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Clock (26-03-2012) (NES Application)

Clock by KHS is a digital seven-segment 24-hour clock. Set the time with arrows, toggle between NTSC and PAL with A button, toggle the visibility of unlit segments with B, and press start to start the clock. The clock should be more accurate than exactly 50 (PAL) or 60 (NTSC) frames per second.

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24 Balls (24-03-2012) (NES Techdemo)

24 Balls by KHS shows 24 16*16-pixel balls that bounce off walls. The balls don’t flicker because there’s never more than four of them (eight sprites) per scanline. (That’s because there are no more than two balls per scanline at the beginning and all balls have the same vertical velocity.) The color palette changes every 8th frame.

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Gradient Demo (15-03-2012) (NES Techdemo)

Gradient Demo by KHS is a technical demo written in Assembler. It shows rapidly moving colors and text that moves in a circle (using a sine look-up table).

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KHS-NES-Brainfuck (14-03-2012) (NES misc)

KHS-NES-Brainfuck by KHS is an Interpreter for Brainfuck, an esoteric programming language. Assembler source-code is available.

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KHS-NES-Paint (14-03-2012) (NES Application)

KHS-NES-Paint by KHS is a simple drawing application for NES. It’s completley coded in assembler.

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Snail Maze Game (06-03-2012) (NES Game)

Snail Maze Game by Roth – Use the directional buttons to move the snail, and to start the game you have to push Up, B, and A.

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Mine Shaft (29-01-2012) (NES Game)

Mine Shaft by Nioreh is a classic fall down game, but instead of a ball with a litte guy. The level is endless and the game ends when you fall off the screen.

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Pogo Cats (04-03-2012) (NES Game)

Pogo Cats by Yggi is a brand new NES homebrew!

The gameplay is very simple. You need to jump to upper platforms. Each pixel scrolling will give you 1 point. If you fall down the screen, you’ll loose. The goal is to make as many points as possible.

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Driar (26-02-2012) (NES Game)

Driar is a platform-game for the Nintendo Entertainment System/Famicom written by Stefan Adolfsson and David Eriksson. Rickard Nilsson helped out in early development. The game is designed for PAL (50Hz) systems, but works well on NTSC (60Hz) systems as well. The game and music will however play a bit faster on a NTSC system.

Take control of Driar and collect all the stars on each level to progress. You can walk around the screen (if you exit the screen on the right side you will reappear on the left side) – remember this and use this to your advantage. There are 38 levels in total.

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Assimilate (WIP) (NES Game)

John White / Nessylum Games has let us know, that his NES game Assimilate is ready for pre-order on 16th February 2012.

In Assimilate you control an alien space ship and your main task is to kidnap humans, while the forces of the earth try to stop you from that.

Now what is so special, that John got me to write about his commercial NES game. It’s the public promise, that he will release the almost full game, a half year after official release as ROM image. Even if this will take one year, it’s a very smart move.

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