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BJ PRGE2014 Welcome Demo (Jaguar Demo)

The BJ PRGE2014 Welcome Demo by Bitjag invites you to the Portland Retro Gaming Expo 2014.

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Morphonic LAB XIII Contarum Invitation (Jaguar Invitro)

Morphonic LAB XIII Contarum Invitation by Checkpoint.

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j_ (Jaguar Demo)

j_ is an Atari Jaguar demo by Checkpoint. First rank at Silly Venture’s (2013) console coding competition. Congratulations!

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Sillyventure 2013 Invite (Jaguar Demo)

If you still consider yourself an Atari fan there is no need to explain what Sillyventure is about. Checkpoint recently released the official invitation named Sillyventure 2013 Invite and it runs on an old, but wonderful hardware, the Atari Jaguar.

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NyanJag (Jaguar misc)

Just for the sake of being complete, here is a notice about NyanJag by Jagware for Atari Jaguar. It should not require further information.

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Kobayashi Maru (Jaguar Game)

Kobayashi Maru by Reboot is a brandnew and free game for the Atari Jaguar system. It has been released at e-JagFest 2011.

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Rebooteroids WIP (Atari Jaguar Game)

Rebooteroids is a new Atari Jaguar game in development.

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Reactris (Jaguar Game)

Reactris by LinkoVitch is a “falling block game” for Atari Jaguar.

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Downfall (Jaguar Game)

Downfall was inspired by Spike Goes Down for Vectrex and Man Goes Down on VCS, both by Alex Herbert. It is not intended to be a port or recreation, just the teams imagining of a falling/gravity game idea.

The object of Downfall is to guide your character through a never-ending chasm on a series of platforms, carefully avoiding rising above or dropping below the viewable area of the screen. Reboot have released the game free for download in ROM, BJL, and CDI format. The source code to the game is also freely available to download from the Downfall website.

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Superfly DX (Jaguar Game)

From time to time you might realize, that systems considered dead, are still having a loyal fanbase and active coders.

Superfly DX makes you indeed “fly” in a super addictive shooter world!

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