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Watertest (XBOX 360 misc)

Water(Sand)Test is a physics techdemo for XBOX 360. Note that the demo runs much faster than the video indicates.

This release is three weeks old.

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iFactor v1.0.0.3 (XBOX 360 Game)

iFactor is a strategic 2D shooter which features 2 player co-op, 50 levels, ambient soundtrack, high score save, and an interactive tutorial.

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Aquattack (XBOX 360 Game)

Aquattack is an action packed, fast-paced 2D scroller combining true arcade gameplay with sensational 3D graphics. Aquattack captures the player in an underwater adventure, commanding an advanced research submarine equipped with the latest technology and weaponary. Sheer wit and quick reflexes are required to overcome the obstacles ahead.

Aquattack comes packed with the following features :

1) Multiple levels, each with their own unique objectives (only level 2 has been implemented for the competition).
2) Full 3D objects and terrain.
3) Post Processing techniques (Bloom, Shockwaves).
4) Extensive use of particle systems for explosions, projectiles and other effects.
5) A multitude of powerups affecting submarine behaviour such as weapons, speed, health and score.
6) Reactive Artificial Intelligence.
7) Multiple enemy types, each with their own behaviour.
8) Rigid body physics and collision detection.
Playable on both XBOX 360 and Windows.

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Spheres (XBOX 360 Game)

Spheres v1.1 is a simple 2-player shooter created with XNA. It can run in Windows or on an Xbox360 (with XNA membership). Requires a working XNA dev environment to play.

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S.P.H.E.R.E.S. (XBOX 360 Game)

S.P.H.E.R.E.S. stands for “Super Phast Homogenious Ergonomic Radiating Extraterrestrial Spheres”, and is a XBox360 game developed with the XNA framework.

Each player controls a sphere, with the objective to pick up the futuristically looking coin, and deliver it to the base. Only one coin is present in the arena at all times, so the players have to compete for it. Powerups like bombs, mind control, speed and mass boost, and of course the realistic physics engine make way for action packed duels and races.

Please note that due to the usage of the XNA framework, only subscribers of the XNA Creators Club are able to run the game on the XBox.

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XNASharpNES v0.92 (Beta) (NES emu for XBOX 360)

XNASharpNES is a NES Emulator for Xbox 360 using XNA. This is a Pre-Release because the authors need to finish a newer version that may support sound and even more games.

Done So Far:
* Basic Emulation (thanks XNAsharpNES)
* More roms Supported(thanks psp’s nesterj)
* Menu
* Main Menu Sound
* Layout
* Runs At 100%

* Option To Play with Keyboard Or X360 Gamepad
* Better Sounding Sound
* Port To Xbox 360 Using 2 Cpu’s Instead of 1
* Custimizeable Xbox360 Gamepad Controlls

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The Function 2007 Invitation (XBOX 360 Demo)

The Function 2007 Invitation by Conspiracy is an Demo/Invitro, released at Assembly 2007.

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Microdots (XBOX 360 Demo)

Microdots by Synesthetics is a XBOX 360 Demo, released at Assembly 2007.

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The Stellarea (XBOX 360 Demo)

The Stellarea by mfx is a XBOX 360 Demo released at Assembly 2007.

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Evoid Droid (XBOX 360 Demo)

One of the first XBOX 360 demoscene work! Done by excess and Portal Process.

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