Time Salvo (26-07-2015) (A7800 Game)

Reverse Engineer updated his Atari 7800 game Time Salvo, which is an update on the classic computer game Crossfire.

Shoot the enemies, and avoid being shot. After some time passes in the level, humanoids will begin appearing. Your enemies will kill the humanoids if they touch them, but if you run into the humanoids they will follow you. Keep them safe until the end of the level. Periodically you will need to refuel on ammunition. An alarm will sound, and you’ll see the ammunition on the playfield. Run across the ammunition to pick it up. Every 2 rounds you will reach the challenging stage, where 4 waves of enemies will race across the screen in patterns. If you shoot all 44 enemies you will earn an extra life.


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Rockbot v1.1.0 (Android, PSP, PS2 Game)

Rockbot is a Megaman fan game with level editor.


* New physics system, much closer to Megaman/Rockman.
* Stage sub-bosses, with room that blocks player passage until it is defeated.
* When game is finished, two new characters become available.
* Stage review and redesign.
* Three armor pieces that give each character a different ability.
* New object types: Fire beam, Death ray, Teleporters, Block that can be destroyed with explosion, Special tank, recharge both hit points and all weapons.
* You can now set the direction (left/right) of an object when placing it on the map in editor.
* Ice terrain with inertia.
* Great optimization in the game with the removel of a duplicate screen updating call.
* Enemy respawn can be defined in the editor.
* Combination of keys down and jump isn’t used for sliding anymore. use button instead.
* Removed stages using different tileset after beaten.
* Fix chain weapon behavior, it now should follow player movement and direction.
* Improvements and correction in game dialogs.
* Several bug fixes and small improvements.
* Improvements in weapons


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Wii64 v1.2 (Beta-WIP) (N64 emu for Wii)

Wii64 is a port of the popular multi-OS N64 emulator, Mupen64, to the Nintendo Wii and Gamecube through the libOGC library. The emulator uses dynamic recompilation of the N64 machine code to PowerPC machine code and full hardware accelerated graphics to achieve (mostly) full speed emulation. Currently the emulator is in beta stage and can run many N64 ROMs at full speed in most cases.

emukidid and others still work on improving the emulator as the following video from 25th June 2015 shows.


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Invitron (Vectrex Invitro)

Invitron by Realm Of Illusion ranked 5th in the oldschool demo competition at Solskogen 2015.


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Pop-Tart (IntelliVision misc)

Nyan “Pop-Tart” Cat for IntelliVision! Blame Groovybee :)


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Is That a Demo in Your Pocket? (GB Demo)

Is That a Demo in Your Pocket? Yes, sure it is… and it’s Snorpung‘s fault :)


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Travel (Genesis Demo)

The demogroup Resistance released their demo Travel during Solskogen 2015.


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MTek-GDL v2.5 (Wii misc)

MTek-GDL is a simple object-oriented game development library written in C++ combined with a collection of tools, examples, and additional libraries for simple and advanced game development for the Nintendo Wii and PC (OpenGL) platforms and is ideal for beginners and advanced Wii game programmers.

The full changelog can be found at wiibrew.org, we wont post it separate here.


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Super Mario 64 2600 v25 (A2600 Game)

atari2600land picks up a new topic for a new Atari VCS game. Just in case you’ve ever had a dream to play Super Mario 64, this might get reality now with Super Mario 64 2600. Certainly in a slight modified version to match the capabilities of the target platform. Kindly note that this game is heavily in development.


Just a quick update. Version 25 has a little tune play once you grab the star. I also discovered that you can move after grabbing the star. You can still move, but the wall has been removed from the level 1 painting room in the castle once the game takes you back there.


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Run Out! (04-07-2015) (A2600 Game)

Run Out! by Papa is a high speed racing game with some iconic backgrounds and traffic for the Atari VCS. There will be also a cartridge version in the not too distant future.

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