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Making NES games with NESmaker – Part 8 (misc)

NESmaker allows users to create cartridge based, hardware playable NES games in an intuitive, faux object oriented environment without ever having to write a single line of code.

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Nomolos: Storming the CATsle (NES Game)

Gradual Games offer their first NES game Nomolos: Storming the CATsle for free as well! If you love this game too, please consider buying a physical cartridge starting from 35US$!

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The Legends of Owlia (NES Game)

Gradual Games are generous and offer their NES Game The Legends of Owlia for free! If you love the game, please consider buying a physical cartridge starting from 35US$! You can also purchase the game via Steam.

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2 Way Scroll Engine (NES Techdemo)

2 Way Scroll Engine is exactly what it does. Douglas Fraker is trying out new stuff for a possible great new game.

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Flap Happy v2018.02.23 (WIP) (NES Game)

Ryan Carson has some progress news on Flap Happy.


Putting together some bits for the 256 egypt levels on Flap Happy tonight. Glyphs, snakes and cacti, check! #nesdev #gamedev #nes #asm

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Dizzy Sheep Disaster v1.0.0 (NES Game)

Dizzy Sheep Disaster is yet another NES game by cppchriscpp. You are a sheep with a huge magnet in your body. You’re being haunted by a huge spinning magnet. Thankfully, the world is made of velcro – similar to what you’re made of! Use this to help yourself survive!

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Fluffy Space Escape (Ludum Dare 40) (NES Game)

Fluffy Space Escape is a new turn-based puzzle game by cppchriscpp for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES).


The year is 2248. You are a rabbit that has been transported into space after a teleporter mishap. You must fight your way through space to find your way home. A series of teleporters can get you back. These teleporters are powered by gems. However, these gems are extremely heavy! The more gems you have, the slower you move. Can you get the bunny back to earth before the end?

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Astro Ninja Man v2017.12.30 (WIP) (NES Game)

Astro Ninja Man is a new Famicom / NES game currently under development.

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Flap Happy and Fancy Free v2018.02.21 (WIP) (NES Game)

Ryan Carson has some progress news on Flap Happy and Fancy Free.

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Alfonzo’s Arctic Adventure v2018.02.18 (WIP) (NES Game)

Six minutes of raw gameplay footage from the upcoming sequel to Eskimo Bob – Alfonzo’s Arctic Adventure!

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