Tron Demo (GBA Game)

Matthew Scales released a tron style game. Avoid walls and your allready passed way. This small game includes a saveable highscore.

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Sworld 3 v4 (GBA Game)

Shen released an updated version of”Sworld 3″. It’s a well done shooter. Specially I can recommend you part one and two, which are avaliable for Gameboy Color.

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gp32 Frodo Beta 3 (C64 emu for GP32)

Beta 3 is out. Now with sound!

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gp32 Frodo Beta 2 (C64 emu for GP32)

Beta 2 of this”Frodo”port should be more stable. Get the new file from:

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Air Hockey v1.0 (GBA Game)

Ben Stark, the creator of Gorillas Advance, released a brand new game. This time his attempt is to create a cool hockey game. Currently there is only human against computer game, but a possible future version will support Multi-Player (via GBA Link-Cable).

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GP32 Frodo (Beta 1) (C64 emu for GP32)

It was allready announced, but now it’s really out! 🙂 A C64 emu for the GP32. There is no sound yet, but hopefully things will improve a lot in the future 🙂

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Breakout (GBA Game)

Matthew Scales released a three level Breakout game including the source over at

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Mode 4 and Sprites (GBA Techdemo)

The second demo Jenswa released over at GBAdev is a tech demo. I think the name says it all. Source code (c) is included.

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Arkanoid Demo (08-08-2002) (GBA Game)

Jenswa released a demo of his Arkanoid Game today over at GBAdev. Screenshot and download from there.

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File Uploads GBA GBC GP32 NES NGPC PS2 (misc)

Gameboy Advance
2 Bit Ball Wall by JustBurn
Arkanoid Demo (8-8-2002) by Jenswa
Blod-Runner v2 by Opus
B-Type by Nicky Hunt
Conways Game of Life by Andrew H Cox
FPocketNES v8U12 by FluBBa
GBonGBA v0.4 by Mael
Hergs Solitaire v0.8 by Harold Toler
Hergs Yahtzee v0.4 by Harold Toler
Mode 4 and Sprites by Jenswa
Runes v1.0 by Headspin
Star-Shot v4 by Opus
Touch v1.1 by Dave Mejia
Uranus Zero by ZoneGN

Gameboy Color
Dyna Mate by Jonas Norberg

Blop Blop v0.1 (Beta 1 66mhz) by JyCet
GPengine v0.4 by black-
InfoNES r2 (GP32) by Anders Granlund
InfoNES r3 (GP32) by Anders Granlund
LK Go v0.3 by Lapkill
Sokoban v1.0 by clem
Wind-ups v0.9 by Karthur

NES (8-Bit)
Crap Demo Shooter by Jandar
GITS2 by Sergey Ryumik
Raster Demo by Norix
Sack Of Flour v1d by CMU NESdev Team
Tanespot by Jonathan & Hans Knektar

Neo Geo Pocket Color
Slideshow by Thor

Playstation 2
Tabula Rasa by Haujobb

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