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Amju Super Cool Pool (WIP) (Wii Game)

Great games, regardless on which systems, are always a pleasure. Amju Super Cool Pool by Jason Colman is for sure a Wii game you can look forward to. This game uses its very own library named amjulib, which is a cross-platform game library the author has been working on for pretty much some time. The port is still in progress, but the first screenshots were brought to the public today. Keep an eye on this sweet project!


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Bolt Thrower v0.60 (Wii Game)

Bolt Thrower is currently single player Space Shoot ‘Em Up. It is still work in progress!

Bolt Thrower v0.47 www.nintendomax.com


* Added auto update
* Added change tune feature
* Changed menu look
* Added on screen ping for spores
* minor ingame tweeks
* Added Http download feature
* Music folder now scanned, no need for config entries
* Music can be cached via Http config list
* Added ogg vorbris support
* Added language support via config
* Added Klingon langauge


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Powder (Build 116-1) (Wii Game Port)

POWDER is a roguelike game, which is not a port of an existing roguelike. It is built around replayability and long term ergonomics, not short term learning. Author of this piece of software is Jeff Lait. POWDER Wii has been ported by insin.


* MSVC Express Edition 2008 project files and instructions added, created by Andreas Bohm.
* Tower shields are large. (Claudio)
* “You cannot hide from I!” is now “You cannot hide from Me!” (B. Perry)
* Looking at a square will also describe any smoke there.
* The dig spell now has the side effect of spraying the excavated rock shards, damaging those around you.
* Create Pit spell is now 10 MP rather than 15.
* Blizzards fill the air with sleet and snow, not sleet and slow. Though the latter does describe their special effect nicely.
* New spell: Sandstorm
* If a god decides to flamestrike you, you now get a few turns warning to prepare yourself.
* Monsters properly check safety of squares before stepping on them.
* If trapped inside a wall without Phase or Breathess, you will suffocate. (Strange Child, Julian Agloro)
* Helmets should be sorted together now. (Aapo)
* Empty bottles will be filled by down pour now. (Aapo)
* Entomb has a better message when blocked. (Aapo)
* Rocks are created when rocks fall on your head. (Aapo)
* Spells you can’t cast have (!) after them in the zap list (Aapo)
* Saving when out of disk space should no longer corrupt your last save game. (Aapo)
* Tossing an item hand to hand no longer takes a turn. (Aapo)
* Spears, knives, and daggers no longer let you equip stacks. (Aapo)
* You are only prompted to throw one spear of a stack. (Aapo)
* The animate forest spell now has its own icon.


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UAE Wii v6 (Amiga emu for Wii)

UAE is a famous Amiga emulator ported to the Wii. UAE Wii can be found on googlecode at uae-wii.googlecode.com, and is based on the source code of E-UAE. The port uses SDL Wii.


* Added SMB support
* Added USB mass storage support
* Many menu improvements (new colors, new popup messages, browsing with nunchuk, wider screen, etc.)
* Added nunchuck menu browsing
* Configuration file saved manually
* Several improvements in input configuration menu (single wiimote configurations, snd and trd button joystick, enable/disable mouse emulation, etc.)
* Name of the loaded file in the menu header
* Added logfile option
* Fixed correct aspect option (to adapt the Amiga screen to Wii screen)
* Fixed mouse jerkiness
* Fixed second Joystick configuration issue
* Other small fixes


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Playstats v1.1 (Wii Application)

Playstats by chris is a utility to analyse the play history on the Wii (shown under Today’s Accomplishments on the Wii Message Board). It shows such stats for each game/channel, including total time played, total number of times played, average time played, first and last time played.

Recent updates to the Nintendo Channel now allow it to do much the same thing, often with more stability. However, unlike Playstats it does not display all third party titles and does not give you as much analysis.


* Fixed some of the bugs causing strange results for some people.
* Added sanity checks to work around the remaining bugs.
* Added Unicode support.
* Added ability to log stats to the SD card.


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They Do Not Die 2 v0.6 (Game)

They Do Not Die 2 by ThatOtherDev is a successor of “They Do Not Die”. A top-down Zombie shooter with simple graphics.


* Added on screen text showing the highest number of zombies you have ever killed before dieing (if you pass that high score then the new number will get saved when you die).
* You can now play with up to four people (it was previously limited to two).
* The position and size of the health and energy bars during multiplayer has changed.
* There are now four different kinds of wooden crates (the differences are only cosmetic).
* Menu text is larger and the title looks better.
* Game saving and loading is even faster.


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GCMM MOD (R11) (Application)

PabloACZ has released GCMM r11 MOD, a modification of the original GCMM found at WiiBrew. It’s a memory card manager for Wii and/or GameCube.


SDGetFileList() function in sdsupp.c updated to reflect the changes in DevKitPPC/libogc from the last three years (diropen, dirnext and dirclose commands were replaced with opendir, readdir and closedir, respectively).
Modified the MountCard() function in mcard.c to perform a probe on the GC Memory Card slot, to make sure it was mounted properly.
Improved the compatibility with GCS/SAV files with the patch posted by jcwitzel in December 2009.
The Makefiles were modified to include the zlib in the libraries section. It seems that the latest libFreeType PPC port needs it to work.
*Hopefully* Added compatibility with Official GameCube Memory Cards (see this). According to a friend of mine, it works with a 256 blocks Memory Card.
Compiled with DevKitPPC r24, libogc 1.8.8, libfat 1.0.10 and libFreetype 2.4.2.

Thanks to stomp_442 for the news.


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Marcos Lopez – Part II v0.01 (Wii Game Port)

Marcos Lopez 2 is a real-life simulation game for 1 player only. It was made in the year 2010. It features realistic sound effects, voice recordings, pre-rendered graphics and an orchestral soundtrack. It is a direct sequel to the 2008 game Marcos Lopez.

Marcos Lopez: Part II v0.01 www.nintendomax.com

Ported to Wii by beredezebe.


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UAE Wii v5.1 (Amiga emu for Wii)

UAE is a famous Amiga emulator ported to the Wii. UAE Wii can be found on googlecode at uae-wii.googlecode.com, and is based on the source code of E-UAE. The port uses SDL Wii.


(Binary) Rebuild against the latest devkitPPC, libogc and SDL (restores keyboard support)


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uname v0.3 (Wii Application)

uname by benjamin is a system information tool for Wii. The source code is available under GPLv2.


* Add number of titles installed, CPU, GPU, flash & main memory information.


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