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Silver Valley (WIP) (Master System Game)

Enrique Ruiz and his Sega Master System game Silver Valley is something you should keep in the backyard of your head! It’s a mix of Castlevania, Kid Icarus and Wonderboy in Monsterland. It will feature over 60 levels including boss battles. Such a quality game has not been seen in ages for the Master System, so it’s just astonishing! Keep your eyes open and check the discussion thread at on a regular base.

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Monkey Lad (16-12-2016) (WIP) (Master System Game)

efry is still heavily working on his platform game Monkey Lad. Newly added are jumping fishes and it’s looking awesome!

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Video: The Launch of the Sega Master System 1986 (Master System misc)

Classic Gaming Quarterly tells us interesting things about the Sega Master System.

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Ma Kai Quest v0.305 (WIP) (Master System Game)

Ma Kai Quest is a total conversion of “Alex Kidd in Miracle World”. Modifications are still in progress and the whole game just looks brandnew.

Current status:

We took a creative break but are now back at work again. First steps were fixing, polishing and adding some minor stuff and adding a completely new level (codenamed “junkyard”) as well as finally writing the complete story down. I updated some of the screenshots of the original post and hope to present a milestone real soon. Current version number is 0.305 but we will not post any updated ROM patches soon.

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Monkey Lad (WIP) (Master System Game)

efry is heavily working on his platform game Monkey Lad. There is not much yet, but it’s looking damn cute already.

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Scope v2 (Master System Game)

Scope is a Sega Master System homebrew game by 64kb Games.

How good is your reaction time? Scope is a very simple light-phaser game that lets you test your speed and accuracy. A picture is placed on the screen. Only the bar where you are aiming is illuminated with color. You only have 3 seconds to find the bright red color on the screen and shoot it!!! If you hit, the whole picture is shown in color before going on to the next picture. Miss even once, and you get sent back to the title screen. Hit all 20 targets, and your reaction time is measured at the end of the game. How quick are you on the draw?

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Sword Strike v2 (Master System Game)

Sword Strike is a Sega Master System homebrew game by 64kb Games.

Live or die by by your swordsmanship! A nocturnal raid into the enemy’s castle puts you face to face with knights, soldiers and mercenaries. Parry their sword strikes and swing when they are vulnerable. Win, and you watch the enemy castle burn. Fail, and your corpse will be left where it fell. Fight first-person sword duels on an 8-bit system! Victory and death rely on a single blow!

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Master of the Labyrinth (27-03-2016) (Master System Game)

Pedro76 and nivarel worked on Master of the Labyrinth for the Sega Master System. It’s an tiny RPG/adventure game reminding on Eye of the Beholder.

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Twin Maze (20-03-2016) (Master System Game)

Twin Maze is yet another game by Haroldo Pinheiro, which is unfortunately not yet complete. It was intended to make it a simultaneous two player first person maze game, with competitive modes (deathmatch and race) and cooperative modes (vs monsters). Due to the authors time constraints, though, it is, for now, more of an unoptimized tech demo where two players can explore a maze simultaneously. There’s currently no other objectives other than that.

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3D City (21-03-2016) (Master System Game)

3D City is a simple “shoot ’em up” video game originally programmed by StevePro Studios in New Zealand, January 1988. The game was written using BASIC programming language built on the Sega SC-3000. Inspired from previous posts on Sega console programming and z88dk programming setup, 3D City was the impetus to build an 8-bit video game in C / Z80 assembler to target the Sega Master System.

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