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FlipIR v1.0 (GP2x Game)

Flip the visible-light images of the Universe into infrared-light images, by clicking on the gameboard. Programmed using GLBasic.,0,0,0,25,2579

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Quad (GP2x Game)

Quad is a Tetris game written using (less than) 100 GL-Basic commands.

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Football 2x v1.0 (GP2x Game)

Mookmac released Football 2x for GP2x.

Release notes:

Hey everyone, this is my second release for the GP2X. Its a clone of the popular web soccer game; Peg Ball. The players are loaded on elastic and when pulled will ping back into position – sending the ball flying.

The touchscreen provides perfect presice controls. F100 support will be added in the next release.
The game currently only supports 2 players on one console.

All feedback is greatly appriciated!

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pME Selector v0.2 (GP2x Application)

pME Selector is a simple GUI for the GP2x J2ME emu PhoneME.


– working, with few changes,0,0,0,4,2574

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Bombs Panic v0.3.0 (GP2x F-200 Game)

Bombs Panic is a game designed for the F200 and is a clone of a mini Mario game. The goal is to drag and drop the bombs in their containment zone (green or black) before they explode.


– Level management.,0,0,0,27,2572

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GP2X Magazin (Test) (GP2x misc)

Author Gamepower has written a digital GP2x related magazine (PDF Format) called GP2X Magazin. It’s a test release, which does not present the final product.

It has mainly been released to get feedback of any kind.,0,0,0,2,2575

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Gianas Return WIP (02-05-2008) (GP2x Game)

The “Giana’s Return Team” has been pretty active the past days with plenty of postings. Here the most recent ones, along with a new screenshot (more on it’s homepage).


Too many levels?
May 1st, 2008 by Gianas-Return Team

Our beta-tester Mulle complained recently, that 8 levels per world might be really too much. Our main intention was to stick with 6 levels only… Do you think 8 levels per world are too much?

56 Levels (not counting in the boss fights) might be indeed a little bit too much for a Jump’n’Run… Give us your opinion!

Engine on, Gear up!
April 30th, 2008 by Gianas-Return Team

Yesterday the storyline pictures were converted to look as good as possible in 240 colors only, as this will still allow us to use another additional 16 colors for a font, to display the story. We used the original material first (where pictures do have more than 1000 colors), but the SDL downscaling possibilities are rather limited and looked pretty poor. We hope that at least the storyline is optically in better shape now and will go on with more tasks soon!
PS: We might add a bunch of pictures of World 1 sometime tonight, but no promise on that.

Level up!
April 29th, 2008 by Gianas-Return Team

We decided to increase the amount of levels per world from 7 to 8, due to having two music tracks per world and we did not know how to split up in a fair way. So we have a new music track every 4 levels, along with seperate boss music.
If all our plans go well… we have a total amount of 56 instead 49 levels. This is more than enough for 2-3 hours of entertainment.

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Temper v0.70 (PCE emu for GP2x)

Exophase updated his PC Engine / Turbo Graphix 16 emulator for GP2x.

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BunkerMaster2x v0.4 (GP2x Game Port)

Bunkermaster has been originaly created by Rodrigo Monteiro. The game idea is that you must march against the enemy armies until you can’t anymore. If you fail to take the next flagpole within 100 seconds, you lose the game.

BunkerMaster2x now uses a new allegro library, which gives this game a massive boost.,0,0,0,30,2184

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Bombs Panic v0.1 (GP2x F-200 Game)

Bombs Panic is a game designed for the F200 and is a clone of a mini Mario game. The goal is to drag and drop the bombs in their containment zone (green or black) before they explode.

The game is fully playable, but there are still plenty of things to do and the team is working on it. Nevertheless, they publish this alpha version in the hope to receive feedback for improvements.

The source code is provided and you are free to use it and to modify it. Please submit useful changes to the coders, so they can use it in their next build.,0,0,0,27,2572

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