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Caisses v1.05 (PPC Game)

Caisses is a Sokoban clone that includes 500 levels and 14 different backgrounds and themes.


– CPU optimizations
– Ram optimizations
– Support for WinCE GPS
– Added Check and Cross to show which games are finished and which ones aren’t in the level selection screen…

Thanks to Mollusk, the coder himself, for the news.


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RPaint (21-01-2008) (PPC Application)

This is Stanl3yCZ’s first project, which is a simple painting application.


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FicEdit v0.7 (PPC Application)

FicEdit is a simple Notepad style program for Pocket PC’s.


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Metro v5.6.4 (PPC Application)

Metro is your free guide on PDA (Palm, PocketPC, Smartphone…) to public transport systems worldwide (400 cities covered now).


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Speed Chaineeze (Beta) (PPC Game)

Gelahten released a prototype / beta of his new game “Speed Chaineeze”.

Release notes:

Thats first beta release of my game.
The main idea: you need to connect shapes by following simple rules:
Two figures can be connected if they have same color or shape, i.e you can build following chain:
[red square]->[yellow square]->[yellow triangle]->[blue triangle].
You can connect only to underlying or placed on the same line figure, up connects are not allowed.
If you open the chain and do not connect at least 2 figures in it, u’ll have the antiscore bonus.
Bonus will executed only if figure which contains it would be linked at least as second in chain.
If you just start chain from bonus figure, bonus will fired up and in future versions this will give you antiscore.

+ Time bonus – Movement (not time) is stoped for a bit
+ Score bonuses (disabled)
+ Paint bonus – Colors underlying figures like rainbow
+ Path bonus – (looks like 3 diff arrows picture 🙂 ) – on each figure selection would mark next available for connection figures (bonus works for 10 second)

Free/beta version for now has following limitations/bugs:
+ (BUG ) Time bar do not actually shows remained time (45 seconds anyway for level)
+ (DEMO) You can enter player name and this name is saved through sessions, but highscore table is updated using “DEMO” name
+ (TODO) No rules screen still
+ (DEMO) All bonuses are shown and works except SCORE bonuses (+300, -100 e.t.c., they are shown and animated but there is no score changes)
+ (TODO/DEMO) No in game scroll speed change and there is no different difficulty levels
+ (TODO) There are plenty of bonuses shown for now, thats done for testing purposes and bonus quantity will be reduced

I’m going to implement all missed stuff and probably add/repaint some gfx, hope it would be done soon, ‘coz running Photoshop CS 3 on my 1,6 celeron laptop with 256 ram is real war for virtual memory.

I’ll be glad to hear all proposals and critique. Sorry for my English

Executable must be unzipped and copied to PPC where it could be runned.


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Pocket Device Power Manager v2.01 (PPC Application)

Pocket Device Power Manager will help you easily manage the energy consumption of your device.

Pocket Device Power Manager is a completly FREE Software. It contains absolutely NO ADWARE, NO SPYWARE, NO REGISTRATION, NO POPUPS, NO MALWARE or other unwanted software.


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Weather Watcher Mobile v1.0.8 (PPC Application)

Weather Watcher is your personal Windows Mobile weather station. Automatically retrieve the current conditions, hourly forecast, daily forecast, detailed forecast, severe weather alerts from the National Weather Service (US only), and zoomable radar/satellite map for over 77,000 cities world-wide.


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Help 2 Speak v1.1 (PPC misc)

Through an intuitive user interface, take the basics of the conversation in a foreign language on your mobile phone and speak in the most common situations.

A video in action can be found here: http://www.help2speak.com/index.php?page=videos


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SpeedyCaddy (31-01-2008) (PPC Application)

SpeedyCaddy is a shopping list application for Pocket PC’s in french language.


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LCMinutes v1.30 (PPC Application)

Basically LCMinutes is an application that keeps track of phone calls, SMS, and data traffic, calculates their charge based on user defined rate plan, and thus keep user informed of the up-to-date balance information: like current charges, used free minutes, used free messages, used free data allowlance, expire date for prepaid plans, etc.


* Feature change: support for data traffic, user can set monthly data limit and rates per kilobytes for extra data traffic, and whether to round up to the next full kilobytes when calculating charges.


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