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PSPythagoras v1.0 (PSP Lua Application)

PSPythagoras by JamesC is an application to quickly calculate the length of a missing side in a right angled triangle, great for back to school!,7129.0.html

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PSP Power Controller v5.1.4 (PSP Application)

PSP Power Controller by SnyFbSx allows to set various options on your PSP.


Changes in the way and how to get the clock setting.(Only ME and LME)

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CustomHOME (Beta) v0.7.1 (PSP Application)

“CustomHOME” is a plugin that makes HOME MENU more convenient.


[!]fix ini file bug.
(please replace new ini file)

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PSP Music Center (R2) (PSP Application)

PSP Music Center by RNB_PSP is a music player for the Sony PSP powered by FFMpeg. Basically this enables you to play all audio codecs from any container format supported by FFMpeg.


* fixed crash when opening some files(unaligned access in ffmpeg)
* update to ffmpeg 0.8.2,7127.0.html

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CFW v6.60ME (Beta 3) (PSP OS)

CFW 6.60ME (Minimum Edition) for OFW6.60 is a custom firmware for PSP by neur0n. It is curently in beta testing stage, so please use at your very own risk!!/neur0ner/status/102165608224915456

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AnyLanguageStudy v2.0 (PSP misc)

AnyLanguageStudy is a vocabulary builder application for PSP. It’s created in the purpose of learning Japanese words. For example, you could use it along side with Japanese for Busy People to efficiently learn the essential key words. The application helps you to learn the language through word lists, image lists, sentences and sentence audio. It can also be used as a helpful portable dictionary.

By default, Japanese word lists are most supported. But you may easily (due to the .csv format) create your own word lists for the language of your choice. Get and convert word lists from Anki if you do not wish to create them from a scratch. If you’re studying more than one language, AnyLanguageStudy supports grouping the lists alphabetically by category.


* Remembers question, range and mode of word lists after exiting as long as range is not changed.
* Added a trick to solve the search problem when using Scandinavian and a few other special characters with Sony Osk.
* Added Remember the Kanji image list (images by me, resizing by passingby). If you do not use it, you may remove it as it takes time to copy the files to PSP (language/Japanese/rtk).,7120.0.html

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Adventure Game Studio (AGS) Runtime v3.21 (R6) (PSP misc)

JJJ’s “Adventure Game Studio Runtime for PSP” allows you to run AGS games. This port can run games made with AGS 2.60 or higher.

Adventure Game Studio PSP port
Watch this video on YouTube.


– Added support for games with version 2.60 and higher
– Integrated the MOD player again
– Various bug fixes

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DaedalusX64 (Revision 724) (N64 emu for PSP)

DaedalusX64 is the continuation of the original Daedalus PSP port by StrmnNrmn and other contributors. It is a GPL Open Source project.

Release notes:

[=>] Merged from Dev branch:

Rev 331 – Corn
[!] let compiler inline R4300_JumpToInterruptVector() since it only adds ~100 bytes to .exe
[!] reorganize and improve checks in R4300_Handle_Interrupt()
[!] speedup and use 32bit (instead of 64bit) in DDIV and DDIVU when possible
Rev 332 – Salvy
[!] Optimized CPU_SetCompare
Rev 333 – Salvy
!] Made COP0 registers 32bit (to save a few cycles, since the values written aren’t 64bit anyways)
Rev 334 – Salvy
[+] Implemented MFC0 in dynarec
Rev 335 – Salvy
[!] Optimized CTC1 in dynarec
Rev 336 – Corn
[!] some small optimizations in code generator
[-] removed non working fix for TV output
Rev 337 – Salvy
[~] Corrected typo from previous commit which broke GenerateCACHE (Corn)
[!] Enabled option to ignore memory bound checking in release mode (slight speed up)
Rev 338 – Salvy
[~] Fixed EXPERIMENTAL_INTERRUPTS option (when defined, Body Harvest and Nightmare Creatures work)
Rev 339 – Salvy
[!] inlined(again) R4300_JumpToInterruptVector (reduces # of ops from 239 to 299 in Interrupts.cpp)

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PSPStates Menu v4 (PSP Application)

“PSPStates Menu” by plum_429 allows you to generate “save states”. This is a function commonly known from emulators, where you can save a snapshot of the game and start exactly like the gameplay status was at the time of saving. This plugin is supposed to work on 6.xx firmwares.!/plum_429/status/100428028617822208

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CFW v6.39ME-9.2 (Quick Fix) (PSP OS)

CFW 6.39ME (Minimum Edition) for OFW6.39 is a custom firmware for PSP by neur0n. It is supposed to work on PSP1000 and PSP2000 models. The degree of stability is still unknown. Please test it on your own and refer to different people’s test reports.


– Fixed a bug when use categories_light plugin.
– Fixed a bug when use cwcheat plugin.
0x800200D3 error is not fixed yet.

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