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NDS Music Player v1.0 (NDS Application)

KazoWAR updated “NDS Music Player”. It’s based on fincs’ SSEQ Player and allows to play music tracks from commercial games with a GUI browser pointing at the desired ROM file.

Release notes:

OK I released version 1.0. It should be a lot less buggy, but still not perfect. I used Team Fails idea and made a .sps file that is a shortcut file that is generated on your computer using SPS Maker.

I pretty much removed .nds loading and my file browser. It is now locked to /data/NDS Music Player/ and shows the list of .sps files. The files uses the games title name, example “POKEMON B.sps”.

This version prints stuff to the screen at each little step, in case of a freeze try to tell me what you where doing and the last line on the screen.

Also there is a little bug I am trying to work out where my string for the nds path is corrupted. If you get something like this, pressing B and trying to open the sps file again seems to solve it.

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Cannon Fodder (Remake) (WIP) (NDS Game)

Alekmaul is currently working on a remake of Cannon Fodder for the Nintendo DS. There is no release yet, but a first screenshot.

For all of you who are not familiar with the classic, please check the video below:

Cannon Fodder

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DScraft (31-08-2011) (NDS Game)

DScraft is a DS homebrew adaptation of the popular game Minecraft. At the moment this is a rather complete adaptation of “creative mode” (or Minecraft Classic), which means there is only exploration and creation in this version. Survival mode is planned for future versions.


– added ladders and doors
– added new dynamic lighting to make caves darker
– added underwater effect
– added control scheme 3 (doesn’t require shoulder buttons)
– added mc2ds, a Minecraft to DScraft world converter
– added mapUpdate, a program to recalculate some lighting values to work better with 310811
– included new default worlds
– made it easier to get out of water (again)
– fixed torch placing related bugs
– fixed quad cache overflow bug
– fixed inventory-opening crash
– fixed moon
– fixed menu glitch
– fixed edge related bugs
– many other various bugfixes

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Pocket Island DS v0.94 (NDS misc)

Pocket Island DS by MJaoune is an unofficial remake of “Pocket God”. There are little guys which you can annoy with your stylus and there are few options to change the weather. It’s not yet a game, but the coder plans to add missions.


– Changed the audio library to Maxmod, to save RAM and CPU.
– Fixed loads of bugs and glitches. (Were detected by Nathan)
– Some UI changes.
– Fixed the screen flicker problem on some flashcarts.
– Some other changes.

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NDS Music Player (Alpha) (NDS Application)

KazoWAR releases “NDS Music Player” in a public alpha version. It’s based on fincs’ SSEQ Player and allows to play music tracks from commercial games, while pointing at it’s ROM.

Here is more of the original message:

I added a file browser that is most likely still buggy. Browse your cart for a NDS game that uses SSEQ music. Press A to open and then it will read the SDAT data and build a list of all SSEQs in the SDAT. Browse for the SEEQ to play and press A. This is Alpha software and has not been tested for bugs. I am just excited I got it to actually play the music off the ROMs.

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Crazy Golf DS v1.0 (NDS Game)

ismaro3 is currently working on a Minigolf game for Nintendo DS named “Crazy Golf DS”. While his official blog does not contain a download yet, you can get the game at GBAtemp (linked below) or here directly from PDRoms. The author will appreciate bug reports, so please help him with his task to make the game even better.

All people interested in the source code, should check:

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Mind Maze (30-08-2011) (Final) (NDS Game)

Mind Maze is a compendium of mini games in which intelligence and skill with the stylus are the basics to solve them. With todays release the game is declared as final, so let’s see if the final will really be final 🙂


– Added “Sheriff girl” puzzle on 1st minigame.

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Without Escape v1.2 (NDS Game)

Without Escape by PacoChan is a point & click adventure inspired in Resident Evil and Silent Hill, although there are no monsters. The main objective is to escape from your house since it’s happening a lot of weird things. The game is only in Spanish for now, but it has multi-language support. It would be nice if someone could do an English translation.

Thanks to for the news.

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CQuake (r39) (Game Port)

CQuake is a port of id Softwares “Quake 1” to the Nintendo DS. The main goal of this project is to drastically reduce the memory requirements needed to play Quake on the DS.



– updated for latest libnds
– changed makefile to compile as arm code

Thanks to for the news.

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Cards Of Incantation v0.5d (NDS Game)

“Cards Of Incantation” (previously known as WagicDS) has been updated. It’s a strategy card game for Nintendo DS by Virman.

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