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LCMinutes v1.38 (PPC Application)

Basically LCMinutes is an application that keeps track of phone calls, SMS, and data traffic, calculates their charge based on user defined rate plan, and thus keep user informed of the up-to-date balance information: like current charges, used free minutes, used free messages, used free data allowlance, expire date for prepaid plans, etc.

Note: Now it’s supports WM5 & WM6 Pocket PC phone and smartphone edition. Please check the change history below to see the details.


* Feature change: Monitoring balance info in service messages from Kuwait Zain and T-Mobile USA is supported, along with Canadian Rogers and Fido.
* Feature change: used data display format changed: now decimal places or fractional digits is changed to 2 or 1 or 0 based on the size of the used data.
* Feature change: add more traces for debugging.
* Bug fix: currency symbol with multiple characters supported.


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iFonz v0.8.8 (PPC misc)

iFonz is an iPhone imitater for Windows Mobile 5/6 PPC’s, completely rewrited in .NET.


– Now speed of all graphics depend of your mobile processor
– Correct a bug with graphics, and now less memory are used
– Add pushed image to all icons
– Add type of icon (“Normal”, “Phone”, “Messages”, “Calendar”, “Tasks”), if you set it the icon do some special things
– Add Startup with Windows in General Settings
– Add new image for icons after the first page
– Bottom Bar Icons are editable now
– Increase the limit to 16 icons for page (for VGA user)
– Start implementation for VGA users
– Add date on icon calendar editable
– Create notification balloon for Calendar Appointment and for Active Tasks
– User can set the speed of Slide animation
– Fade in and Fade out speed improvements
– Get the default icon from the program selected
– If there isn’t a Pushed image for icon it zoom out when clicked
– In Search File added the name of the file you search
– Create save/load theme style (General and Icons settings)


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VoipSMS v2.0 (PPC Application)

Send SMS from your PDA via your VoipBuster account (if you have one).


– Send message progress moved to a new form.
– Support for multiple accounts
– Support for favorites
– Sent items are sorted correctly now
– Sent items can be deleted (all or just 1)
– Import/Export functionality for sent items (with new open file dialog!)
– Possibility to select a default account.
– Improved performance


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FTouchFlo v1.4.1 (PPC Application)

FTouchFlo is the program which gives you possibility to control with your Windows Mobile PDA without using stylus but with your finger!

It allows scrolling contents of windows in most of applications (Outlook, File explorer, MS Word, Notes, Contacts etc.) where vertical or horizontal scroll bars are! Along with scrolling feature FTouchFlo provides launching functionality. You will be able to start up to 4 your favorite applications just sliding your finger on the touch screen in one of four directions.


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ThrottleLauncher v0.7 (PPC Application)

ThrottleLauncher is a launcher app (obviously :P) designed for Windows Mobile 6. Basically it consist’s of several pages containing rows. Each of the rows depending of it contents can be scrolled horizontally by using the finger. The app is fully configurable through xml files so the rest of the features depends on the diferent setups.


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VoipSMS v1.6 (PPC Application)

Send SMS from your PDA via your VoipBuster account (if you have one).


– Improved performance
– Sent items can be saved in XML or Text format. (Text format performs better, but XML is easier to export since it’s a standard)


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S2V v0.32 (PPC Application)

S2V is a stylus-free picture viewing application. It can also be used to set up the wallpapers for S2U2 (0.97 or later), and assign a pic to a contact.


– fixed it could not execute on some devices.
– fixed some photos could not be cropped.
– fixed some possible memory leak.
– in sync with S2U2 v0.99c.


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Ariel Battery Monitor v2.0 WM6 (PPC Application)

Ariel taskbar battery charge monitor/indicator/gauge/meter replaces the “Start” button Icon at the taskbar with battery info icon. It is and will stay freeware.


-WM6 gradient color compatibility
-Full control of all displayed colors


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nueLED v1.5 (PPC Application)

nueLED – Configure LEDS on most HTC devices, includes LED intermediate driver.


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MobilMon v0.5 (PPC Application)

MobilMon (TM) is a utility for Windows Mobile devices that monitors file system events, and allows saving them to a log. This can be very handy if you are trying to troubleshoot why something isn’t working correctly on your device, by looking at the history of which files are modified and at what times. Please read the FAQ for more information about MobilMon.


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