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Sandbox Engine DS-DSi v004.1 (misc)

Sandbox Engine DS-DSi is a 3D FPS style DSi hybrid (for DSi only but also playable on DS) game which started back in 2010 on the DS but when the DSi sudokuhax was discovered its being made with DSi mode in mind.


minor changes…
fixed some lighting.
changed title screen.
changed some controls.
this version has some small fixes from the last version. & some things i forgot.
(note: lighting depends on what emulator your useing. but the correct lighting should work useing flashcards & sudokuhax.)
Edit sorry guys had to take it down for a sec, its back now tho, accidently named it v005, fixed it

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PadSend (Revision 3) (misc)

PadSend lets you use Gamecube pads connected to a Wii, or a DS, as a PC gamepad. PPJoy must be installed. Just run the server on your computer (requires .NET framework 2.0) and run the client on your Wii or DS. It will only work right now if your DS or Wii has an IP address that starts with 192.168.1.*

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Super Smash Bros Crash (Demo 9.5) (NDS Game)

“Super Smash Bros Crash” is a Super Smash Bros fan game created by miguel28. The project is a demo, but has 29 characters, 28 stages, 2 CPUs, music and sounds that accompany you throughout the game and two game modes. You can also take pictures of the battle (saved in .bmp format).


Bug Fixes and varius improvements

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Fireworlds (Beta 3) (NDS Game)

Fireworlds by Dirbaio is a completely original puzzle/platform adventure game for Nintendo DS. Objective is to collect all energy bits from the level and then reach the exit. For now the game has four levels.

Fireworlds Trailer - by Dirbaio


– Last update before final release!
– Annoying corner bug fixed, now completely!
– Fixed falling through ice blocks sometimes.
– Added intro video
– Zoomed out a bit for more visibility
– Improved the tutorial levels.
– Added speed button! Big levels are no longer boring!
– ROM no longer needs to be in root.
– Added fireboxes!
– Added switches!
– Bug fixes! Collision fixes!
– Added awesome intro video (Thanks to my friend Sorington!)
– Added pause button
– 28 levels!

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MunchiToy (Demo 2.5) (NDS misc)

MunchiToy is a physics application which lets you manipulate “Munchi” using the microphone.


MINOR BUG FIXES (munchi hits ground)

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StellaDS v1.2 (A2600 emu)

StellaDS is an Atari VCS 2600 Emulator for DS and DSi. It’s a port of Stella by French developer alekmaul. This emulator supports ROMs in A26 or BIN format.

StellaDS V1.0


* Change screen height when switching from PAL <> NTSC
* Add fps display with START button
* Add stylus management for paddle

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BAGPlug (Release 3-5 Fix 1) (NDS Application)

BassAceGold updated his replacement Supercard DSTwo plugin menu “BAGPlug”. It’s really only of use for DSTwo owners, others can ignore this plugin!

Release notes:

I screwed up the homebrew detection while I was rewriting the cover support. 3-5 fix 1 has been uploaded to the first post which should fix it.

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The Living Dead v1.3 (NDS Game)

Walk around and shoot zombies. Shoot at them with guns, stab them with knives, blow them to smithereens with explosives, and block them out with barricades. Earn cash from attacking zombies to buy health, repairkits, perks (will be added later), map specific features (in later updates) and weapons.

Release notes:

Update 2: V.1.3

All major systems were redone. Reloading is now perfect and never fails like before. Wave system was changed to make the waves easier to complete. You can now throw more than one grenade at a time. Menu changes. Slight improvements to buying system. Price changes were also made. Also code reduction and many other small fixes and changes.

Gameplay has been slightly extended. There our now 10 rounds instead of the old 6 rounds. The old map now has 4 barricades. New map was also added (with a non working barricade). For that teach me how it’s done feel, i’ve added a tutorial that teaches you how to play the game. Credits have now been added. One of the most important parts to a game was added, sound and music. Badge system has now been added. You can unlock up to 9 badges. New controls added. New mystery crate, try your luck with it’s constantly changing contents. (sorry no more weapons yet, i was going to add some, but i’m gong on vacation and trying to do other things, so i made a quick update minus new weapons). (Also saving and loading was present but was taking out because i couldn’t test it on my card, and i still can’t test it, so it’ll be back soon).

Thanks to for the news.

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Earth Shaker DS (03-06-2011) (NDS Game)

ant512 comes up with a remake of “Earth Shaker“, a “Boulder Dash” like game, originally released on ZX Spectrum in 1990.


– Load/save buttons work (but they will only load/save one map at the moment);
– Different ROM icon (but the background is transparent on my flash cart – grrrr…);
– Added cursor to map in level editor.
– Minor bugfixes.

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BAGPlug (Release 4) (NDS Application)

BassAceGold updated his replacement Supercard DSTwo plugin menu “BAGPlug”. It’s really only of use for DSTwo owners, others can ignore this plugin!

Release notes:

– _bagui folder can now be placed anywhere on the SD card, as long as the DSTwo.nds file from this release is used for loading
– improved failsafe launching in DSTwo.nds
– updated manual.txt

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