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Newo Asteroids v2.8 (Wii Game)

Newo Asteroids by Owen is a game made in the style of classic Asteroids. In 2064 on a Wednesday, aliens disturb the asteroid belt sending asteroids hurdling towards the earth. It is your job to destroy every last asteroid in the solar system and bring peace to the galaxy.


* Added loading screen
* Added Auto Update
* Fixed Http bug which caused leaderboard to load slowly
* Leaderboard statistics now has its own website
* Updated engine libraries, fixed animation bugs, updated menus

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TailTale v1.5 (Wii Game Port)

TailTale is a tile-matching puzzle video game developed for open video game consoles. Rikku2000 updated his Wii port, which now features full classic controller support.


– no changelog found

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Wii-Tac-Toe v0.8 (Wii Game)

Wii-Tac-Toe is a Tic-Tac-Toe game for the Nintendo Wii. It was programmed in C++ using devkitPro along with GRRLIB.

The game can be played alone vs the CPU or with a friend using one Wii Remote controller. The game AI does not always do the same moves, so the fun never stop.

To win the game, you have to place three marks (O or X) in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal row. If the grid is filled completely and no one has won, well, it’s a tie game. Start over and try to beat your opponent.


* Could now be played with 2 Wii Remotes
* View FPS when pressing the + button
* meta.xml is fixed
* Library updates

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UAE Wii v10 (Amiga emu for Wii)

UAE Wii is a port of the famous Amiga emulator UAE and is based on the source code of E-UAE. The port uses SDL Wii.


* Added Gamecube controller support
* Added graphic virtual keyboard with IR Wiimote pointer called by “+” button
* Added Wiiflow support
* Added new menus to save and load 5 configuration files
* Added audio menu with new options
* Path of last selected file remembered in the menu
* Added Picasso96 memory configuration
* Added number of floppies configuration
* Added refresh rate option
* Added blitter exact cycle option
* Added 24/32 bit cpu address space option
* Chip memory up to 8MB
* Consistency check of configuration options with gui messages
* Automatic reset emulator after memory or kickrom change
* Removed noise entering the GUI
* Fixed bug in blitter exact and adreess space configuration
* Fixed bug in sound floppy configuration
* Fixed bug in page up/down
* Patch to increase rendering speed in double buffer mode
* Case insensitive file order in the file menu

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Wii Independent Rendering Engine 3D (Wire3D) v1.2 (Wii misc)

Wire3D (Wii Independent Rendering Engine 3D) is an open source, object oriented, multiplatform 3D engine written in C++, supporting homebrew Wii and Windows (DirectX). It provides a framework to developers for writing platform agnostic 3D applications (including physics using the Bullet Physics library) that run on Wii and Windows out of the box.


* added Input System
* added support for multiple vertex streams per mesh
* added layer masks to nodes, lights and cameras
* separated Image (i.e. buffer) from Texture (i.e. properties)
* separated handling of vertex declarations from vertex buffers
* added usage type STATIC_DISCARD_ON_BIND for textures
* removed VisibleObject in favour of RenderObject
* removed scene graph dependency from Renderer
* improved drawcall batching of static (sub)meshes
* improved performance of drawing submeshes on PCs with software vertex processing
* added camera node
* added light attenuation
* added blending mode ‘BM_ADD’ to Material
* (Wii) added support for submeshes to displaylist handling
* (Wii) fixed vertex cache issue
* (Wii) fixed a bug in handling lights
* (DX9) added support for HLSL shaders
* (DX9) added support for multiple render targets

Importer/Unity3D exporter:
* added import/export of collision shapes, rigid bodies and character controller
* added import/export of skybox
* added import/export of submeshes
* added option to combine static meshes
* added option to export vertex colors as 32bit
* exporting lights
* exporting camera
* exporting fog from RenderSettings
* added disk and memory statistics summary after export
* using default values for undefined transformation parameters
* fixed overwritten default color values in render state
* fixed incorrect calculation of font texture size
* fixed text exceeding specified maximum length divided by 6
* fixed wrong filter mode being used when texture has no mipmaps
* fixed Importer header files polluting global namespace
* fixed memory leaks

* added Sample11 to show how to use the input system
* added Game sample to demonstrate new features
* rewrote Sample10 to better demonstrate batching

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Build Blocks v0.2 (Wii misc)

Build Blocks by Poklik is a simple 3D sandbox game with blocks for Wii. There’s no objectives, you can just freely build stuff with blocks on board. There are also Nokia S60/Asha versions available (partially pay versions).

Build Blocks Wii (v 0.2) - 3D blocks sandbox game for Wii
Watch this video on YouTube.

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Newo Escape v1.19 (Wii Game)

Newo Escape by Owen: Your planet explodes and you are chased by a bounty hunter, try to escape without crashing you broken spaceship. Your spaceship has no breaks and no lazers. You gain points by flying close to objects without hitting them. Crash twice and it is game over. 10 levels to see how high you can rank on the online leaderboards.

The game moves forward automatically. All you have to do is avoid crashing into things on screen. If you crash 3 or more times then it is game over. Passing close to objects gives more points. Try to get as high a score as possible before the game ends. You can invert the up and down directions in the settings of the game.

Thanks to Owen himself for the news via e-mail.

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WiiFTPD v0.01 (Wii Application)

WiiFTPD by Dominic Houghton (StereoRocker) is a multi-threaded FTP daemon written for the Wii. WiiFTPD uses standard port 21 for the control connection. Passive mode uses ports 30 and above for incoming data connections. The package that WiiFTPD is shipped in comes with a folder ready to put into your /apps/ directory for Homebrew Channel, ready to be used immediately.

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EasyRPG Player v0.1.2 (Wii Port misc)

EasyRPG Player is an open source implementation of the RPG Maker 2000/2003 engine. Get a RPG Maker 2000/2003 game and place the Player (boot.dol) in the root directory of the game (that’s where RPG_RT.exe is). The program has no file browser, each game really needs its own boot.dol!


– no changelog found

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Powder (Build 117-2) (Wii Game Port)

POWDER is a roguelike game, which is not a port of an existing roguelike. It is built around replayability and long term ergonomics, not short term learning. Author of this piece of software is Jeff Lait. POWDER Wii has been ported by insin.


* Rebuilt version 117 with latest libogc to support newer remotes.

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