Breakout (GBA Game)

Matthew Scales released a three level Breakout game including the source over at

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Mode 4 and Sprites (GBA Techdemo)

The second demo Jenswa released over at GBAdev is a tech demo. I think the name says it all. Source code (c) is included.

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Arkanoid Demo (08-08-2002) (GBA Game)

Jenswa released a demo of his Arkanoid Game today over at GBAdev. Screenshot and download from there.

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File Uploads GBA GBC GP32 NES NGPC PS2 (misc)

Gameboy Advance
2 Bit Ball Wall by JustBurn
Arkanoid Demo (8-8-2002) by Jenswa
Blod-Runner v2 by Opus
B-Type by Nicky Hunt
Conways Game of Life by Andrew H Cox
FPocketNES v8U12 by FluBBa
GBonGBA v0.4 by Mael
Hergs Solitaire v0.8 by Harold Toler
Hergs Yahtzee v0.4 by Harold Toler
Mode 4 and Sprites by Jenswa
Runes v1.0 by Headspin
Star-Shot v4 by Opus
Touch v1.1 by Dave Mejia
Uranus Zero by ZoneGN

Gameboy Color
Dyna Mate by Jonas Norberg

Blop Blop v0.1 (Beta 1 66mhz) by JyCet
GPengine v0.4 by black-
InfoNES r2 (GP32) by Anders Granlund
InfoNES r3 (GP32) by Anders Granlund
LK Go v0.3 by Lapkill
Sokoban v1.0 by clem
Wind-ups v0.9 by Karthur

NES (8-Bit)
Crap Demo Shooter by Jandar
GITS2 by Sergey Ryumik
Raster Demo by Norix
Sack Of Flour v1d by CMU NESdev Team
Tanespot by Jonathan & Hans Knektar

Neo Geo Pocket Color
Slideshow by Thor

Playstation 2
Tabula Rasa by Haujobb

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BLOPBLOP v0.1 66 MHz (Beta 1) (GP32 Game)

JyCet did a nice Arkanoid-Style game. Check out the screenshots on his page.

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Hergs Solitaire v0.8 (GBA Game)

Harold Toler did it again. His card game has been updated.

Changes are:

Added ability to add custom cardbacks
Background and cardback tools use bitmaps as inputModified menus to improve readability
Added ability to control intensity of pointer acceleration
Controls are more responsive in emulators now
Made filesize smaller

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Sack of Flour v1.0d (NES Game)

Seems NESdev got a new version of “Sack of Flour” a neat high quality platformer.

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Raster Demo (NES Demo)

The “Raster” Demo is a technical demo done by Norix. Download from NESdev!

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GBA emulator on GP32 (GP32 misc)

GP32news offers a few screenshots of an upcomming GBA emulator on GP32. Regarding the information mentionend on the page the emulator allready supports 4 commercial roms and runs at 5-10 fps. More news there…

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PDroms – Forum (misc)

Do you want to join the PDroms-Board? We could really need a few related discussion 🙂

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