Ebooblution (GBA Game)

Ebooblution is a new GBA Freeware game created by Hector Zapata and Yolanda Cabrera. I’d say it’s similar to the old arcarde game called Pang. Have a look on the page below where you can discover screenshots and of course the download! Thanks toGBAEMU.comfor the news!



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The Fallen (GBA Game)

“The Fallen Team” released a prototype version of their new shooter game called “The Fallen”.

[Description taken from the homepage] It takes the established old school game design and pure gameplay of classic shooting games such a R-Type, Robotron and Smash TV and brings them into the 21st century with a more mature design style and advanced game graphics.

Thanks to GBADEV.org for the news!



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BombJack v1.00 (GBA Game)

After three months of silence Oscar BraindeaD released a GBA clone of BombJack (v1.00)! Some of the features are:

* 5 backgrounds
* Up to 5 enemies in screen
* 3 kinds of powerups: Enemy-eater, Multiply, Extra life
* 6 kinds of enemies

Thanks for Oscar himself for letting me know. If you like his small game, don’t forget to write him your opinion 🙂



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2 SNES Demos (SNES misc)

SNES Additions
32768 Color Demo by Joshua Cain
Mode 7 Interactive Demo v2 by Joshua Cain

Both demos come with source!

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snes9xgp v0.2b (SNES emu for GP32)

Intelecto just joined #gp32dev EFNET and let us know that a new version of his SNES-Emulator port is done! Of course you can find the latest version in it’s section (GP32/Emulators). The changes in this version are:

– 4MB files can be loaded.
– Higher compatibility rate.
– Improved speed.
– New file select menu.
– Sound, although it only plays at the speed the game runs at with sound on!
– Much more!


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New Atari Lynx game! (Atari Lynx misc)

Today I added “Multi Pong 1k” by Bjoern Spruck. The game is rather new because it was released on the 7th September. Handy (Atari Lynx emulator) does NOT run it very well. I’d recommend you to use a real Lynx if possible.

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Small layout addition (misc)

I guess I don’t have to mention what’s new! 🙂 You should notice it if you use Internet Explorer v5 or higher. I think the effect is NOT supported by any other browsers yet, so it will simply NOT be shown if you use anything else than IE. The effect is called “Galaxies” and done by Delax/ Sundancer Inc. which was released at TAP’s 256b intro competition. Here are some links you may find usefull 🙂

Sundancer Inc.
TAP’s 256b.htm Competition

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Downtime :-[ (misc)

Just recieved an e-mail from my internetprovider saying that they had troubles during the night. The page was down for approximately 12 hours. I’m sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused. – Kojote

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New stuff… (misc)

Gameboy Advance
Kakanoid by InPulSe Team

Playstation 2
Carshowroom by Sjeep
PS2Room by NoRecess
Round 5 by adresd

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Green frogs on a yellow leaf… (misc)

… nope I haven’t gone mad 🙂

Just don’t know how to name the headline 🙂 Have fun…

GP32 Additions
Flipit v0.3 by JyCet
GPicross v0.07 by Yenaphe

Gameboy Advance Additions
Toms 1st GBA Demo by Tom
Toms 2nd GBA Demo (Raster Bar Demo) by Tom

Gameboy Color Additions
Clickomania Alpha by ph0x

PC Engine Additions
Super Fighter Demo by Death Adder

Playstation 2 Additions
1987 by jollytx

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