Xump v1.00 (Wii Game Port)

Xump by Retroguru is a simple one screen puzzle game initially released in 2005 by Psilocybin Development. This overhaul is a rewrite featuring new graphics, new levels, new music… simply new everything. Ported to Wii by Oibaf.

Help Xump and his human master Holger to disarm mines on fields located somewhere above our atmosphere. Collect coins by destroying fields or mines but do not fall of the playing field. There are 48 levels plus hidden 32 original levels if you can unlock them.

20140628 xump v1.00 (pandora game port) Xump v1.00 (Wii Game Port)


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Worst Resolution Ever (A2600 Demo)

Worst Resolution Ever is an Atari VCS demo by Coine, released at Silly Venture 2014.

20141215 worst resolution ever (a2600 demo) Worst Resolution Ever (A2600 Demo)


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Sqrxz 3 v1.05r (Wii Game Port)

Sqrzx 3 by Retroguru is a pretty insane Jump’n Run Game with puzzle elements. Make sure your mind works faster than a thunder and your fingers should be even faster than that.

20120321 sqrxz 3 v1.00 (game) Sqrxz 3 v1.05r (Wii Game Port)


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Ascend (A2600 Demo)

Ascend by Cluster & DMA is a fresh Atari VCS Demo released at Silly Venture 2014.

20141210 ascend (a2600 demo) Ascend (A2600 Demo)


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Chord v1.0.4 (GB Application)

Chord is a monophonic synth program for the original Nintendo Game Boy. The idea was to make something that can be played like an instrument, but with the limitations of the few buttons available. No extra accessories. No midi keyboards.

20141208 chord v1.0.4 (gb application) Chord v1.0.4 (GB Application)

You build “chords” of five notes and play them back using the pulsewave channel, with full sound register settings control and optional arpeggiator.


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The 11th Power (03-12-2014) (PSX Game)

Sebastian Mihai is somewhat we would call a restless coder, with the love for multiple platforms. His latest work is a simple game for Playstation 1. The 11th Power is Sebastian’s take on the 2048 game, except it uses colored balls to represent exponents, rather than writing numbers out.

20141207 the 11th power (03 12 2014) (psx game) The 11th Power (03 12 2014) (PSX Game)

To all interested into coding for PSX: The source code is entirely available!


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Stuck Somewhere in Time (Genesis Music Disk)

Stuck Somewhere in Time is a music disk for Sega Genesis / Mega Drive by up rough, insane & Titan.

20141206 stuck somewhere in time (genesis music disk) Stuck Somewhere in Time (Genesis Music Disk)


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ZXDS v1.3.2 (Spectrum emu for NDS)

ZXDS is an emulator of Sinclair ZX Spectrum for Nintendo DS, written by Patrik Rak. It is steadily reaching a mature stage of development, and it already has some noteworthy features, like accurate emulation of Spectrum 48k, 128k and Pentagon models (including sound), or support for TAP/TZX/PZX tape files, TRD/SCL disk files and RZX playback files.

20140308 zxds v1.2.0 (spectrum emu for nds) ZXDS v1.3.2 (Spectrum emu for NDS)


ZXDS 1.3.2 (22.11.2014)

* Fixed libfat bug which could make corrupt directory entry after the last entry was deleted. You might have experienced this mostly when renaming files or moving them around.
* Fixed couple more libfat bugs (really long names, alias creation, whitespace trimming).
* Added caseinfo extension to libfat so letter case of 8.3 names is now read properly.
* Medium associated with persistent copy of save slot 0 is never deleted prematurely anymore.
* Save slot medium removal is now postponed to further improve chance of media reuse.
* Few other subtle changes (cache filenames, file name trimming, minor help tweaks).

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Sqrxz 2 v1.00 (Wii Game)

Sqrxz 2 by Retroguru is a Jump’n’Run which requires a sharp mind and fast reflexes, high frustration is guaranteed. Original Sqrxz made by Marcus Vesterlund (Maze) and John Holmvall (Hojo). Sqrxz 2 is a sequel to this game created by Rodolphe Boixel (Thor), Shahzad Sahaib (Kojote), Alexander Wiklund, Simon Butler and Jane Mumford (Jayne). Wii Port port is courtesy of Oibaf.


Another day another journey… As living on planet earth and its surrounding solar system seemed boring Sqrxz decided to check out another location in the universe. Just in case and to be extra careful he took a pocketful of emeralds with him to keep him in ready cash, but after starting his exciting journey he realized all his emeralds are suddenly missing! Retracing his steps Sqrxz notices mysterious creatures popping up all over the place to hinder him in his search! Oh what troublesome days… Help poor Sqrxz get back all his emeralds!


* Tough challenging gameplay – Extremely difficult; not for weaklings!
* Retro graphics!
* Hidden passages to discover!
* 10 tricky n’ hard levels!
* 11 marvelous chiptunes!
* Top 10 highscore!
* Infinite continue mode, which you will need badly in order to practise! :)


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Newton Voyage (07-11-2014) (PSP Game)

Newton Voyage by Sebastian Mihai is a simple game where you must maneuver your ship before you lose control of it, with the purpose of reaching the goal. There are various planets whose gravity affects your ship. Thanks to Sebastian himself for the news.

20141129 newton voyage (07 11 2014) (psp game) Newton Voyage (07 11 2014) (PSP Game)


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