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Tetris Custom v1.1 (Wii Game)

This is yet another Tetris, but you can put your own sounds and graphics by editing the res/tetris.xml file. The Default skins are Keithris featuring Talking Classics’ Keith Apicary (Screw Attack), and a classic skin named Russia.


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BootMii Configuration Editor v2.5 (Wii Application)

BootMii Configuration Editor llows you to change the values in the /bootmii/bootmii.ini file without having to take out the SD card and edit it on a PC.


– Implementation Of BootMii Switch functionality. Can enable/disable BootMii through the editor by renaming the directory from /bootmii to /~bootmii and vice versa
– If /bootmii and /~bootmii exist you are given the option to switch the directories allowing you to use an alternate MINI implementation such as MIKE.
– If bootmii.ini exists in both directories you are given the choice of which to edit.
– The homebrew channel icon is swapped depending on the mode to give an indication of the bootmii status. A green circle indicates bootmii is enabled, a red circle indicates bootmii is disabled, and an orange circle indicates you are running in switch mode.
– Several fixes to resolve various minor issues.


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TwoPointFive v1.1 (Wii Techdemo)

TwoPointFive is a first person perspective demo with pseudo 3D graphics (similar to games such as Wolfenstein 3D). The environment that you wander around in is a randomly generated maze.


Walls are now textured.
Collision detection (walls are now solid).
Added classic controller support.


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LuaFWii v0.9 (Wii misc)

the_marioga has updated his Lua interpreter for the Nintendo Wii. Lua is a small and powerful scripting language that is perfect for use in projects that require changes in logic without the hassle of recompiling the program’s source code.

Thanks to http://nintendomax.com/viewtopic.php?t=12139 for the news.


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Garnatron v1.7 (Wii Game)

Carles V. Ginés released a new version of his shoot em up game “Garnatron” for the Nintendo Wii.

Thanks to http://nintendomax.com/viewtopic.php?t=12154 for the news.


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WiiXplorer (r195) (Wii Application)

WiiXplorer is a file explorer for the Wii with a GUI made with LibWiiGui.


* USB2 support with cIOS202 installed
* SMB/USB/SD/DVD recursive copy/move/delete of files/directories with all files in it
* FAT and NTFS files systems support
* Rename files/directories
* Properties of files/directories
* Browse through SD/USB/SMB/DVD/WiiDisk
* Addressbar with path
* Multilanguage with custom font support
* Boot .dol/.elf files
* Playback Wii/GC Game Videos
* Supported Image Formats: PNG/JPEG/GIF/BMP/TPL/TGA/TIFF/GD/GD2
* Imageoperations zoom/slideshow
* Image converter which converts the supported formats to: PNG/JPEG/GIF/BMP/TIFF/GD/GD2
* Screenshot support at any point of the app in different formats
* ZIP/7zip/BNR/U8Archive/RARC browsing and decompressing
* Rar browsing
* Properties of archive files
* Textediting support
* PDF Viewing support
* Integrated FTP Server and FTP Client
* Music Player
* Auto-Update feature


*Added possibility to download an URL in the startmenu if you set it as a
download link (new question when adding anR url)
*Removed the bootup mount option. The app now boots always to the last used
*Fixed halt on network init even when it failed
*OnScreenKeyboard can be opened now right from the start of the texeditor
*Changable slideshow delay range increased
*Some changes on the progressbar regarding the reset of the total tranfered size
*Lot’s of optimizations in code (more use of macros)
*Initial doxgen commit (though i don’t have so many comments yet)

Thanks to http://www.nintendomax.com/viewtopic.php?t=12166&f=54 for the news.


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1bit Invaders v2.1 (Wii Game)

1bit Invaders is a 2D free roaming space shooter with a fully destructible environment and retro monochrome graphics. To stay alive and gain points just shoot the circles before they reach your ship. Use the wiimote to aim, B button to shoot and the nunchuck analog stick to move.


* Added background music.
* Added classic controller support.
* small changes movement speeds and most other things.

Thanks to http://www.nintendomax.com/viewtopic.php?t=12164&f=54 for the news.


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SRB2Wii v2.0.0 (RC3) (Wii Game Port)

SRB2Wii is an unofficial port of the 3D platformer fangame Sonic Robo Blast 2.

Sonic Robo Blast 2 is a 3D open-source Sonic the Hedgehog fangame built using a modified version of the Doom Legacy port of Doom. SRB2 is closely inspired by the original Sonic games from the Sega Genesis, and attempts to recreate the design in 3D. While SRB2 isn’t fully completed, it already features tons of levels, enemies, speed, and quite a lot of the fun that the original Sonic games provided.


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StartPatch v4.3.1U (Wii Application)

StartPatch is a homebrew application that patches your System Menu v4.0, v4.1, or v4.2 in a similar fashion as Starfall. It is based upon Menu Patcher by Isaac356.


Region Free Wii Games – Allows you to Play Import Titles.
IOS Selection – Allows you to select which IOS you would like to use.
Disable HAXX, DVDX, RZDx Checks – Disables the System Menu from blocking Homebrew.
Block Disc Updates – Blocks updates which have been embedded in Discs.
Block Online Updates – Prevents online updates being installed.
Region Free Channels – Allow installation of any region Channels.
Region Free GC Games No VM Patch – Removes region restrictions on Gamecube games.
Remove NoCopy Protection (Need To Install ALL Five) – Removes the Save File Copy Protection, which prevents Save Files from being copied to SD Cards.
Move Disc Channel – Enables the Disc Channel to be moved.
No Menu BG Music – Removes the System Menu’s background music.
Recovery Mode 4th GC DPad UP – Allows you to enter the Wii’s Recovery Mode easily.
Remove Diag Disc Check – Remove Diagnostic Disc check.
Auto-Press A At Health Screen – Automatically presses “A” for you at the Health Screen.
Replace Health Screen with Backmenu – No longer displays black/white health warning screen, so no need to press A, it will go straight to the channels screen.

Brick Warning
In the unlikely case that you lose power during patching process, you may brick your Wii. This will only happen if you lose power while the patches are being applied, and as this is a quick process, there is small risk of bricking. However, if you do brick, no one is responsible. There is no warranty with this app. You should take a BootMii NAND dump and have BootMii installed as boot2 (if possible) as a precaution.


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Yahtzwii v3.11 (Wii Game)

Yahtzee for the Wii!


Fixed all the bugs with the Triple Yahtzee Bonus Yahtzees, hopefully properly this time. (thanks Olaf)
Corrected mistake with German Triple Yahtzee instructions. (thanks Olaf)


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