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JelloPhysics v0.2 (XBOX 360 misc)

JelloPhysics is a soft body library for XNA Windows and XBOX360.

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Models and Camera Classes (XBOX 360 misc)

A couple of classes that DeadlyEvilRyu made to help with Model and camera orientations.

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JelloPhysics (XBOX 360 misc)

JelloPhysics is a 2D software body library for XNA, which is open source.

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GumDrop (XBOX 360 Game)

GumDrops are falling from the sky and you have to pop them…or something like that. It’s a simple, competitive puzzle game supporting up to 4 players on Xbox 360 and 6 players for Windows.

This is really a pretty old release, but still worthy to mention.

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FizzOut (XBOX 360 Game)

FizzOut is a one level racing game with boats.

This project is from January 2007.

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Super Nova Psycko (XBOX 360 Game)

Super Nova Psycko is a space shooter, released in late February 2007.

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Botload (XBOX 360 Game)

Program bots with botcode – an icon-based programming language you write with the xbox controller.

Master this language to unlock mini-games. Get good enough and you can write your own games.

In this prototype botcode is fully functional – you can write and save your own code, design game sets and construct games.

There are also 3 mini-games to play and 3 challenges to view (already solved).

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Fallout (XBOX 360 Game)

Fallout is a game made for the DreamBuildPlay contest. It is a top down two player space game, released in March 2007.

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RetroBowl (XBOX 360 Game)

RetroBowl is a football game that pays homage to the original Tecmo Bowl for NES. There are a variety of teams provided and you can add your own teams and players by editing/adding config files.

Each team has different strengths and weaknesses that parallel real-life teams from the late 80’s and early 90’s. For example, Miami has a strong passing game but an average running game and a weak defense.

Like in the original, each team has four offensive plays (plus punt and field goal). The defensive player tries to guess the offensive play. If the guess is correct, the offensive play will be stopped cold.

Both 1 and 2 player games are supported. Instructions are available from the main menu. You must use a gamepad.

This release is from March 2007.

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Colotristar (XBOX 360 Game)

Your goal is to remove as many stars from the grid as possible. With a little luck you might get rid of all 81 of them. Beware, you might get stuck. Try to leave as few stray stars behind as possible.

Choose between 1000 preset puzzles with hiscore saved for each one of them. Single player and two player versus mode available.

The Xbox 360 gamepad is required.

This release is from March 2007.

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