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devkitARM (Release 30) (NDS misc)

devkitARM is a toolchain for DS, GBA and GP32.


In a rather embarrassing faux pas it looks like at least some of the increased binary size in devkitARM compiled binaries came from newlib being compiled without optimisation, oops. devkitARM release 30 fixes this and is now available through the windows installer and the getting started page on the wiki. With thanks to z-g for the bug report.

devkitARM release 30
update to binutils 2.20.1
patched for arm thumb scheduler bug.
corrected default utf8 charset setup.
newlib compiled with optimisation.

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AmazeDS v1.1 (NDS Game)

Help the pengiun to find his way out of the maze!

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Galactic Winter Games (NDS Game)

Galactic Winter Games is a scifi puzzle game.

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FB4NDS v1.1 (NDS Application)

“FB4NDS” (Facebook for Nintendo DS) is a Facebook application for Nintendo DS.

Release notes:

fb4nds Version 1.1 for drunken coders compo

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Flake Out DS (20-03-2010) (NDS Game)

It’s Christmas Eve 2009 and there is no snow to be found. In fact, just recently, all you’ve been getting has been rain.

Your task, as the new bouncer of Club Zero, is to prevent the snowflakes from escaping the nightclub, catching them before they reach the Earth’s surface.

Mr. Claus has given you the powers of Sun, Moon and Wind to aid you. Further details on how to use these are in the game.

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Helicopter DS (18-03-2010) (NDS Game)

earboxer updated his Helicopter DS game. Goal is to fly trough a tunnel without hitting the top, bottom or objects. Good luck!

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Glace DS (29-03-2010) (NDS Game)

Glace DS will be a remake of Glace by Tommy Visic. You can find the orginal Glace by searching for Glace Tommy Visic.,109.0.html

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Atoms v0.6 (NDS Game)

Each player takes it in turns to place an atom on the grid. Players can place additional atoms onto their own atoms.

If too many atoms are place on the same tile the atom goes critical and will explode and place additional atoms. When the atom goes critical it will send additional atoms horizontally and vertically away from it. If this atom lands on a square that has another atom on it, it will add to that atom. Also if the atom is another players it will be taken over by the atom that went critical.


Basic AI added,
Atoms animate when its your turn,
Atoms also animate when they grow
Tutorial added
Players can now pick which professors they want
improved menus,463.0.html

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BallyWally (31-03-2010) (NDS Game)

In BallyWally you have to get the ball in the hole. The only way to do that is by tilting the platform by touching the bottom screen.,473.0.html

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Lost Marbles (02-04-2010) (NDS Game)

Lost Marbles is based on the old Loose Your Marbles game for PC!

The objective is to make lines of 3+ balls with the same color vertically on the LineZone (White Stripes), and with that lines you’ll send balls to the opponent filling his board.

Sych, the author, looks for comments and suggestions!,478.0.html

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