Tobu Tobu Girl (WIP) (GB Game) (Commercial)

In Tobu Tobu Girl your cat has taken to the skies and you must bounce, jump and dash your way to the top to bring him home safely! This game Tangram studios is a simple but challenging game of vertical climbing against the clock, scheduled to release later this year on the Nintendo Game Boy.

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Piko-Interactive – New titles ready for pre-order (Commercial)

Piko-Interactive are about to release seven new retro titles for different systems. They are available for pre-order!

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SNES Classic Mini Hack: How to add your own games with HakChi2

In this video Skullator shows you how you can install your own custom SNES ROMS into the recently released Super Nintendo Classic Mini console.

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Crazy XMAS v0.1 (Beta) (NDS Game)

Crazy XMAS is a homebrew game for Nintendo DS by Benjamin Allion. It’s a run and gun game where you have to shoot penguins.

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Hermes review for the Sega Dreamcast (DC misc)

Mads of Retro Asylum fame takes a look at a new release for the Dreamcast, a nice little platformer called Hermes. The game is also available on other formats. To buy the game and find more details please visit Retroguru.:

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Odamex v0.7.git-041217.8 (Pandora Game Port misc)

Odamex is a free, cross-platform (Mac, Windows, Linux) modification of the Doom engine that allows players to easily join servers dedicated to playing Doom online. The goal of Odamex is to add enhancements to Doom while still retaining that “classic Doom feel” we all know and love about the original game. Ported to Pandora by magic_sam.


– Bumped to latest git commit (April 12th 2017)
– This version still uses SDL 1.2 (forced with -DUSE_SDL12=1) instead of SDL 2.0
– Bumped Freedoom to version 0.11.3
– Compiled with ptitSeb’s latest beta Code::Blocks (GCC 7.1)
– Had to turn optimizations OFF in odalpapi/net_packet.cpp to avoid segfault
– 32 bits renderer is now OFF by default
– Updated source code in the PND

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Dave Gnukem v0.81.081317.6 (Pandora Game Port)

Dave Gnukem is a 2D scrolling platform shooter similar to, and inspired by, Duke Nukem 1 (~1991). The source code is cross-platform and open source. It runs on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and more. Ported to Pandora by magic_sam.

Release notes:

– Dave Gnukem 0.81 (latest git commit from August 13th 2017)
– Compiled with ptitSeb’s latest beta Code::Blocks (GCC 7.1)
– Updated data and src directories

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Simsu v1.3.4.5 (Pandora Game Port)

Simsu is a basic Sudoku game. You can switch between filling in notes (pencil mode), or filling in answers (pen mode). To make it easier to see where to place numbers, you can highlight all instances of a number. You can also check your answers for correctness while playing. The game stores your current notes and answers, so that you can pick up where you left off the next time you play. Ported to Pandora by magic_sam.


– Removed previous useless changes
– Provided a default configuration file with widescreen mode ON (you still have to maximize the window though)
– Replaced initial seed from my configuration file with a “random enough large number” (nanoseconds, i.e `date +%N`)

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plan9port v2017.07.21.3 (Pandora misc Port)

Plan 9 from User Space (aka plan9port) is a port of many Plan 9 programs from their native Plan 9 environment to Unix-like operating systems.


– Latest version from July 21st 2017
– Compiled with ptitSeb ‘s latest beta Code::Blocks (GCC 7.1)
– Updated all libs
– New run script: boots straight into 9term / rc
– Source is inside the package

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Silver Valley (WIP) (Master System Game)

Enrique Ruiz and his Sega Master System game Silver Valley is something you should keep in the backyard of your head! It’s a mix of Castlevania, Kid Icarus and Wonderboy in Monsterland. It will feature over 60 levels including boss battles. Such a quality game has not been seen in ages for the Master System, so it’s just astonishing! Keep your eyes open and check the discussion thread at on a regular base.

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