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PSP Power Controller v4.7 (PSP Application)

PSP Power Controller by SnyFbSx allows to set various options on your PSP.


When displayed in English, CPU clock display is missing fixes.
Draw tentative deal canceled.
(Reason: there is a problem for the homebrew operation found)
*PSP Filer isn’t on display and will be as specified.
FW6.39 based CFW (LCFW) of the support.

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Platform Portable v0.1 (PSP Game)

Platform Portable is a simple platform ‘n jump game for the PSP. Your goal is to collect as many targets as possible in order to raise your score and beat the highscore. If your score is getting higher, the game is accelerating and it’s getting harder to reach the next platform.

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PSP Power Controller v4.6 (PSP Application)

PSP Power Controller by SnyFbSx allows to set various options on your PSP.


Bug fix: The battery remainder amount time display cannot be corrected.
The display form at operating time was changed.
Changed to display Celsius and Fahrenheit temperature battery.
*The main display of temperature changes for each language.
It was displayed by a part of “Game” and “Homebrew”.
*The screen may flicker and more.

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LameCraft (Revision 110) (PSP Game)

LameCraft by Drakon is a game heavily inspired by Minecraft, where you can destroy or build block worlds.


– Better collision detection.
– Less graphics errors related to clipping.
– Small cubes are not clipped anymore near wall.
– Medium cube on the right – not animated yet.
– New option in game menu: “DevMode” – this will show fps,cpu/gpu usage,free memory…
– New option in game menu: “Take screenshot” – will make screen from the game and save it to the Lamecraft folder.
– In menu circle will work as “Back”
– In game menu you can turn off menu by pressing second time menu button.
– Simple sound in menu – testing audio lib.

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Micro Zig-Zag Racer v0.95 (Beta) (PSP Lua Game)

Micro Zig-Zag Racer is a 2D race car game by Boujack where you have only one oportunity to try complete all levels.

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Aereo TeamMex (Beta 1) (PSP Game)

Aereo TeamMex by sting18 is a space shooter for PSP.

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Company (21-05-2011) (PSP Game)

Company is a PSP card game that involves 100 cards (24 unique) and 2-4 players. The goal of the game is to open a company and earn more money than other entrepreneurs. Some cards in hand become negative points at the end of the game. In addition, with a few cards players can sabotage other companies. See included Rules.doc for more details how to play the game.

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PSP Power Controller v4.5 (PSP Application)

PSP Power Controller by SnyFbSx allows to set various options on your PSP.

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Mind Reader (21-05-2011) (PSP misc)

Mind Reader by French developer walook is a bit hard to describe, so let’s quote the author:

Choose an integer number between 1 and 99!

Let’s take for example 67:

Subtract from this number each of the two digits that make it.
In our example, The result is: 67 – 6 – 7 = 54
Look at the table : Each symbol corresponds to a number.
Find the symbol corresponding to yours.
Finally, press cross!

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Take The Ball v3.0.5 (PSP Lua Game)

“Take The Ball” is a rather simple and odd game, where you have to lock a moving ball in a specific area of the screen. It’s coded in Lua…

Take the BALL v 3.0.5 by fede94boss [PSP GENESIS COMPETITION 2011]
Watch this video on YouTube.


-- Fixed other small bugs in the game ;
-- Introduced new game icon (in XMB) ;

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