Bug Hunt (31-01-2015) (Genesis Game)

Hungry? Want flies? Try the brandnew Mega Drive / Genesis homebrew game Bug HuntTheAfroMonkeys.

Source: http://www.retroindiegamedevelopers.com/sega-genesis-sega-mega-drive/bug-hunt-31-01-2015-by-theafromonkeys/


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Blackjack CD (31-01-2015) (Sega CD Game)

Blackjack CD is a Sega CD homebrew game by Sebastian Mihai. You play casino-style blackjack against a computer dealer. BasiEgaXorz is the Basic compiler/IDE/toolchain used.


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Hotel Bunny (29-01-2015) (IntelliVision Game)

Hotel Bunny by Sebastian Mihai has the player try to get nine rabbits safely to the titulary hotel, located past a trial of three angry dogs.

The control scheme is simple: press the right button (or, the physical Intellivision disc towards the right) to get the bunny hopping towards the hotel. Success is only determined by how well you time the bunny’s start.


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Pokemon Psychic Seeds (13-09-2014) (PM Game)

Palkone and Justburn present Pokemon Psychic Seeds in a five level game demo version. Group Exeggcute and head towards the finish. Try to find the hidden Pokéball in each stage.


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MTek-GDL v1.1 (Wii misc)

MTek-GDL is a simple object-oriented game development library written in C++ combined with a collection of tools, examples, and additional libraries for simple and advanced game development for the Nintendo Wii and PC (OpenGL) platforms and is ideal for beginners and advanced Wii game programmers.


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Mini Cookie (16-01-2015) (PM Techdemo)

Mini Cookie by Sebastian Mihai is a techdemo/game for Pokemon Mini. The player controls a hungry bear, eating the cookies scattered all over the screen.


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Don’t Be Square (18-01-2015) (N64 Techdemo)

Don’t Be Square by Sebastian Mihai is techdemo with source code available, helpful for starting programming on a Nintendo 64.

Release notes:

Man, this one was a pickle to develop for. The Nintendo 64 SDK compiled for Windows is finicky at best. Some of the platform code won’t compile like it does on Linux, and the compiler seems to either generate misaligned code or wrong CPU opcodes. Not a pleasant one to develop for, that’s for sure!

Nonetheless, if you’re interesting in making Nintendo 64 homebrew games, this tech demo could be a decent starting point.


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Pocket Worm (20-01-2015) (PocketStation Game)

Pocket Worm by Sebastian Mihai is a PocketStation homebrew game inspired by Nibbles. The goal is to guide the worm and eat the 30 pieces of food appearing randomly on the screen. As the worm eats food, it grows and speeds up.


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Swan Driving (06-01-2015) (WSC misc)

Swan Driving is a new WonderSwan Color “game” by Sebastian Mihai. You control a car, trying to avoid incoming traffic. Your car has a low and a high gear, for driving slowly and fast, respectively. Use UP/DOWN to move your car, and LEFT/RIGHT to select low or high gear.

Swan Driving is meant more as a tech demo, to be useful for others trying to kick-start their WonderSwan development. It features a scrolling background layer, scrolling foreground layer (for the rain), and of course, sprites for the cars.


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Eight Queens (16-01-2015) (Sega 32x misc)

Eight Queens by Sebastian Mihai is an implementation of the Eight Queens Problem on Sega’s unfortunate add-on to the Genesis, the 32x. Towards the end of the Genesis era, Sega’s plan was for the 32x to tide Genesis players over, until the release of the next-gen system, the Sega Saturn. It seems that Sega preferred planet code-names for their systems, as the internal name for the 32x was Project Mars.

This Sega 32x homebrew finds all solutions, whereby no two chess queens threaten each other (as in, share a row, column, or diagonal), on a standard chess board of eight by eight squares.

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