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Lonesome Pixel v1.0 (Wii Game Port)

Lonesome Pixel by Aslai is a simple platformer game initially written for Ludum Dare 22. Now ported to Wii by it’s author.


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UAE Wii v8 (Amiga emu for Wii)

UAE Wii is a port of the famous Amiga emulator UAE and is based on the source code of E-UAE. The port uses SDL Wii.


* Added rumble support
* Added configurable aspect ratio
* Reduced font size of list file menu
* Utf8 font support


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Ironing Maiden (Wii Game)

The ones amongst you who think there are no new game concepts coming to Nintendo’s Wii, will be surprised! – Although unofficial it still proofs there is place for new ideas!

Ironing Maiden by Nuance & Genesis Project is all about ironing T-Shirts, of course with your Wiimote. It’s the perfect party game and was made with lots of love for details.

Ironing Maiden (Wii)

Watch this video on YouTube.


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libext2fs-wii v1.0.4 (Wii misc)

libext2fs-wii is a port of the libext2fs driver to the Nintendo GameCube/Wii, modeled on the libntfs interface.


* EXT2/EXT3/EXT4 file systems support
* Full read/write, files of any size can be created, modified, renamed, moved, or deleted.
* Compression, read/write support for compressed files
* Symbolic link and directory junction walking
* Journaling system


* Sync with official release of E2fsprogs 1.42


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Blacks Dash v1.72 (Wii Game)

Black´s Dash by BlackWhiteEagle is a Boulder Dash Clone for Wii.


* codecleanup
* better logic and graphics
* new textures, transparency, music, sound/music volume
* added stonegenerator, diamondgenerator, teleporters, mower(blocker)
* teleporters teleport only if destination is free 1<->2 3<->4…
* teleporters automatically teleporting objects back after ~5 seconds
* added levelfileparam (leveldesigner)
* mapinfo
* save/load configfile
* playernames
* better scoreboard
* game is resizable under win/linux (windowed and fullscreen!) (wii has fixed resolution 640×448)
* textboxes with border
* diamonds with random color/playercolor
* extended mapconverterscript


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Painttown v3.5.0 (Wii misc Port)

If you are looking for a side-scrolling, action packed game like you used to play or if you are looking for an extensible engine to write your own game, look no further. Paintown by Jon Rafkind supports user created content through a mod system and user defined functionality through scripting.

Paintown also supports an implementation of M.U.G.E.N. Our goal is to be 100% compatible with M.U.G.E.N 2002.04.14 beta as well as supporting any new updates in the 1.0 version.

Paintown is completely open-source and we would love any contributions in the form of code, art, or donations. Give Paintown a try!

Paintown Wii port – MUGEN (http://paintown.sf.net)

Watch this video on YouTube.


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PowerCheck v1.1 (Wii Application)

PowerCheck is a application/tool for Wii by Joostin Online. Connect up to four remotes and press any button. It will report the percentage of battery charge remaining in each Wii remote.

Thanks to stomp_442 for the news.


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UAE Wii v7 (Amiga emu for Wii)

UAE is a famous Amiga emulator ported to the Wii. UAE Wii can be found on googlecode at uae-wii.googlecode.com, and is based on the source code of E-UAE. The port uses SDL Wii.


* Fixed Hardfile and virtual filesystem support
* Added virtual keyboard
* Added several menu options (immediate blits, collision level, real CPU speed, scanlines, ntsc and sound)
* Menu reorganization
* Other small improvements


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Something v0.000003 (Wii misc)

Something by ThatOtherPerson is a 3D engine demo/test for Wii and Windows.


Watch this video on YouTube.

Release notes:

Here is yet another update to that still nameless thing I’ve been posting for roughly a week now. There are a lot of small changes. Blocks are solid now even when falling, the way legs rotate has improved, now you aim where the cursor is pointing instead of where the center of the screen is pointing, I removed the spheres that followed you, there are more things you can change by editing the settings file, etc. Mostly it’s just polish and optimization.

There is also a Wii version now.

I think I’ve figured out now what I’m actually going to make this game into.

Windows controls:
WASD = Move
Mouse = Aim
Space = Jump
Left mouse button = Action
Q and E = Change action
Right mouse button = Change view

Wii controls:
Analog stick = Move
IR pointer = Aim
C = Jump
B = Action
Left and Right = Change action
A = Change view

Thanks to http://www.nintendomax.com/viewtopic.php?t=13993&f=54 for the news.


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Desert Bus v1.04 (Wii Game)

In 1995 Penn & Teller produced a video game for the Sega CD called Smoke and Mirrors but the publisher went bankrupt before it could be released. One of the mini-games was called “Desert Bus”, which has been faithfully reproduced here for the Wii.

The aim of Desert Bus is to drive from Tucson, Arizona to Las Vegas, Nevada. The full trip is 360 miles long, which must be completed without stopping. The bus can only reach 45 miles an hour and pulls to the right ever so slightly. The only things you’re likely to see while on the road (besides the desert floras) are a few scattered bus stops, which you can stop at and open the door of the bus. Note that you probably won’t find anyone waiting (it’s the desert after all). Driving off with the door open is not allowed as it would be a safety violation.

If the bus engine overheats due to running off the road or remaining stationary for too long, a tow truck will be dispatched to collect you. When it arrives it will tow you back to the last starting point, and the game ends.

If you do happen to make it all the way to Las Vegas, you get 1 point. Then you get 12 seconds to decide if you want to attempt the return journey back to Tucson. If you don’t push 2 within the 12 second countdown the game will end.

Desert Bus v1.00 www.nintendomax.com

Watch this video on YouTube.


* added the original title music
* fixed some very old Z order rendering issues
* better handling for overscan
* remove default wiimote power button callback
* behind the scenes improvements

Thanks to http://www.nintendomax.com/viewtopic.php?t=13982&f=54 for the news.


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