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PlusIVe v0.02b (Plus 4 emufor GP32)

Version 0.01b of this emulator was allready at the Adic downloadpage (results aren’t out yet). Today CHN updated PlusIVe to v0.02b with a a very minor change. PlusIVe got another Introscreen now and displays the name of it’s author.

[UPDATE 13:13 CET] File now avaliable locally in GP32/Emulators

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Casca Naves v1.1 (Beta) (GP32 Game)

Theif updated his simple shooter game to version 1.1 which might be the final version regarding his e-mail. Theif does NOT have a homepage yet. Get the file directly from the PDroms GP32/Game section.

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Casca Naves v1.0 (Beta) (GP32 Game)

Theif released a simple shooter game for GP32. Current version is 1.0 beta. The Author isn’t sure if his program runs on real hardware, if you have a chance to test it, please let him know about it. Thank you goes out to Oscar BraindeaD who told me about this new game on IRC.

Since I do NOT have an URL for this game the download is avaliable locally in the GP32/Game section.

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Masterlator GP v0.01b (Master System emu for GP32)

CHN ported his own Master System emulator “Masterlator” to the GP32. It is quite slow and doesn’t output sound yet, but it works smoothly and it even has a file requester. Get the download from CHN’s page. Thanks for CHN himself for the news.

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YAPE (Plus4 emu for GP32)

CHN ported YAPE (Plus4 emulator) to the GP32. Source and binary are avaliable! Get the download from his page. Thanks to CHN himself for the news.

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GaPlaam32 v0.1 (GP32 Game)

GaPlaam32 is an adaptation of Bomberman coded by Edhel. Penguins have replaced robots, and the war takes place on ice, but it should have the spirit of the original Bomberman.

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GP CardGame v1.0 (GP32 Game)

On the korean page linked below you can find a new homebrewn GP32 game called “Card Game v1.0”. (Thanks to Guyfawkes for the News)

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GPVGB v0.11 Alpha (GBC emu for GP32)

A new version of GPVGB (Gameboy Classic/Color Emulator for GP32) is out!

Changes are:

– Change of memory structure
– Fixed CPU bugs

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Plus4 Emulator for GP32! (GP32 misc)

Just recieved some exclusive news from CHN including a private beta of a Plus4 Emulator for GP32 (the emulator itself is unnamed and unreleased yet!). The emulator works quite well and it’s a bit difficult to handle, but it’s just a question of time until you know how to handle it 🙂 These screenshots were taken in a hurry with GeePee (GP32 Emu) and are copyrighted by Kojote! You are welcome to use them on your site if you give credits and a link. Please do not link the pictures directly from PDroms!!! Okay now to the lines CHN wrote:

Hello,I’m currently working on a portable Commodore Plus/4 emulator for the GP32. It is right now fairly complete – it implements rasterline-basted TED emulation, D64 disk image support, automatic starting of most PRGs off the SMC or a D64 image, full keyboard and Joystick emulation, screen brightness control and sound emulation. The speed is about 80-90% at 133MHz, including sound, but further optimizations will be done. The emulator will be released to the public on my website when the ADIC 2002 competition is over 😉

[Images are not available anymore, lost while converting the PDR database in autum 2007]

[UPDATE] I had to mark the pictures, because somone tooked it without giving credits (You know who you are!). It seems it’s worse to give something away for free without any mark 🙁 Well… in case you need the pictures without pdroms sign, feel free to e-mail me!

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snes9xgp v0.32a (SNES emu for GP32)

snes9xgp (snes9x port for GP32) recieved an update 🙂 It can be downloaded from the official page, or from pdroms! The changes are:

– Fixed a controller bug (phew!), improved compatibility now 🙂
– And that’s all folks! We thank you all for your support 🙂

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