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DCDoom v1.1.3 (DC Game Port)

JLF65 has updated his Doom port for the Dreamcast.


Okay, v1.1.3 is here. Changes since last time: the exit is cleaner, loads/saves in-game settings, all new Doom icons for saved files, and shows player status on the VMU so that you can play without the status bar on the screen.

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Another Pool (Apool) v0.982 DC (DC Game Port)

Another Pool is a 2D computer billiards simulation with an acceptable physical behaviour of the balls using SDL as graphical subsystem.

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SDLFighter (23-07-2009) (DC Game)

SDLFighter is a space shooter for Dreamcast (untested on real hardware) by Maturion.

Thanks to Maturion himself for the news!

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OpenGGS v0.93 (DC Game Port)

A port of Roman’s “Open Great Giana Sisters” game to the Dreamcast has appeared!

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PXDrum Drum Machine v1.2 (Beta 1) (DC Application Port)

PXDrum Drum Machine is simple sample-based drum sequencer, which can be used for composing drum tracks, playing drum backing track for learing/training, or as a drum-machine emulator.

Thanks to Guaripolo this program is also now available for the good old Dreamcast!

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Pipepanic v0.1.3 (DC Game Port)

Thunor’s game Pipepanic ( ) has been ported to Dreamcast!

Connect as many different shaped pipes together as possible within the time given.

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ZhongWen WIP (DC Game)

CHN is working on a puzzle game for Dreamcast called ZhongWen. There is no release yet, but a video in action.

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Yars Revenge v0.99 (DC Game Port)

Yar’s Revenge hits the Dreamcast!

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BlackJack Allegro (DC Game Port)

Port of the poker game “BlackJack Allegro” to Dreamcast.

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Videopoker 2 (DC Game Port)

Port of the poker game “Vidoepoker 2” to the Dreamcast.

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