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Arsenal v0.9 (NDS Game)

Arsenal is a dual-screen 3D shoot’em’up game for the DS. Code by smealum, graphics by Lobo.

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Chronoclon (31-05-2011) (WIP) (NDS Game)

Chronoclon is a remake of the puzzle-platformer “Chronotron” by ScarybugGames. Use your time machine to interact with past versions of yourself in this puzzle/platformer! Play the game on Kongregate to earn badges and be able to play all the bonus levels.

Chronoclon preview 2

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Earth Shaker DS (31-05-2011) (NDS Game)

ant512 comes up with a remake of “Earth Shaker“, a “Boulder Dash” like game, originally released on ZX Spectrum in 1990.


– Resolution of larger audio files reduced to allow the game to run on the M3i Zero (standard firmware seems to have problems with homebrew ROMs larger than 3MB);
– Added test mode to the level editor;
– Added Polomint to the credit scroller;
– Level editor buttons give audio feedback when clicked.

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Brainstorm Annual 2011 (NDS Music disk)

Brainstorm Annual 2011 is a music disk for Nintendo DS by Brainstorm and Rebels. It has been released at the “Very Important Party 2011” and ranked #3 in the wild demo category.

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DSx86 v0.33 (Beta) (DOS emu for NDS)

DSx86 is a PC/DOS emulator for Nintendo DS written by Patrick Aalto. It’s purpose is to allow you to run old DOS games on your Nintendo DS game console. Some of the older games run quite good and bring back memories.

Release notes:

Version 0.33 released!

This version has the following fixes and improvements:
– Fixed a serious hanging issue introduced in version 0.24, caused by an incompatibility between my ARM7 code and libNDS version 1.5.0.
– Improved the speed and quality of EGA Smooth screen scaling code.
– DSi mode only: Implemented Smooth scaling for VGA 640×480 mode.
– Added a new configuration option “EMSSize” for choosing EMS/XMS RAM allocation.

Sorry about the past few versions having the hanging bug, it should now be fixed in this version.

Also, I added the new EMSSize configuration flag specifically for you sverx, hope you find some use for it.

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MunchiToy (Demo 2) (NDS misc)

MunchiToy is a physics application which lets you manipulate “Munchi” using the microphone. This program has been updated after almost 1.5 years!


– New Gravity functions to control 1 Munchi.
– Collisions fixed and properly working
– Microphone fixed from previous version (not tested)
– Added Collisions to Munchi
– Added 2 Munchi’s instead of 1.
– Freeze feature.

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Earth Shaker DS (27-05-2011) (NDS Game)

ant512 comes up with a remake of “Earth Shaker“, a “Boulder Dash” like game, originally released on ZX Spectrum in 1990.


This one features a few bugfixes and a preview of the level editor. Everything is more or less functional except for the load and save buttons.

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Fireworlds (Beta 1) (NDS Game)

Fireworlds by Dirbaio is a completely original puzzle/platform adventure game for Nintendo DS. Objective is to collect all energy bits from the level and then reach the exit. For now the game has four levels.

Fireworlds Trailer - by Dirbaio

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Space Impakto DS v1.0.0 (NDS Game)

Space Impakto DS by relminator is an old school space shooter for Nintendo DS.


Finally got it non beta!!!
Fixed the replay system for Red Agila (mistyped variable)
Changed how the intermission screen works
Boss Rush Mode
BGM is attenuated when pausing
Added more menu items
Added a way to save or load Replays(3 slots)
Player is able return to main menu when paused.

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Flechettes v1.0a (NDS Lua Game)

Thermo Nono updated his darts game “Flechettes”. It’s a NDS homebrew Darts game written using Micro Lua. This release comes with graphics/animation improvements.

Thanks to for the news.

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