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Yet AnotherSokoban Clone R4 (GP32 Game)

Tommy Widenflycht aka CMOTD released a new version of YASC! The changes for Release 4 are:

– A new levelset in XSB format is included (grigr.xsb)
– Express moves, go as far as possible without pushing with one keystroke. See the controls section for more information.
– XSB file format support. Now every (almost) levelset can be played without conversion.
– Sounds! User configurable!
-” Seamless” walls! Very nice IMHO! – Small fixes and additions here and there.
– My “Rasta” skin have been redrawn/upgraded.

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snes9xgp v0.2b (SNES emu for GP32)

Intelecto just joined #gp32dev EFNET and let us know that a new version of his SNES-Emulator port is done! Of course you can find the latest version in it’s section (GP32/Emulators). The changes in this version are:

– 4MB files can be loaded.
– Higher compatibility rate.
– Improved speed.
– New file select menu.
– Sound, although it only plays at the speed the game runs at with sound on!
– Much more!

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GP32 Emulator Section update! (GP32 misc)

GP32 Additions
fMSX32 v06182002 by rlyeh
fNES32 v06282002 by rlyeh
snes9xgp v0.1b by Intelecto

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SNES Emulator for GP32! Interview with the Author “Intelecto” (GP32 misc)

Due to the very very soon release of a snes9x port for the korean handheld GP32, I tried to catch the author Intelecto who allready sent out a couple of betas to various people. After the first fake, “snes9xgp” he will proof that IT IS POSSIBLE to play SNES on a GP32… but enter the Interview section and read on your own 🙂

You are welcome to join EFNET #pdroms or EFNET #gp32dev to have a litte discussion… or just idle around 🙂

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Pong Fighter for GP32 WIP (GP32 Game)

I had the pleasure to do a short test of the GP32 version of Pong Figher! The port is still in a very early stage, but it’s playable. A few options are ported, but don’t show any effect now. Of course there is a lot porting work and cosmetic fixes left, but I’m sure this version will be as great as the GBA Versions, which can be downloaded from the link at the bottom of this post 🙂

Pong Fighter Homepage

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Small GP32 File updates! (GP32 misc)

GP32 Additions
8080 Arcarde Emulator v1.00 by CraigX
Collateral Damages v0.8 by Edorul
GPGB v0.2 by Jae-Yong Oh
GPGB v0.22 by Jae-Yong Oh
GPGB v0.23 by Jae-Yong Oh
GPGB v0.25 by Jae-Yong Oh
GPGB v0.3 by Jae-Yong Oh
GPGB v0.50 by Jae-Yong Oh
GPGB v0.55 by Jae-Yong Oh
gpRobot 31052002 by Oedalpha
gpTorus 01072002 by Oedalpha
WSC32 v0.002 by Rattboi

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Masterlator (GP32 misc)


That’s my first post here since the official re-launch of pdroms, so a big “WELCOME” to all people out there… I hope you enjoy the site 😉

Anyway… chn has coded a new Master System & Game Gear emulator and he has a little request:

“Hello, this is Chris Nowak a.k.a. chn. Masterlator is a new portable Master System & Game Gear emulator written from scratch by me. It is almost complete now and will be released soon. However, I need some people who volunteer to beta test it for incompatibilities and bugs. If you’re very experienced with emulators and computers in general, have much time and access to a Windows computer with DirectX, a soundcard and a Joystick/pad, please contact me at chnowak at web dot de.Thank you!”

That’s it for now…


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Some GP32 Games (GP32 misc)

Usually I try to update as much as possible. This update is the one for the 26th but I’m allready done with it 🙂 Well I just post it now, even if there are 1 hour and 10 minutes to midnight 🙂

GP 32 Additions
Car Race v1.0 by Pion
Columns v0.02 by Bee32
Columns v0.03 by Bee32
Elite – The Newkind v0.01 by Muaddib
Elite – The Newkind v0.03 by Muaddib
Elite – The Newkind v0.04 by Muaddib
Elite – The Newkind v0.05 by Muaddib

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GP32 Bomber v0.8 (GP32 Game)

Nokturn released GP32 Bomber to the public today. I had the pleasure to test v0.5 a while ago, and this game is worth playing it! Just check it out 🙂,0,0,0,27,781

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