parallax srolling

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Streemerz is a homebrew game by Faux Game Company. Infiltrate the evil MASTER Y’s floating fortress to destroy the TIGER ARMY’s top secret weapon.

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Streemerz (01-02-2013) (NES Game)

Streemerz is a hell of a professional free homebrew game, by Faux Game Company. Infiltrate the evil MASTER Y’s floating fortress to destroy the TIGER ARMY’s top secret weapon.

STREEMERZ - NES Homebrew (Trailer)

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Meathook Massacre (Commercial) (NES Game)

Meathook Massacre is a horror platform game by Sinister Studios. For ~76 USD a copy could be yours and comes visually like a real NES game with everything expected.

"Meathook Massacre" NES Game Commercial

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A Winner is You (Commercial) (NES misc)

A Winner is You is a collection of video game tunes played on real instruments. This is no ordinary musical cart.

This cart was created with a special custom board that has a whopping 64MB ROM and allows for full uncompressed PCM audio playback through your console! That means you get actual instrument sounds coming out of your NES! No modifications to your console are needed in order experience the full quality of these awesome musical recordings!

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Meteor Guard 2

Resume the meteor blasting adventures of Matthew Campkill! On the way home from his last mission, he got caught in an asteroid belt and must destroy enough of them to make the course to Earth more safe for himself. Push in a direction to move in that direction, and push the B button to fire.

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A game of memory. Very easy if you use a certain method, but here it is! Flip the cards and match them all to win the game. Press Start to begin the game.

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You’re in a submarine, and you’re hot on the trail of another enemy sub. It seems to be pulling away from you. The decision was made by your superior to launch Guidance System Magellan, the latest remote-controlled rocket technology in submarine warfare! Guide the weapon through seaweed to get 100 points and win the day! Use the D-Pad to move left or right. The game will speed up as you progress further. Good luck!

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Bomb Array

You have been called in to level various buildings that are harboring ninja terrorists! Using your plane and bomb-aiming skill, drop bombs until you finish them off, then move to the next area. Press Start to begin gameplay. Press the ‘A’ button to drop a bomb when you feel the timing is right. If you get to 1,000 points, you win! If you crash into a building, you FAIL.

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Dúshlán by Peter McQuillan is based on the classic Tetris, but with a few twists on the game and some extra features that are not commonly available like ghost (where you can see where your piece would go if you dropped it) and save (where you can swap a piece in play for later usage).

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