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Gianas Return WIP 2 (22-05-2008) (GP2x Game)

Again news from the Giana’s Return team!


World 1 – Boss enhancement – Comparison
The silver pipe has disappeard and everything is a bit more matching now. There is another significant change, the boss has an energy bar now, so you can see how long you need to fight.

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Gianas Return WIP (22-05-2008) (GP2x Game)

News from the Giana’s Return Team:

World 1 – Boss enhancement!
Our coder has tweaked the first endboss this night. Overall it’s slightly more difficult than before, but considering there are dozens of chances to gain extra lifes before, it should not hurt too much.

Concerning some critism from Fusion_Power about the “layout” of the boss area, we have adjusted it. A before after check will be posted the next days. It’s really just a MINOR change, but it was probably really required.

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Termula2x v0.1.2 (GP2x Application)

Termula2x is a UNIX terminal emulator for GP2X, including vi text editor. It supports background images.


this is a bugfix release. 0.1.1 users are strongly encouraged to upgrade as soon as possible,0,0,0,8,1893

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Alexs Falldown v1.2 (GP2x Game)

This is a falldown game for the GP2X, with music by TymPanic Productions (“Malaria” by Ilmarque).,0,0,0,27,2011

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Gianas Return WIP (21-05-2008) (GP2x Game)

Here comes a “minor status update” from the Giana’s Return team:


* Our coder is ironing out bugs and also codes a bunch of enhancements for the game.
* Our pixel graphician is (still/again) busy with his paid job – he promised to have the tileset for the desert world done by friday.
* Our musician alex is currently finetuning his tracks and composing a few new ones, as the soundtrack is yet not fully complete.
* The organizer is frustrated, due to slow graphic artists 😉
* The beta-tester is bored, as he doesn’t have anything to do…

… to be continued!

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Nincest64 GP2x (20-05-2008) (N64 emu for GP2x)

This is a port of Nincest64, a Nintendo 64 emulator who can run only 2 demos at 1 FPS on GP2X. The author wont to any more work on it, sources are included.,0,0,0,71,2592

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MiPDF v1.0 (RC 1) (GP2x Application)

PDF viewer based on MuPDF library, way faster than PDFView.,0,0,0,4,2593

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Box2D Physics Library v0.0001 (GP2x Techdemo)

Here comes a new port from Hitnrun…


Box2d is a very cool physics library that is being used to develop very cool Physics games.

Just for fun I make a quick SDL port of the TestBed that comes with Box2d, and guess what, it worked!
This library could be used to make very fun games.

These are just demos with wireframe 2d graphics showing the library capabilities, it is fun to watch.

To switch the demos, press L and R, to exit press START.

It looks like to be fast, but as this library uses a lot of floating-point, I don’t know if a real game would be fast enough.,0,0,0,8,2594

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GP2x FW v4.1.0 Update Warning (GP2x misc)

For all those who planed to update to the latest GP2x Firmware, here is a warning.


Do not update to 4.1.0 unless your GP2x already has 4.0.0 or 4.0.2 on it. Current indications are that doing so will turn your handheld into an expensive brick.

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GP2x FW v4.1.0 (GP2x Firmware)

Gamepark Holdings released an updated version of their GP2x Firmware for F-100 and F-200 models.

Consulting the webboards, there were already a few bricks, so you may handle this update with cautation!

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