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Kernelloader v1.0 (PS2 misc)

Mega Man has pulled out a binary release of Kernelloader. It can load kernel and initrd from USB memory stick or PS2 memory card.

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Simple Media System v2.5 (Revision 2) (PS2 Application)

Simple Media System is a media player for the Playstation 2.


– fixed quite nasty bug in the mpeg1/2 decoder (blocky artefacts in some cases). Thanks to ‘orangpelupa’ for the note and sample clips;
– fixed incorrect inclusion of folders into playlist upon “Play all audio” action; Thanks to ‘vsub’ and ‘dlanor’ for the research/note;
– fixed stupid typo that prevented custom greek font to be loaded;
– added functionality to convert DOS character encodeing to Windows one. This allows correct display of localized filenames while using SMB networking. 4 default conversion tables are provided: CP866 <-> CP1251 (DOSCyrilic <-> WinCyrillic), CP737 <-> CP1273 (DOSGreek <-> WinGreek), CP850 <-> CP1252 (DOSLatin1 <-> WinLatin1) and CP852 <-> CP1250 (DOSLatin2 <-> WinLatin2). Custom conversion tables are supported in form of ‘cyrillic.mtx’, ‘greek.mtx’, ‘latin2.mtx’ and ‘latin1.mtx’ files placed in mc:/SMS folder. These can be generated by ‘SMSCP.exe’ Win32 command line application which is also provided. It’s usage is pretty simple. For example to generate ‘cyrillic.mtx’ file use following command: ‘SMSCP 866 1252 cyrillic.mtx’. 866 means codepage ID for DOS and 1252 – codepage ID for Windows. If character charset is changed while browsing SMB share then manual directory rescan is required (leave and enter folder of interest while in SMS browser). Apparently this stuff also depends on ‘Regional setings’ of the SMB server;
– added ‘?’ character replacement by appropriate region letter for ‘mc0:/B?DATA-SYSTEM’ string for user defined language file (if that string is present);
– implemented exception handler that is invoked if something goes terribly wrong with SMS. It displays some technical information about the exception that can help to fix the problem. There’s a possibility either to reboot SMS (if it was launched from a memory card) or exit to the PS2 browser;
– fixed corrupted background image issue. Thanks to ‘MrJiggles’ for the semark and sample files;

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Guitarfun v1.3 (Beta) (PS2 Game)

Hermes has released Gitarfun which is a game similar to Guitar Hero. A video in action can be found at

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SMS Version v2.3 Revision 2 (PS2 Application)

Simple Media System for Playstation 2, it plays different video and audiofiles on your PS2.


– added functionality to launch applications from USB device (“mass:”) upon exit;
– network adapter driver is rewritten. Data transfer rate is reached ~2+MB/s;
– new configuration options are added to the SMS menu
– ‘Display settings -> Advanced settings’ to fine tune video synchronization parameters (to avoid display flickering in different video modes). ‘Parameter 1’ is for ‘audio playback’ mode and ‘Parameter 2’ is for GUI/Browser mode.
– fixed ‘crash’ issue for ‘ogg’ files (thanks to ‘vectis’ for the sample clips);

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RadShell v0.2 (PS2 Application)

RadShell v0.2 is a command line shell for the PS2.


– Updates to display drawn immediately
– Draw cursor
– Improved line input editing
– Command line arguments passed to launched elfs
– Copy progress meter

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RadMenu v0.3 (PS2 Application)

RadMenu is a menu launcher system for the PS2. HDD and USB now working. Putting radmenu.elf itself on the HDD is not supported as yet, but it does work on the USB drive.

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vuta_flow (PS2 Demo)

vuta_flow is a PS2 demo which has been released at Breakpoint 2007.

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Simple Media System v2.0 Rev3 (PS2 Application)

A new version of the SMS for PS2 is out.

Changelog for Version 2.0 (Rev.3):
– fixed “short freeze” issue during back scrolling;
– fixed confusing GUI behavior during device hotplugging while in SMS menu;
– fixed corrupted video in some .avi files (QPel+AC3);
– presumably fixed freeze issue with .avi files while loading index;
– new VU IDCT microprogram (smaller and faster, so all VU microprograms are squeezed now in 4KB VU0 micro memory, leaving VU1 free for possible future usage (high quality colorspace conversion, for example :));
– fixed crash due to incorrectly formatted subtitles (error message is displayed instead) (Thanks to ‘gogydm’ for the sample file);
– fixed crash (in fact is “infinite loop”) due to very long lines in subtitles (such lines are just truncated now). Thanks to ‘rami1’ for the research/note;

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News Files! (PS2)

Playstation 2R-Eleven by NoRecessTravel by NippYVume Vuu by adresd

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The Third Creation PS2 Coding Competition Round 10 – Results (PS2 misc)

Another “Third Creation” coding competition has ended! Results and files are avaliable from it’s official page.

The entries:

Bunny Tetris by NoRecess Quickie by Adresd [UPDATE 13:36 CET: Uploaded to PDROMS]
Torus by blackdroid [UPDATE 13:36 CET: Uploaded to PDROMS]
tinyFire by wiRe [UPDATE 13:36 CET: Uploaded to PDROMS]
Turos by Nippy [UPDATE 13:36 CET: Uploaded to PDROMS]
Waves by Tyranid [UPDATE 13:36 CET: Uploaded to PDROMS]

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