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BarcodeZilla v0.8.9 (PPC Application)

BarcodeZilla is a Zxing based barcode decoding application which is enabled for product recognition (mainly intended for EAN-8 / EAN-13 and UPC barcodes) that will display information the origin country of the product and allows to download product information (if available) and to edit and upload product and price information for your country as well using a WCF webservice.

Actually the online database is still quite empty as the author been the only one to use it during the last days (it contains a few switzerland products) but he is sure that it can grow very quickly if everybody plays the game and uploads some products.


Updated web services definition due to improvements on www.barcodezilla.net


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Fuel Blaster v0.7 (Beta) (PPC Application)

Fuel Blaster is a fuel tracking tool. You will need .NET CF v3.5 and SQL Server CE v3.5 to use this program.


v0.7 (2009-05-12)
-Fix: Metrics, Currency can are now changed everywhere (not just in the Scroller)
-Fix: Problem with the stats fixed 🙂
-Fix: Redraw after deleting!
-Fix: Some Landscape Problems (again…)
-Fix: All SQL Server CE 3.5 Files included 🙂
-Fix: Less CPU Usage!
-Feature: Graphs (All are shown, just click on them to disable some!)


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Fuel Blaster v0.6 (Beta) (PPC Application)

Fuel Blaster is a fuel tracking tool. You will need .NET CF v3.5 and SQL Server CE v3.5 to use this program.


-Feature: CSV-Export (Click on the statistics)
-Fix: Landscape Problems
-Enhancement: Fluid scrolling with predrawing
-Feature: Currency, Metrics in config.cfg
-CAB: SQL Server CE 3.5 included


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OpnMarket (10-05-2009) (PPC Application)

This Program works by stepping through the Freewarepocketpc.net website to bring you access to over 6,700 free applications for you Pocketpc. This is a very earlly version with bugs, but will connect and download files. The Program was tested on QVGA, please fully test if you have another device to test on.


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RadarLove (11-05-2009) (PPC Application)

RadarLove is a US Radar application to view the current radar. This is currently in development, and is released as a preview beta. Please try it out, and give feedback (errors, likes, do-likes, etc).


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SMS Settings v0.1 (PPC Application)

SMS Settings configures SMS Sent notification, SMS delivery receipts, Threaded SMS.


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iPhoneToday v0.6 (PPC Application)

iPhoneToday aims to be an iPhone Today style interface for Pocket PC’s.

Aimed features:

– Multiples screens (With animates transactions)
– Notification on icons for calls, sms, etc
– Is a Today (No problems when we push the home button, no problems with incoming calls, …)
– Compatibility with others todays (By example: Date Today and iPhoneToday after), today height configurable
– QVGA, VGA, WVGA… (The user define the icon size and height screen)
– Icons configuration in xml (you can to do copy & paste to other device)
– Write on C++
– For now, only 62Kb + Icons in memory


– New algorithm for animations
– Extreme optimization for speed (I do not think i can optimize more) (You will need reduce the maxVelocity to 100 ~ 140)
– Added static Bottom Bar (Set screen to -1 to move a icon to bottom bar)
– Uploaded my settings with optimal config
– Little optimization on paint notifications (0.6.1)
– Somes minor fixes…


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cleanRAM v1.3.0 (PPC Application)

This is an amazing utility which helps you to clean up the wasted RAM memory without having to restart the device and eventually saves a lot of time.


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nueDynamicClock v1.3 (PPC Application)

nueDynamicClock dynamically adjusts your device processor speed based on different levels of idleness, allowing you to increase battery life without really affecting perceived performance.

Discussion: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=507212


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SMS Nuke v1.3 (PPC Application)

Send multiple SMS to a particular recipient.


– send multiple sms to one or more recipients
– hides the application while sms is being sent
– a popup message will show how many sms has been sent and to how many recipients

This tool should be used for educational purpose only!


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