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LAX (30-04-2011) (PSP Game)

Place a ball in the lava. Balls don’t stop until they collide with a wall, the borders or another ball. Goal is to guide all balls to the exit. As of now the gameplay is a bit slow.

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PSPInstaller v5.30 (PSP Application)

PSPInstaller 5 is the successor of PSPInstaller 4.12. PSPInstaller runs on both OFW and CFW and allows the users to easily install homebrew, themes and plugins. The Process is simply, browse the file database, select the file, and choose to download and install it straight away, or download it now and install it later! When the process is complete you can exit to the XMB to play the new downloaded game/application, or install the new CXMB theme.

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PSPsych (01-05-2011) (PSP misc)

PSPsych by Monk9899 is a random coin tossing and dice rolling application for your PSP!

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NewSlide v2 (PSP Application)

NewSlide by Afrothunder ships with a default launch EBOOT that utilizes the PSP’s web browser to show a custom clock. The web browser has a settings.ini file that allows the user to change some settings, such as the page that is loaded. This web browser will by default exit back to the XMB when the screen is opened, but this may be changed. NewSlide has been tested on 6.20 but it should work on newer firmwares.

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T-Darlinko Overdose v1.39 (Alpha) (PSP Game)

USpeed and Darlinko came up with their project “T-Darlinko Overdose” which is a sequel to T-Darlinko, the first game developed for the USpeed Game Engine. It’s a Tetris like game with many enhancements.


Play 4 T-Darlinko games at the same time on a cube.
Adventure mode featuring a story, a world map, different levels, and different endings.
Quick play mode
A lot of game modes
XP ladder
Original music
Online services
French and English translation
Integration with USpeed Devs web site with US-Points and features

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Beatbox v1.5.1 (PSP Application)

Beatbox by Babkock is a drum machine for the PSP. There are four sound sets: rock and roll drums, hip hop drums, bongo drums, and tones. Beatbox is fun to jam along freely, or to play along with your favorite songs using the built-in music player.

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CubeMania v1.2.1 (PSP Game)

CubeMania by Sand3r is a PSP homebrew application featuring 3 small puzzle games, called FillUp, Matrix and Slide. They’re all quite similar to each other as they have the same design and idea: a game board that’s made out of cubes, basically just squares.


FillUp – it’s about filling up the game board so, it doesn’t contain free spaces anymore and without blocking yourself;
Matrix – control the cubes in such a way that the numbers on the side of the grid, match with the highlighted cubes on that current row/column;
Slide – pretend you’re a tiny cube on a game board full of slippery ice. When you start sliding, there’s no way you’re going to stop unless you hit a wall or an obstacle. Try to reach the destination spot.

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Island Wars v1.0 (PSP Game)

Island Wars for PSP is similar to a Tower Defense Game. In Invasion mode you control a cannon on a island in the ocean and you are attacked by many different types of enemies. You have to defend your island and shoot down the enemies. But they fly above your palms and destroy them. To prevent this you fire with different types of weapons and shoot your enemies down. In 25 exciting waves in 3 different difficulty you have to prove your skill.

Watch this video on YouTube.

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PSP Claw Explorer (Beta) (30-04-2011) (PSP Lua Application)

PSP Claw Explorer is a multi function explorer for your PSP, programmed with LuaDEV.

PSP Claw Explorer - Explore Your music, Play Your Life...
Watch this video on YouTube.

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Shell v0.72 (PSP Application)

Shell by Arnold and A_Nub is a shell application for PSP working on PSP 1000, PSP 2000 (+ extended RAM) , PSP 3000 (+ extended RAM) and PSP GO (+ extended RAM + Multi-Device Support).

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