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GP2x Code Blocks (RC 7) (GP2x misc)

GP2X Code::Blocks is a complete development setup for GP2x. This release basically adds a NSI installer package by Pickle.,0,0,0,14,2295

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FPaint v0.7 (GP2x Application)

FPaint is a drawing app for GP2X F100 and F200.


– F100 support
– 16 Configurable quick color
– Integrated jukebox (put your mp3/ogg/mod/midi file in the jukebox folder)
– Custom color picker (edit colors.bmp)
– Pen/Eraser tool with custom size and 4 brush
– Airbrush tool
– Filler tool
– Color picker tool
– Zoom (slow on big image)
– Undo/Redo
– Loading/Saving image in BMP or PNG (work with id)
– Color invert tool,0,0,0,4,2582

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Graffiti (Alpha 4) (GP2x Application)

With this paint program, you can load a jpg-picture and make notes and scribbles on it.,0,0,0,8,2591

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Game and Watch Simulator v0.2 (GP2x Game)

This is a generic engine for simulation of Game & Watch-like games. For the 0.2 version, there are 3 ports: “Time & Fun – Monkey”, “Time & Fun – Pirate”, and “Time & Fun – Defendo”. All these games use the same engine, with different graphics.

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Football 2x v1.5 (GP2x Game)

Football 2x is a clone of the popular web game “Peg Ball”. Currently only supports 2 players.,0,0,0,36,2578

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Egoboo CRAMFS v1.0 (GP2x Game)

A compressed version of Egoboo which takes up less space on SD and takes less time to copy over.,0,0,0,26,2589

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Puckman (GP2x Game)

PACMAN F100/F200 game with touchscreen support.


30 Levels
HitScore save
Multi Speed

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Snake On Dope (GP2x Game)

Snake On Dope (SOD) is a basic game of snake – its just this snake likes to indulge in recreational drugs.

The aim of the game is to navigate the various levels eating eggs whilst avoiding the walls and your own tail. In Dope mode there is an added factor – for every 3 eggs eaten the effect of the dope increases and the screen begins to wave, a little at first but it won’t take long for the whole screen to be waving madly. You also score an extra bonus each time the effect increases. For those who can’t handle the dope mode there is also included a classic mode.

The game also supports several control methods: Joystick/Joypad, A/B/X/Y keys, Shoulder keys (L) rotates Anti-clockwise rotates Clockwise, Touch Screen. – You can also control all menus using touchscreen if you want.


30 Levels
Chance to win bronze, silver or gold medals on each map.
2 Game modes
8 music tracks
Separate highscore for each map/mode
Several control methods
Adjustable game speed
A few secrets

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Zelda Classic v2.11 (Beta 18) GP2x v0.4 (Alpha) (GP2x Game Port)

This is a port of Zelda Classic to the GP2X gaming console. It is based on unofficial sources, but release in binary form was allowed by Dark Nation of Zelda Classic.

Zelda Classic is a tribute to the greatest video game of all time: Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda. It has been developed into an exact replica of the NES version that we all know and love. Beyond that, Zelda Classic allows the development of new quests that can use either the traditional graphics or enhanced graphics, as well as new enemies, items, and challenges.

Changes GP2x:

– ~30% speed increase, with more optimizations to allegro
– if the custom game do not fit on memory, a swap file will be created to hold the memory that does not fit. This virtual memory is only used if needed. The bigger quest can use a lot of virtual memory (the Link to the Heavens quest will create a ~100mb file). As far as I know, this file is only written at start, then it is only read. SD cards aren’t made for heavy writing, so I really don’t know if this can affect the lifetime of the card. Use at your own risk. (I ran it lots of times, and my card still works ;). Some games still crash misteriously, so if you could send me reports of what works and what doesn’t, it would help a lot.
– fixed the status at top not showing while not scrolling, it should appear at all times now.
– now displays a status screen with progress while loading, as the bigger quests can take a long time to load.


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Gmu v0.6.1 (GP2x Application)

wejp has updated his audio player “Gmu” for GP2x.

Release highlights:

* Improved GP2X-F200 compatibility: Backlight power-off now works on the F200 as well
* Improved recursive directory add: Gmu’s user interface is no longer blocked while adding large directories
* Increased maximum playlist length from 999 entries to 9999 entries
* Seeking for Ogg Vorbis, Musepack (MPC) and FLAC

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