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Wii Casino v3.1 (Wii Game)

Wii Casino by mdbrim and Mr_Nick666 is a Casino game complete with blackjack and craps for the Wii. More games are in the works. This is an update to the popular Wii Double Down game.

Wii Casino [Wii Homebrew - V3.1]


* Renamed “Wii Casino”
* Added Craps with 3d physics
* Added Bank with ability to save three accounts
* Compiled with latest libogc and GRRLIB
* Fully animated Assistant and Miis


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Wii Independent Rendering Engine 3D (Wire3D) v1.0.1 (Wii misc)

Wire3D (Wii Independent Rendering Engine 3D) is an open source, object oriented, multiplatform 3D engine written in C++, supporting homebrew Wii and Windows (DirectX). It provides a framework to developers for writing platform agnostic 3D applications (including physics using the Bullet Physics library) that run on Wii and Windows out of the box.

Wire3D: Demo


* debug build uses custom operator new/delete
* unified handling of platform dependent index buffers
* fixed ResetDevice issue when D3DPOOL_DEFAULT objects are used
* turned importer into lib
* handle render states that are defined per material (additionally to per node/leaf defined render states)
* handle vertex and index buffer access usage types
* keep record of number of imported materials, textures, nodes, geometries, vertex buffers, index buffers
* fixed memory leak
* added Bullet Physics lib to solution for wii and win
* added Unity3D exporter
* fixed 3rd party lib gcc warnings


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WiiMC v1.2.3 (Wii Application)

WiiMC (Wii Media Centre) is an open source media player for the Nintendo Wii written mainly by Tantric and rodies.


* Synced to MPlayer r34780 and ffmpeg 83c418e68ee5
* Compiled with latest libogc and devkitPPC r25
* Improved network initialization
* Improved music playlist sorting – now it is per-folder (patch by entropy)
* Added playlist reset with minus key (patch by entropy)
* Added a new “Through” setting for music playlists (patch by entropy)

Thanks to http://nintendomax.com/viewtopic.php?t=14231&f=54 for the news.


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Calibrator v1.0.1 (Wii Application)

Calibrator by Extrems displays test patterns recognized by DScaler to assist with the calibration of capture devices. It is available for both Wii and GameCube.


* Added 576p50 video mode.
* OSD indicates if signal is progressive or interlaced.


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libntfs (15-02-2012) (misc)

libntfs is a port of the NTFS-3G driver to the Nintendo GameCube/Wii, modeled on the libfat interface.


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Blacks Dash v1.86 (Wii Game)

Black´s Dash by BlackWhiteEagle is a Boulder Dash Clone for Wii.


* 1.81-1.86 highscorefile for each gamemode bomberdash: ITEM: invulnerable (for some seconds) player looses points if he dies… betatests, bugfixes, small changes and release…


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WiiMednafen v0.1.1(Multiple emus for Wii)

Mednafen is a portable, utilizing OpenGL and SDL, argument(command-line)-driven multi-system emulator with many advanced features. The Atari Lynx, GameBoy (Color), GameBoy Advance, NES, PC Engine(TurboGrafx 16), SuperGrafx, Neo Geo Pocket (Color), PC-FX, and WonderSwan (Color) are emulated. Mednafen has the ability to remap hotkey functions and virtual system inputs to a keyboard, a joystick, or both simultaneously. Save states are supported, as is real-time game rewinding. Screen snapshots may be taken at the press of a button, and are saved in the popular PNG file format. Mednafen is distributed under the terms of the GNU GPL.


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Snake v1.0 (Wii Game)

In Snake by LS you are a Snake eating dots that make you bigger and faster.


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Quake Rev PAK (R2) (Wii misc)

Quake Rev PAK is a collection of gaming engines, related to the Quake series of games by id Software, modified to run on the Nintendo Wii, using the popular devkitPPC toolchain for homebrew development.

The provided launcher will start the following games (provided that their respective game data files were copied into the installation folder):

* Quake (using the Q1Rev engine)
* QuakeWorld (using the QWRev engine)
* Quake II (using the Q2Rev engine)
* Quake II Threewave Capture The Flag (using the Q2CTFRev engine)


* CD music track playback is now available! Copy your Ogg Vorbis-encoded tracks from your original Quake & Quake II CDs into a *\cdtracks* folder inside both your *\ID1* and *\baseq2* folders to enjoy the original CD soundtrack of your favorite games. NOTE: Please ensure that the tracks can be sorted by name. Also, there is no need for a fake Track 1; the engine won’t look for it.
Key aliases are finally out of beta! With the new “keyalias” command, accessible from the console, and remembered in config.cfg, you can map every single key in your controller(s) to any other one, so you can configure your controller to suit your needs.
* Quake Rev PAK will now remember the last game you launched, and will take you to that entry upon start.
* A few bugs have been corrected, including one where Quake II and related games won’t operate correctly with the Wiimote-Nunchuk combo control.
* Minor stability adjustments to the engines, so they use less memory, and crash a little less often. NOTE: the Quake II and related game engines still have a few issues, but they are less noticeable now.
* If your game crashes, and there is a chance that the engine finds out what happened, it will now create a _QRevPAK.err_ file in your media card, containing the date/time the crash happened, and the error message explaining what happened.
* The On-Screen Keyboard now appears, in the Quake II and related game engines, only if you press the associated key for less than 0.5 seconds. Makes playing Quake II a lot easier in areas where you need to crouch.


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SaveGame Manager GX (R119) (Wii Application)

SaveGame Manager GX by dj_skual allows you to extract/install SaveGames and Miis from/to your Wii; data.bin files not supported. It allows savegames to be copied from the Wii to an SD card, including savegames that cannot normally be copied from the system menu. It is a modification of the Savegame Manager from Waninkoko. Unlike Savegame Manager, Savegame Manager GX has a wii-like user interface.


* Added Class Nand and Class Tools
* Reworked lot of functions to use those new classes
* Reworked old mii_installer function as a new class Mii
* Fixed Random freeze while browsing save on wiisave.com
* Fixed browser’s freeze if no mii or savegame are installed in the nand
* Lot of sources changes, clean and sort
* Added a Mii::FixDB() function on startup (fix Facelib file and miichannel’s


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