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Wizznic (Release 1) (Dingoo Linux Game)

Wizznic is an implementation of the arcade-classic Puzznic, written for the GP2x Wiz, Dingoo, Linux and Windows.


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DMenu v0.5 (Dingoo Linux Application misc)

DMenu is a menu system for Dingoo Linux which resembles the default Dingoo menu.


– Fixed a lot of SegFault bugs
– Change the mechanism that the next application is called
– Rename dmenu binaly to “dmenu.bin”
– Added a dmenu start up script named “dmenu”
– Added “SelectorDir” setting for menuitem and submenuitem
– Added new key binds in filelist ( L key – page up / R key – page down )
– Added “built in Wallpaper Selector with thumbnails”
– Added “built in Color Selector”
– Added ColorBar graphics for “built in Color Selector”
– Moved and Renamed the dmenu resource folder “/usr/local/home/.dmenu” to “/usr/local/dmenu/resources”
– Moved “dmenu.ini” from “/usr/local/dmenu/resouces/” to “/usr/local/dmenu/”
– Moved Background/ VolDisp/ BrightDisp setting from each “theme.cfg” to “dmenu.ini”
– Merged “main.cfg and fontcolor.ini” to “dmenu.ini”
– Remove the fontcolor setting scripts and folder
– Remove fontcolor.ini

Source: http://boards.dingoonity.org/dingux-releases/dmenu-0-5-release/


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Inkl Player v0.4 (Dingoo Linux Application)

Inkl Player is a media player that supports media library and synchronized lyrics.


* MP3 album art support
* FLAC support
* Media library added

* Works on Dingoo A320
* Works on Windows
* Works on Windows Mobile

* Automatic update added
* Improved reactivity
* Downloads synchronized lyrics automatically
* Settings menu added
* Supports skins for list pages
* Automatic power-off added
* Fixed some bugs on synchronized lyrics
* Display turned off when hold is set
* CPU speed lowered to 100MHz to save power when display turned off (Wiz only)
* Various bug fixes


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Manic Miner WIP (Dingoo Game)

Alekmaul has let me know about the current port situation of his native “Manic Miner” game for Dingoo. The game is based upon “Manic Miner” for PC from Andy Noble.

Alekmaul is still having minor issues with the sound output, once this is fixed, a public release wont be far.

Thanks to Alekmaul himself for the news.


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Dingux-HUGO v1.1.2 (PCE emu Dingoo Linux)

Hu-Go is a famous emulator of NEC PC Engine console, running on many system such as Linux and Windows and now Dingux (see http://www.zeograd.com/ for details).

Sources are included, and this package is under the GNU public licence v2, read COPYING.txt file for more information about it.

Many new features have been added compared to original Hu-Go version, have a look to the README for details.

Thanks to http://www.aep-emu.de/PNphpBB2-file-viewtopic-t-13771.html for the news.


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LynGOO (Beta 3) (Atari Lynx emu for Dingoo)

Spiller presents a third beta of his Atari Lynx emulator, LynGOO, for the Dingoo A320.

Release notes:

Third and last beta:


This beta disables a render hack which was present in the Handy port I used as a base for LynGOO. This hack is responsible for almost all graphical glitches found with previous betas. The render hack may now be enabled from the menu for special cases. The sound has been improved a lot as well.

Please note that this beta may feel a lot slower than previous betas. This is mostly because previous versions were running at max speed (mostly somewhere between 115% and 130%). The new version tries to run at exactly 100% of the real Lynx speed. Auto frameskip has been added to help accomplish this with somewhat slower games. There is some debug display onscreen which tells the speed percentage, number of FPS and frameskip chosen. This display will be removed in the final version ofcourse.

This will be the last beta for this emulator. I plan on fixing the freezes which some people have encountered and then release the final version 1.0. I am not sure yet whether the ‘render hack’ option should stay in the menu. Therefore I’d really like some opinions on this new version compared to the previous one.

Thanks to http://www.aep-emu.de/PNphpBB2-file-viewtopic-t-13797.html for the news.


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ColeCOO v3.1 (Coleco Vision emu for Dingoo)

ColeCOO is a NATIVE ColecoVision emulator for Dingoo by alekmaul!


# fix sound threading
+ change option menu for screen config
# fix alcatraz display (timing pb)
# pitfall sprite collision pb on third screen (timing pb)
# fix H.E.R.O pb in level 4 (timing pb)
# fix Space Fury pb (timing pb)
+ Add key config menu

Source: http://boards.dingoonity.org/dingoo-releases/colecoo-v3-1/


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This week in Dingoo – Issue 3 (Dingoo misc)

“This week in Dingoo” is a resume of Dingoo news, happened during the period of one week. Maintainer of this retrospect is Consequence_9, moderator at Dingoonity.

Please follow the link below for Issue 3 of “This week in Dingoo”.


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This week in Dingoo – Issue 2 (Dingoo misc)

“This week in Dingoo” is a resume of Dingoo news, happened the past week. Maintainer of this retrospect is Consequence_9, moderator at Dingoonity.

Please follow the link below for Issue 2 of “This week in Dingoo”.


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SmsGGOO v3.0 (SMS and GG emu for Dingoo)

alekmaul updated his NATIVE Dingoo application, emulating the Sega GameGear and Sega Master System! No Dingux required!


# fix tv out pb
# fix mode 2 pb (great thanks to Daniel Bienvenue for explaination of pb) Just test his last game here : http://newcoleco.dev-fr.org/p4155/2009-06-14-colecovision-ghostblaster.html
# fix same pb in mode 0 for Pattern Table
+ move to gcc 4 instead of gcc 3.3.1
+ change sound threading to be more accurate
# fix defender hanging
– new load state/save state not compatible with previous version (sorry, my hd crashed and i rewrote this part from scratch)
+ load/save config in gamecolecoo.cfg

Source: http://boards.dingoonity.org/dingoo-emulation/colecoo-v3-0-(updated)/


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