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Boing (XBOX 360 Game)

Boing! is a simple pong-style game based on the “Programming Pong” sample video, made in January 2007.

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Ottos Revenge (XBOX 360 Game)

Otto’s Revenge is a 3d version of the classic video game Bezerk. Evil Otto is invincible and can travel through walls. The robots aren’t very smart, but are relentless. Voice synthesis effects are included.

This release is from February 2007.

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Space Invasion (XBOX 360 Game)

Space Invasion is a Space Invaders clone for XNA, made in February 2007.

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SpaceWar 3D (XBOX 360 Game)

SpaceWar 3D is a two-player, split-screen, 3D space combat flight simulator. It was written for Microsoft’s Dream-Build-Play Warmup Competition.

This release is from March 2007.

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WildBoarders 360 v1.0.1 (XBOX 360 Game)

WildBoarders is a high-flying, fast action snowboarding game in 2D built on the new XNA platform. Take to the slopes and try to get through 5 crazy levels that’ll really test your skill. This game was created during a game development competition that spanned 2 months.

WildBoarders features:
– 5 colorful levels of varying difficulty
– Two characters, each with their own ‘special’ move.
– 2D physics engine provided by Jeff Weber’s Farseer Physics Engine
– Fun soundtrack provided by the band ‘Shut Up Travis’. Featuring 4 brand new songs from their upcoming album.

This release is from February 2007.

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Nut Harvest (XBOX 360 Game)

Nut Harvest is a fun and frantic 4-player game for the xbox 360! Take on your friends in a mad dash to collect the most golden acorns. Jump, shove, slide, and flip your way to victory as you try to hoard the acorns while unleashing havoc on your friends with power ups!

This release is from February 2007.

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Bubblezoid v1.1 (XBOX 360 Game)

Don’t let the bubbles invade the screen!

Make bubble combos of three or more bubbles of the same color to pop them up and accumulate points, time attack mode will require you to be a quick shooter if you want to make it to the worldwide top 10 players. Select “How to play” from the game menu to learn more.

This is a release from March 2007.

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Snake (XBOX 360 Game)

Snake is a 3-D game with the soul of a retro 2-D game. You control a snake as it moves through various levels. You must avoid the walls and your own tail as you clear levels by eating food. As you eat food, your tail grows longer. The snake’s speed starts off slow but gets faster every level.

Keep an eye out for several levels that pay homage to classic video games (Pac-Man and Atari Combat).

Controls are described in the in-game menus and in the readme.txt file.

The zip file contains two other zip files: one for the Windows project and one for the XBox 360 project. Both projects share one copy of the source and resource files.

This project has been released in February 2007.

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XNAPicross (XBOX 360 Game)

This is a very quick Picross game and took the coder less than a day in total, so don’t expect too much! XNAPicross was designed for the 360 and only works with a pad.

This release is 2 months old!

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Snowball Fight (XBOX 360 Game)

Snowball Fight is a videogame recreation of everyone’s favorite childhood wintertime activity! It’s a fast-paced game for 1-4 players that captures the frenzy and excitement of a snowball fight.

Hit your opponents with snowballs while avoiding being hit yourself. Pick up Power Ups for special (temporary) abilities. Play against your friends and computer players.

This release is one month old.

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