GBAX GP32 Entries listed on

Heres a list of the GP32 entries the GBAX staff received for the GBAX.COM&GBAEmu coding competition.Games:Deep Ship, DynaMate, GP Asteroids, GP JNB (dont know full name yet), LK Shoot, NoiDZ and The New Trip Of PeuppyEmulators:fMSX32 (MSX – New release), Waba VM (port of Waba ).

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GBAX GBA Entries listed on

Heres a list of the GBA entries the GBAX staff received for the GBAX.COM&GBAEmu coding competition.Games:Alpha Wing, Battleship, Beru, Block, Broken Link, Carbie, Chopper, Coin Quest, Commando Advance, Cutegotchi, Dangerous Xmas, Dragon Tiles, Dvck Hvnt, Fill It Up, Gameland, GBAttaxx, Kasbrik, Keeper, Kunoichi Yami, Lights Out! Advance, M Adventure, Magik Tales, Milos Quest, Nomad 2, Paint Master, Panic At Work, Punto Banco Advance, Reversi, Serp, Skweez, Space Shooter, Sun Invaders, The Server Ninja, The Tragical Historie of Rodion and Rosalind, Wonkie Guy, Wordwise and finally Zoop Zone.Emulators:DrSMS (Master System), PCEAdvance (PC Engine), PocketGB (Gameboy Mono), Punchout (Arcade), ZXAdvance (Spectrum)

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Air Wing Assault (GBA game)

Another game done by”Edmund Wong”. This time it’s a 2D shooter ?a”Xenon”.

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Ed Smash (GBA game)

Edmund Wong did a bloody shooting game for GBA. It has been released over at GBAdev.org

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New Files! (GBA/GB/N64/GP32)

Gameboy AdvanceRainbow Intro by PulstarDRAGON Breakout by Jeff MassungVitamins (Milestone 1) by Damian YerrickGameboy ClassicRoader GB by Jay CookGP 32Nibbler 2003 (14th March 2003)gp32 Frodo (Beta 6) by Mike DawsonNintendo 64Shufflepuck 64 by djax&cliffi

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Vitamins (GBA Game)

Damian Yerrick send a new game over to! Here are a few lines from the readme.txt:

Vitamins is a Dr. M clone for PC, part of the freepuzzlearena package. Developed independently from Nintendo’s program, Vitamins offers crisp control, sharp graphics, and freedom. And now it’s coming to the GBA.This is Vitamins Milestone 1, the initial preview release intended primarily to establish FIRST POST! of drug matching on the GBA platform. It can run in VisualBoyAdvance, from a flash cartridge, or from multiboot.

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gp32 Frodo Beta 6 (C64 emulator for GP32)

A lot of changes. Frodo gettin’ better each release 🙂

Now uses Groepaz’s direct rendering code for a big speedup. Speed limiting to 100% is fixed. With the cpu back at 133 it now does 50fps/zero frameskip (that’s worth the batteries 🙂 Includes FrodoPC.fxe which is slower but has more precise cycle emulation. Some games will work with FrodoPC.fxe that don’t work with Frodo.fxe and vice versa.

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Nibbler 2003 (14-03-2003) (GP32 Game)

My old mate”sack”did a remake of Nibbler. Nibbler was actually written for the GBC and is now avaliable on GP32. Current release from 14th March is the second (The images are 1/2 in size due to bandwith issues).

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Mine-Sweeper (GBA game)

Jeff Massung, the creator of DRAGON Basic, released another game made with his basic style coding language. The DRAGON Basic source of Mine-Sweeper contains the binary as well. The .zip has been added to the PDROMS archive too.

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City Demo v1 (GBA Demo)

A small 3d demo sent in by Damien Marshall via e-mail!

Download City Demo v1

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