snes9xGP v0.8b (SNES emulator for GP32)

Another updated emulator is snes9xGP which is an SNES emulator for the GP32. Changes are:

– Test version of Snes9xGP released.- Assembly optimized sound mixing, a little graphics drawing code, and all of the microprocessor main loops.- Not finished, still need to optimize more graphics code and processor code.- Sound mixing code optimizations about finished.- Please report any problems.

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PCE Advance v1.1 (PCE emulator for GBA)

FluBBa released an updated version of his PCE emulator for the GBA. This version seems to have improved speed.

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DynaMate (GP32) v2.0 (GP32 game)

Flavor just dropped me a note that he updated his DynaMate port which he entered in the GBAX2003 competition to v2.0! This new version includes a built in level-editor.

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Uranus Zero EV (GBA game)

I just received an e-mail from Adriano (aka ZoneGN) with this content:

Hi, an easy version of Uranus Zero is come.The game is called URANUS ZERO EV (EASY VERSION). Don’t forgot to make the mondial best score and put on the high-score web site.I also announce officially that I would not make any more”free”games for the gba. I am very occupied with other projects…ZoneGN.http://www.zonegn.com

You can get the file either from the official page at or from PDroms.

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Elf Logic v0.9b (GP32 game)

Another news stolen from GP32-Xtreme… Thanks Hando! 🙂

What a day 🙂 Release after a release. Just few minutes ago Elf Logic, a logical game with beautiful graphics was released. If you are interested, download it asap 🙂

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Colecovision emulator for GP32!

Regarding”Hando”, webmaster of GP32-Xtreme rlyeh ported a Colecovision-Emulator over to the GP32. It seems to work very fine. here are a few lines from Hando’s posting:

After sending a fMSX emulator for GBAX competition, Rlyeh has ported another emulator for GP32. This time his choice was ColecoVision emulator.In August 1982, Coleco released the ColecoVision. It was a new $175 videogame system with graphics and sound superior to both the Atari 2600 and the Intellivision. What really”made”the ColecoVision, however, was its pack-in game: the mega-popular Donkey Kong. In any event, Coleco’s console went on to become one of the most popular game machines among 1980s players, as well as among today’s classic gamers. (info from Classic Gaming Museum)Back to nowadays 🙂 There is no public release of this emu yet, but it is going to happend soon. Emulator works with fullspeed and frameskip=0 at 66MHX clock, has full sound support, load normal/zipped/gzipped roms. And of course there are plenty arcade classic games for this system, so it is worth of waiting. You can see more screens from emu (screenshots was taken by me on Geepee emulator so they have some glitches which do not exist on GP32) after clicking more.

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New Files! (GP32) GBAX 2003 GP32 Entries up!

GP 32Deep Ship by Joseph Le BrechDynaMate v1.0 by FlavorfMSX32 (17-03-03) by rylehGP Waba by ph0xGPasteroids by giffelJump n Bump by Michael HeinemannLK Shoot (GBAX 2003) by Ronan LeroyNoiDZ v0.1 by rovThe New Trip Of Peuppy by Satu Lagi

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New Files! (GBA) GBAX GBA Entries are up!

Gameboy AdvanceAlpha Wing by Jon WingroveBattle Spaceship by Werner MendizabalBeru by SaikouBlocks v1.0 by Werner MendizabalBroken Link by Jonathan KaufmannCarbie by phargChopper by Christian AubyCoin Quest by Scott MCommando Advance by SeagalCutegotchi Advance by FNX GamesDangerous Xmas by Spoutnick TeamDragon Tiles by Red5DrSMS by Dave ReesDvck Hvnt v1.00 by Trevor BentleyFill It Up (GBAX 2003) by Matthew GummoGameland by Stephen StairGBAttaxx v0.1 by Thomas MathysKasbrik by Yannick RousseauKeeper v1.0 by Jeremy MorelandKlan Wars by Lord GragaKunoichi Yami (Beta) by Louis-N Dozois and Phil StroffolinoLights Out Advance v0.9b by KujaM-Adventure by Paolo BorziniMagik Tales Demo v1 by BennymarrouMilos Quest by Nicholas ScheltemaNight Hawk by Christian AubyPaint Master by Jason HaffnerPanic At Work by ZoneGNPCEAdvance by FluBBaPocketGB v0.1a by JustBurnPunch-Out GBA by Phil StroffolinoPunto Banco Advance by coca77Reversi by Mr MisterSerp by Miguel Angel Alvarez GarciaSkweez by PeebrainSpace Shooter by Bernhard DeiningerSqueekby BigRedPimpSun Invaders by Philippe-Andre LorinThe NomadII -Trapped- v1.0.1 by Alex MarkleyThe Server Ninja by Mark Bowers and Jim OtermatThe Tragical Historie of Rodion and Rosalind by Bertil HoerbergWonkie Guy (07-03-2003) by Sean ReidWordwise v2.0 by Erik RoundsZoop Zone by Martin KonradZXAdvance 1.0. by The HiVE

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GBAX 2003 results are up!

The GBAX coding competition is over and the results are announced! Have a peek at the official page for more information!

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IMBnes WIP (NES emulator for PSX)

Even the author of IMBnes posted a few lines after 2 months of silence:

All of the key changes for the next version of imbNES are now complete. I’m currently addressing some minor bugs that have crept into the code over the course of that last 6 or 7 months since the 1.2 beta release. The next version will be 1.3 (as opposed to 1.2 final) to avoid confusion and to reflect the major changes the emulator has undergone since last July. Time permitting, imbNES v1.3 will be released within a month.

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