GPengine v0.4 (PCE emu for GP32)

With the release of GPengine we have a fully working PCE (TG16) emulator! This genious work has been done by “black”. Check out the official page! Thanks to clem for the news!

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Hergs Yahtzee v0.4 (GBA Game)

A new version of Herg’s Yahtzee is out.


Added send game via multiboot
Added trade highscores via link cable
Increased number of high scores saved
Improved control responsiveness
Modified menus to improve readability
Added pointer acceleration
Added ability to control sleep timer length
Controls are more responsive in emulators now
Compressed more stuff so that only 3k was added to filesize

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Runes v1.0 (GBA misc)

Here is a program done by Ben Baker.

Release notes:

This is a port of an old Amiga program I wrote back in 1992…

Runes are little stones that have been used to look into the future since the dark ages. Each rune has it’s own name, and it’s own meaning. There are 25 runes – each was once a letter in an ancient Germanic alphabet. This program does all the reading of the stones for you. All you have to do is follow the messages that appear onscreen. These are genuine layouts and interpretations of the runes. And yes, it does work so be serious when you use the oracle of the runes!

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B-Type (GBA Game)

There is a neat R-Type like shooter release called “B-Type”. Get it from

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Telecharger LK Go v0.3 (GP32 Game)

LK Go is a rather new game for the GP32. The page is in french so I can’t tell you anything about the changes.

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Uranus Zero (GBA Game)

Adriano Baglio, the man behind ZoneGN, and creator of the past two “Uranus” shooters for the GBA did it again. Uranus Zero is the biggest homebrewn game I have seen yet, it’s still damn hard to play and probably one of the most impressive freeware games for our all beloved GBA.

Uranus Zero features:

– vertical shoot’em up
– Highscore Online Code
– 64 Mbits
– 8 Stages + boss!
– Boss Mode
– New Story Mode
– Challange Mode
– Fun Mode
– Continues
– 3 selectables characters + 1 hidden characters
– Special Attack & upgradable shoot
– 4 types of sub weapons
– 2 languages ( English & French )
– Hidden Bonus
– Hidden Cheat code

The file is avaliable at the ZoneGN homepage. I’ll add Uranus Zero in the next days.

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Space Commander Pac-Man v1.0 (GBA Game)

Aaron Shadis send me an interesting Pacman game he created recently. You don’t have to eat your yellow pills, you’ve to shoot your usual enemies, the ghosts. It’s kinda funny but get’s really hard after a while.

Here a few lines from the readme:

This is my FIRST game on the GBA. The last game I wrote was on the Apple IIe in 1988. (I’ve been busy with other things for a while!) I really wanted to try writing games on the GBA, so I threw together the first things that came to my mind… Pac-Man & Space Invaders. The rest of the game grew from there.

Please reply to my email with any comments, criticisms, or praises about the game. I’d love to hear for you.I have only tested this game with Boycott Advance. If anyone plays it on an actual GBA, let me know how it goes.

Unfortunatly the original author does not have an own hompage, so you can get the file here from PDroms.

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New Section “Atari Jaguar” (Jaguar misc)

Just found time to search for a couple of Atari Jaguar Freeware images, and here we go:

Atari Jaguar
Asteroid by Sinister Developments
Colors and Mouse (colorsmo.jag) by Matthias Domin
Colors by Matthias Domin
JAG Mania (6 Jan 2001) by Matthias Domin
JAG Marble v0.03 by Matthias Domin
JDC Demo by Lars Hannig
JDC Demo V3 by Lars Hannig
Joypad-Tester (jptest2) by Matthias Domin
Memory Dump v1.0 by Matthias Domin
Memory Dump v1.1 by Matthias Domin
Painter by Sinister Developments

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Starshot v4 (GBA Game)

Opus updated his shooter game “Starshot” to version 4. More Details and download from his page.

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Conways Game of Life (GBA Techdemo)

Andrew H. Cox released a way of life simulation for the GBA. Get the file from

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