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PDAcraft Paint v1.1.2 (PPC Application)

Now you can draw directly on the touch screen of your PDA. No more sheets of paper and pencils. Using this program you can draw lines, shapes, text, erase and copy fragments, and zoom your drawings. You can use one of 16 millions of colors.

Paint is a drawing tool you can use to create simple drawings. This program is similar to well-known desktop program Paint. Unlike desktop version, PDA version is more comfortable, because you can draw directly on touch screen with stylus.

You can use Paint to work with pictures in .bmp format.


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KshrTips v0.3 (PPC Application)

Simple tip calculator for Windows Mobile.


– Support for landsape mode and rotating.


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Slide2Unlock2 (S2U2) v1.62 (PPC Application)

S2U2 (Slide2Unlock2) is a simple lock/unlock application which has the iPhone style slide unlocking. It can be used as a screensaver while you don’t use your device. It has a CallerID function (but some devices may not work, so please try it first); S2P control plugin; and volume control.


– the notification pop-up can now be dismissed (only on S2U2) by tapping anywhere a while outside the pop-up area;
To redisplay it, tap the corresponding notification icon.
– added option to turn on/off the individual preview of SMS, MMS & Email.
Please note that since I have no where to test the MMS (my device treats it as SMS), so it may not work.
– the “slide to view” has extended to all notification icons.
e.g. when a missed-call icon shown; tap the icon & it’ll be highlighted; slide the slider will open the call history.
– added option to custom the applications opened by “slide to view” by editing the registry:
They are under HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareA_CS2U2S2VEXE, named 0File, 0Parameters, 1File, 1Parameters,… 8File, 8Parameters.
0 – missed call; 1 – voice mail; 2 – SMS; 3 – MMS; 4 – email;
5 – Flexmail; 6 – WL Messenger; 7 – reminder; 8 – active task.
e.g. when there is a missed call, open iContact’s call history instead of the system call history,
edit 0File to Program FilesiContactiContact.exe;
and 0Parameters to -recents (the path may be different on different language device & where it’s installed).
– added option to disable pressing the power button to end an incoming call.
– fixed a potential memory leak introduced in v1.60/1.61.
– fixed the incomplete backup created when saving the settings in S2U2 Settings.
– fixed the occasional problem that the system hangs on the CallerID screen.
– a few minor bugs fixed.


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KshrTips v0.2 (PPC Application)

Simple tip calculator for Windows Mobile.


– Fixed a bug: when splitting, for example 100 to 3 people, it says each pays 33.33. So, after summing up 0.01 is missing (3×33.33 is 99.99). Now it will give 33.34. An extra tip for the waiter, but better to pay more than less — after all, you may ask for change.
– Seems that both dot and comma work as a decimal separator now.


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AutoRingVolume v0.1.0 (PPC Application)

AutoRingVolume – set Ringer volume based on ambient noise level.


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City Advisor (02-04-2009) (PPC Application)

City Advisor is a Public Transport Navitation Platform for Windows Mobile. Provide generic path searching services for cities. This preview version contains the main program and a map of Paris Metro.


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FingerPoint v0.2.1 (PPC Application)

FingerPoint App Launcher.


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Easy Expenses v0.94.4 (PPC Application)

Easy Expenses is mainly focussed on logging expenses. It is meant to be simple and easy to use. Easy Expenses is not designed as a complete finance management program and never will be. If you want to use Easy Expenses for this purpose, you have to export the data and process it in a program like Microsoft Excel.


Second attempt to fix this bug.


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Auto Lock (CSDEVCTRL) v6.02.1 (PPC Application)

Auto Lock (CSDEVCTRL) is another auto locking program which utilizes the Windows Locking for partial locking (phone related keys are active) or complete locking (no keys are active).


01/04 – V6.02.1 – In Call Lock activated immediatetly when calling


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Fahrplanauskunft v0.9.5 (PPC Application)

This a a little program to create Wayfinding Lists for Buses on http://www.vrr.de


-Bugfix: Problems with saved Fahrplaene, Completly rewritten


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