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Into The Space v1.0 (GP32 Game)

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Another production from GPZigi is “Space” 😉 shooter Into The Space. It’s simple shooter with funny music.

Download could be get from Hando’s page. See link below.

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BGTetris v0.1 (GP32 Game)

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New PD game released through the GPZigi site. It is another nice looking tetris game. Seems that GP32 will have soon more tetris games than any other console 🙂

Download could be get from Hando’s page. See link below.

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Sokoban v1.0 (GP32 Game)

In the silence of the night “clem” updated his page with version 1.0 of his sokoban game. This version has a few bugfixes. Thanks to clem himself for the news.

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SID Machine v0.5 (GP32 Application)

Sasq released another SID player for the GP32. Thanks to GP32NEWS & GP32EMU for the news.

Small playsid-player using libpogo (no offical libs). Handles long filenames. Also handles gzipped files.Looks for sid.pak (in root) at startup. A pak-file is an archive of files, used to avoid the overhead of having many small file on a fat filsystem (the hvsid-collection takes about half as much space in a pak file). In this way, the entire hvsids collection takes only 60MB

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InfoNES GP32 (Release 2) (NES emu for GP32)

Anders Granlund released an updated version of his InfoNES port. This version has improved sound quality and a few minor speed improvements.

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BIOS Monitor v0.2 (GP32 misc)

Mr. Spiv just informed me that he made his “own version” of the GP32 BIOS. But read more…

Ok.. I made a custom BIOS to GP32 (based on English FW 1.5.7). This BIOS includes Exception handlers for Data&Prefetch Aborts (MMU and memory related errors like unaligned access) and invalid instructions. In case of Exception the BIOS runs a simple monitor which shows all possible registers, Exception reason, and relevant cp15 registers. Also a small memory browsing monitor is included. Finally the BIOS also skips the animation during the boot, which means a way faster booting time. All this was fitted into less than 3.5K of code (includes 1K of font data, all texts etc). Oh.. the USB fix is also included 🙂

Please remember that this is a PATCH! You need the original “English v1.5.7 Firmware” by yourself. I nor Mr. Spiv can support you with _any_ BIOS Files!

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gpQuake (GP32 Game Port)

Anders Granlund in the news again 🙂 Before you jump up and think you can play Quake on your GP32 please read the following lines taken from the readme.txt:

Ported to GP32 by: Anders Granlund

gpQuake shouldn’t be taken too seriously, it was mainly done as a fun excercise to see how difficult it would be to port it. I have little intentions in working much more on this port. The framerate is VERY low, so the game isn’t really enjoyable to play… It is however quite cool to see Quake running on the GP32!Quake for PC made heavy use of the FPU. The GP32 doesn’t have such a coprocessor which is the major slowdown in this port. The PC version used assembly language for rendering, the GP32 port use much slower C functions for this task.There is no sound in this port, and the input handler is just a quick hack to allow me to test it.If someone wants to make a proper playable port of Quake to GP32 then by all means, hack about as much as you like — I’d love to see a good playable version for GP32.

Some stuff which would benefit a GP32 port:
– Sound.
– Proper keymappings.
– Fix graphics glitches.
– Rewrite some rendering&math code in asm.
– Rewrite engine to fully use fixed point math instead of floats.

Pocket quake use some degree of fixed point conversion, but the port would benefit from a total rewrite to only fixed point in the engine…

Installing and running:
– Put gpquake.fxe in”gp:gpmm”
– Put quake datafiles (*.pak) files in”gp:gpmmquakeid1 “When the game console comes up after starting the .fxe file press the “START” button and select singleplayer ->new game. Keep in mind that it will take a good while to load the first level… I’ve tested this port with the shareware version of quake only…

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InfoNES GP32 (Release 1) (NES emu for GP32)

Anders Granlund released a port of InfoNES yesterday. Download from his page.

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Sarien v0.3 (GP32 misc)

Anders Granlund updated his Sarien port again! More information on his page.

[2003-01-14] version 0.3 – Fixed save/load bug

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Sarien v0.1 (GP32 misc)

Anders Granlund ported Sarien (Sierra AGI adventure games interpretor) to the GP32. This first version DOES NOT have sound and supports only one game on one SMC. This port is based on Sarien-0.7.0.

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