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Manic Miner XNA WIP (XBOX 360 Game)

Manic Miner for Windows and Xbox 360, written using XNA. Graphics courtesy Andy Noble –

If you want to see the game in action you might visit

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JelloPhysics v0.4 (XBOX 360 misc)

JelloPhysics is a soft body library for XNA Windows and XBOX360.


Updated to XNA Game Studio 2.0

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CastleAttack (01-02-2008) (XBOX 360 Game)

News from bdev13:

Release notes:

CastleAttack is my tribute to Warlords (one of my favorite Atari 2600 games). The object of the game is to protect your castle from the ricocheting fireball while trying to destroy your opponents’ castles.

One to four players can play at once (the cpu assumes the remaining positions). There are three difficulty levels.

This project was developed using XNA 2.0 so you may need to download the update before you can load this project into your environment.

Full source is included. Versions for Windows and XBox 360 are included. I didn’t include the contents of the bin folder for the 360 (so that the zip file was small enough to be uploaded) so you’ll need to build the 360 version before deploying to your 360 (which you would probably want to do anyway)

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MD3 Content Pipeline XNA (XBOX 360 misc)

This is a Content Pipeline, that you can add in your projects, and then use MD3 Models ( Quake 3 ). Use XNA 2.0.

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XNA Sharp NES (Release 3) (NES emu for XBOX 360)

XNA Sharp NES is the first NES emulator for the Xbox 360 and XNA. It runs at 60% or 70% of normal speed while being debugged, but runs at full speed when not running with a debugger on the 360.

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XNA Game Studio v2.0 (XBOX 360 misc)

The release of XNA Game Studio 2.0 is now available for you to download! Build the next generation of games for Windows and Xbox 360.

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Public Intoxication (XBOX 360 Game)


You play either single player or with a friend.

You must make it from 8:00pm to 5:00am
Stay intoxicated!!! (Your meter will always be dropping, replenish it by buying more alcahol.)

Don’t get beatup! (It really hurts, plus it drains your intoxication meter.)
When you gotta go, you gotta go, but drinking too much too fast makes it happen quicker!
Weapons are good.
No ammo for your gun is bad.
If you are in multiplayer mode, as long as both players don’t get arrested, you can bond out of jail.

Move – Left control stick.
Punch – A button.
Stab – X button.
Shoot – B button.
Gernade – Left shoulder button.
Pee – A button. (at top of screen)
Exit – Back button. (at main menu)

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JelloPhysics v0.3 (XBOX 360 misc)

JelloPhysics is a soft body library for XNA Windows and XBOX360.

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JelloCar (XBOX 360 Game)

JelloCar is a physics-based vehicle platformer, where you must guide a squishy car from through a level filled with squishy objects! Features full soft body physics on all objects in the world, and over 15 levels included! You can also transform the car for a limited time to aid in navigating the level.

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The Collector (06-10-2007) (XBOX 360 Game)

The Collector is a 2D arcade game created in Microsoft XNA and is still in progress. There are currently 3 levels and multiple powerups which may help you beat them.

Moving back and forth you must collect the proper color powerup and drop it in the proper spot.You can only release the powerup by pressing the corrisponding button/key.

If you do not have an XBOX 360 controller and play on Windows, the buttons are replaced by keys and gameplay remains the same.

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