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Callback v1.0 (Beta) (PPC Application)

Mobiion are proud to introduce their new product: Callback, which is a smart tool to make it easier for you to use long distance callback services.


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Start Menu Service (21-12-2007) (PPC Application)

The Start Menu is just one more replacement for the standard menu found on Windows Mobile Pocket PC’s. The main difference is that it has been made as a service and so does not need to be launched on startup, it is done automatically, and it is not an extra exe, but a dll loaded by services.exe.


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Task Manager v2.9 (PPC Application)

The Task manager application is a bunch of several useful tools in just one tool. The name is maybe not appropriated anymore because of all the stuff it provides now. But at the beginning it was just made to manage all running processes as the Task Manager does in Windows on a normal PC.


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PIM Backup v2.8 (PPC Application)

This tool has been made in order to replace the PPCBckpContacts application. As its predecessor, PPCPimBackup allows to backup/restore the Personal information of the pocket pc user, but new functionalities have been added.


– fix for keeping old files when value is 10 (schedule options)
– fix for subfolders having same name as folders under root (messages restore)
– fix for the delimiter selection when restoring contacts from csv file (contacts mapping fields)
– fix for “add only new messages” when restoring binary backup (messages restore)


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C IDE Mobile v11 (PPC Application)

C# IDE Mobile is an application (totally free) that Harvey R. developed to be able to develop with C#/.NET2CF directly on the Pocket PC-Windows Mobile 5/6 (it doesn’t require the .NET SDK, you don’t need a desktop computer).


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Slide2View v0.32 (PPC Application)

S2V is a stylus-free picture viewing application. It can also be used to set up the wallpapers for S2U2 (0.97 or later), and assign a pic to a contact.


– fixed it could not execute on some devices.
– fixed some photos could not be cropped.
– fixed some possible memory leak.
– in sync with S2U2 v0.99c.


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Ariel Battery Monitor v1.6.2 (PPC Application)

Short description: Ariel taskbar battery charge monitor / indicator / gauge replaces the “Start” button Icon at the taskbar with battery info icon. It is freeware and will remain so.


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Pocket Finance Diary v2.0 (PPC Application)

Pocket Finance Diary is a simple financial manager for tracking expenses.

Using Pocket Finance Diary you will have more income available, and you will perform your expenses in a more efficient manner.


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TangledBugs v1.30 (PPC Game)

TangledBugs is a remake of the good old Untangle game !

While the spiders were moving around the forest, they got their webs completely tangled up… Try to move the bugs around and untangle the mess… Crossing lines are shown in white, untangled lines in green.


– Support for 240×240 touchscreens!


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Shift v1.05 (PPC Game)

Shift is a dynamic puzzle game that doesn’t require the stylus to play, making it ideal for quick games in the metro or the bus… It is a bit hard to take in hands on the first go, but once you pick it up you just can’t stop playing.


– Added support for 240×240 screen resolution
– Added support for smartphones ! (YAY !) in 240×320 resolution only (might do the lower res if I feel like it though :p)
– Minor alpha fix


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