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Mario Paint Composer DS – Bullet Bill (28-07-2010) (NDS Application)

Mario Paint Composer DS is an indirect remake of the music composer tool found in the Super Nintendo game “Mario Paint” with a few new adaptations.


Here is the change log:

–Bullet Bill Release July 28 2010

-Compiled with latest libraries, may fix card compatibilities
-Uses NitroFS for argv support, results in much faster startup time
-can now change the song directory via mpcds.ini file which must be in the same directory as the rom
-removed outdated splash screens
-removed wifi news feature
-fixed scrolling issue in the filebrowser using the bottom right arrows
-updated keyboard
-updated installation instructions and controls. Also added error faq to readme.

Nothing much really new here, just a fix or two.

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SensitiveDS (NDS Game)

SensitiveDS is inspired by the C64 game Sensitive, originally written by Oliver Kirwa. In each level you must move the disk over every orange and green tile then get to the exit. If you fall off, you must start over.

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WoopsiGfx v1.00 (NDS misc)

WoopsiGfx is a C++ 2D graphics library for the Nintendo DS, derived from the Woopsi GUI framework. It allows the developer to create and manipulate bitmaps using a comprehensive set of drawing tools. It includes an extensible font system for drawing text to bitmaps, and features support for packed monochrome and 16-bit fonts out of the box.

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MOSDS v4.0 (NDS Application)

MOSDS is an open open source project for the NDS that comes with tools such as an MP3 player, Notpad or a simple painting application.

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FileManager v0.6u (NDS Application)

FileManager is a file manager for managing homebrew files on your DS card. It’s most useful feature is that it allows you to transfer files from your PC to your DS card via your home WiFi.


Now with WEP support

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Scenery Beta 2010 Coding Competition (NDS misc)

Scenery Beta 2010 is by it’s organizers definition not a competition, but a festival, which should pay tribute to homebrew productions. Allowed are PSP, Nintendo DS, Wii and PC and this year also “iDevices” and Android.

The prize pot has accumulated to a total of 3200 Euros. Deadline is the 1st September 2010!

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devkitARM (Release 31) (NDS misc)

devkitARM is a toolchain for DS, GBA and GP32.


updated to gcc 4.5.0.
list filename in ndstool file error.
win32 arm-eabi-gdb rebuilt with xml support.

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libNDS v1.4.4 (NDS misc)

libNDS is a library useful for those out there, who like to write their own programs.


Refactored and improved eeprom detection code.
changed timerStop() to clear the entire register and an internal variable.
added timerTick(), timerPause(), timerStop(), timerUnpause() and cpuGetTiming() functions.
fixed overflow bug in timerElapsed.
restored stderr output on default console.
added oamClearSprite() to clear a single sprite.
corrected keyboard = symbol.
startup code allocates VRAM A, B, C & D to reasonable default – main bg, main obj, sub bg & sub obj.
improved and extended doxygen documentation.

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Scribble Jump DS (Demo 1) (NDS Game)

s_hansse released a first demo of his Nintendo DS game “Scribble Jump”. Goal is to climb / jump as high as possible.

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Snake v1.01 (NDS Lua Game)

Papymouge updates his Snake game written using Lua.

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