Touch! v1.1 (GBA Game)

Dave Mejia updated his game “Touch!” to version 1.1.

The changes in this version:

Feb. 8, 2003 v 1.1 The binary is now less than 95KB.

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Tetris (GP32 Game)

News taken from

This time it cames from GP32 Unnoficial Dev forum. Another tetris like game. But actually this one is not as cool as BG Tetris which was mentioned in earlier news but this one has sources included.

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Wind-Ups v0.9 (GP32 Application)

News taken from

The homepage for the GP32 desktop style interface program, Wind-ups, has been updated with a download for version 0.9. I am not sure if this is a new release thats different from the competition as there is no readme with the download.. however the .zpk file says it was built on the 4th so I reckon its a new release 🙂

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Internal Structure Changes! (misc)

Hello everyone!

Just a quick note that the internal structure of PDROMS has changed, and an Anti-Leech-Script has been installed! (A big thanks goes to the well known Simon B., webmaster at

If you notice any problems, for example if you can’t get a file or whatever, please drop me an e-mail. I can’t check everything by myself, so I have to count on your help!


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File Uploads! (GBA misc)

Gameboy Advance
Ball of Death by C Brandon Patterson
Cauldron GBA (4th Feb 2003) by Anthony Crawley
Elite – The New Kind v1.1 by Quirky
Frood by Chris Berry
Hergs Solitaire v0.7 by Harold Toler
Jomo v1.02 by Saikou
LOFT Demo by Frederic Boussinot
Touch by Dave Mejia

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Cauldron (Non Final) (GBA Game)

Anyone remembering Cauldron? Now someone is gonna bring us this piece of work over to the GBA. A -non final- version can be downloaded from here:

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GITS2 (NES Application)

Another addition to NESDEV is GITS2.

Here are a few lines from the readme:

GITS2 is a program for adjustment of colour TV sets of system PAL through the game console DENDY (Russian NES). GITS2 is the second (improved) version of the program GITS, which was published in a Russian magazine RADIO number 8 for 2001.

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Tanespot (NES Demo)

Memblers updated his NES Development page with a new demo called “Tanespot”. Tanespot has been released at Dreamhack 02 in DivX-Format. Now we have the binary 🙂

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BG Tetris v0.1.1 (GP32 game)

News taken from

Another version of another Tetris clone. Actually dont know whats new because its a corean production. But anyway new version sometimes mean better version 😉

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The Third Creation PS2 Coding Competition Round 10 – Results (PS2 misc)

Another “Third Creation” coding competition has ended! Results and files are avaliable from it’s official page.

The entries:

Bunny Tetris by NoRecess Quickie by Adresd [UPDATE 13:36 CET: Uploaded to PDROMS]
Torus by blackdroid [UPDATE 13:36 CET: Uploaded to PDROMS]
tinyFire by wiRe [UPDATE 13:36 CET: Uploaded to PDROMS]
Turos by Nippy [UPDATE 13:36 CET: Uploaded to PDROMS]
Waves by Tyranid [UPDATE 13:36 CET: Uploaded to PDROMS]

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