Insect Combat (14-07-2014) (VB Game)

Insect Combat is an attempt to create a fighting game, only using insects instead of people.

20140528 insect combat (21 05 2014) (vb game) Insect Combat (14 07 2014) (VB Game)

Release notes:

I am still updating the ROM. It’s now 8 Megabits.

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GoSub (01-07-2014) (NDS Game)

strong>GoSub by Chris Read for the Nintendo DS is a rather easy game: Get your underground boat to the treasure! Plenty of levels and getting more each update.

20140216 gosub (14 02 2014) (nds game) GoSub (01 07 2014) (NDS Game)


- no changelog found

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ZXDS v1.3.1 (Spectrum emu for NDS)

ZXDS is an emulator of Sinclair ZX Spectrum for Nintendo DS, written by Patrik Rak. It is steadily reaching a mature stage of development, and it already has some noteworthy features, like accurate emulation of Spectrum 48k, 128k and Pentagon models (including sound), or support for TAP/TZX/PZX tape files, TRD/SCL disk files and RZX playback files.

20140308 zxds v1.2.0 (spectrum emu for nds) ZXDS v1.3.1 (Spectrum emu for NDS)


ZXDS 1.3.1 (10.7.2014)

* Fix the initial main screen palette which could get messed up on some cards.
* Make the mouse help window look like all the other help windows.

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Boogoids – The Triangle of Just (10-03-2014)

Boogoids: The Triangle of Just by cce is an Asteroids clone for Nintendo DS.

20140816 boogoids   the triangle of just (10 03 2014) Boogoids   The Triangle of Just (10 03 2014)

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Death Race (08-06-2014) (Odyssey 2 Game)

Death Race by LS_Dracon is an Exidy arcade game remake, while the original was released in 1977. The objective is drive you car and kill most gremlins as you can in 99 seconds.

20140816 death race (08 06 2014) (odyssey 2 game) Death Race (08 06 2014) (Odyssey 2 Game)

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Aona (DC Demo)

Aona is a Dreamcast Demo by Paradise and Reality. Released at Assembly 2014.

20140816 aona (dc demo) Aona (DC Demo)

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Morphonic LAB XIII Contarum Invitation (Jaguar Invitro)

Morphonic LAB XIII Contarum Invitation by Checkpoint.

20140816 morphonic lab xiii contarum invitation (jaguar invitro) Morphonic LAB XIII Contarum Invitation (Jaguar Invitro)

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Boobs (28-07-2014) (Odyssey 2 Game)

You need to help Boobs! Boobs is an alien on the planet Kerflunkydunk. Now, on Earth, Boobs might be a funny name, but on Kerflunkydunk, lots of aliens are named Boobs. It’s like Earth’s equivalent of “George.” But NASA heard that there might be boobs in space, so all the astronauts are eager to see boobs (all the men astronauts, that is), not realizing they’re not women’s boobs, but our little alien friend named Boobs. Your job as Boobs is to shoot down enemy rockets coming down the Van Doozy Corridor, the tunnel near Kerflunkydunk (enemy being Earth.) How many rockets can Boobs shoot down?

20140816 boobs (28 07 2014) (a2600 game) Boobs (28 07 2014) (Odyssey 2 Game)

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Turtle Puzzle (10-07-2014) (GBC Game)

Turtle Puzzle by UraKn0x is an algorithmic game based on Robozzle. Program your robot using the given instructions to collect dots.

20140816 turtle puzzle (10 07 2014) (gbc game) Turtle Puzzle (10 07 2014) (GBC Game)

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SHMUP (10-07-2014) (GB Game)

SHMUP is an unfinished SHMUP game by Kresna. As of now you can move up and down and shoot, but there are no enemies.

20140816 shmup (10 07 2014) (gb game) SHMUP (10 07 2014) (GB Game)

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