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Giana’s Return WIP (GP2x Game)

News from the Giana’s Return Team!


Hello dear Giana-Fans!

First of all, let us tell you that the project is not abandoned and we won’t abandon it 😉

Everyone has already read the story about the graphics artist issues severall times already and you boys and girls are probably already sick about it – which would be pretty much understandable. A pixelgraphics artist from France named [thUg] who was also active in the Amiga demoscene offered his help, which we will glady accept – things should move on soon.

So this was the status about Giana’s Retun itself… now time for something new…

We got hands on a very talented (but unfortunatly not free) graphics artist who is currently drawing sprites and tiles for a new Sci-Fi Jump’n’Shoot. We are taking essences from “Hard’n’Heavy”, “Metal Slug” and “Turrican” and mixing it up into a brandnew game, based upon the Giana’s Return engine. Of course we could have got that graphics guy also for our main project, but the background of this story is a bit more difficult and would probably fill a few pages to explain.

We have the main sprite “Little Bastard” ready and animated, white a nice and proper gun in his hands. Within the next three to four weeks, we should have everything ready to start. The game itself will be less complex than Giana’s Return as we want to head towards “Hard’n’Heavy” which was dealt as “The Great Giana Sisters II”.

We don’t have a music artist for this, as Operator is still busy with the Giana’s Return music and sound FX. Our organizer is already having some artists in mind, who could provide proper chipmusic. This time it might not be “exclusive” tracks as for Giana’s Return, but be sure that the music will rock the house – or better said “chip” the house.

Your’s Giana’s Return Team

PS: We answered most of the people who offered help, but most of them didn’t reply, did you guys checked your spambox folder?

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Muepp Muepp v3.1 (GP2x Game)

Achim Tobler has updated his “catch the smily” game Muepp Muepp.


– GP2x crash at the labyrinth level should not happen again
– Fixed sound issues (hopefully)

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Sqdef v1.3a (GP2x Game)

Sqdef is a tower defense game for the GP2X. The goal is to prevent enemies from getting from one side of the map to the other by placing towers along their way. There are over a dozen different buildings with upgrades, tech research, difficulty levels, and a whole lot of maps to try your defense skills on! Sqdef also has a powerful on-GP2X map editor that allows you to make your own maps and share them with others. Visit the Sqdef microsite for more, including downloads of new map packs.


-> fixed a minor range accuracy bug in Quad Fortress
-> fixed the stray bullets glitch (thanks Gruntfuggly!)

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GP2x User Guide German v1.0 (GP2x misc)

Lexus has updated his inofficial GP2x User Guide in german language.


– Description for F100 based upon FW 3.0.0
– Description for F200 added
– GMenu2x description enhanced

Thanks to Lexus himself for the news.,0,0,0,23,2077

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Muepp Muepp v3.0 (GP2x Game)

Achim Tobler has updated his “catch the smily” game Muepp Muepp.

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MAME4ALL GP2x v1.1 (Arcade emu for GP2x)

Franxis and team updated their MAME port for GP2x. MAME is a “multiple arcade machine emulator”.


– Improved the DrZ80 compatibility. A lot of new games are compatible (Neo·Geo games, Bubble Bobble, Tokio, etc).
– High Scores support. Thanks to PalMAME for the hiscore.dat file.
– Fixed the video output in the vector games.
– Fixed the video orientation in the Bubble Bobble bootleg version (Bobble Bobble).
– Bubble Bobble can be played fullspeed now thanks to the DrZ80 core. I recommend to use the bootleg versions (Bobble Bobble and Super Bubble Bobble) because the emulation is faster.
– New great skins for the menu by Pedator.

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Dumb v0.9.3 (GP2x Application)

DUMB is an IT, XM, S3M and MOD player library developed by Robert J Ohannessian, Julien Cugniere and Ben Davis.

It now has been ported over to the GP2x.,0,0,0,19,2510

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Planet Hively (GP2x Demo)

Planet Hively is a “musicdisk” released for plenty of platforms, such as GP2x.

Official page of the creator group “IRIS” –

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MAME4ALL GP2x v1.0 (Arcade emu for GP2x)

As announced few days ago, here is a new release of MAME for the GP2x.

It is based on MAME 0.37b5 and it has support for 2240 romsets. It was first shown in the RetroMadrid 2008 fair on 8th March in Madrid (Spain).

The following changes have been done to the version shown in the fair:

– No more lock-ups.
– Configuration files per game.
– The sound volume can be changed in rotated modes (VolUp or VolDown + START).
– The sound volume is not reset after a pause.
– Documentation added.

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Orbital Sniper 2x v1.1 (GP2x Game)

‘Orbital Sniper’ is a game which has been made for the Ludum Dare 48 hour game programming contest.

It is now available for GP2x.

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