Gopchop v1.0.0.0 (Pandora Application)

Gopchop by lukey is able to Edit MPEG-(1/2) Videos without re-encoding them and thus allows it to be fairly responsive on the OpenPandora.

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Strange Adventure in Infinite Space v1.5.0.03 (Pandora Game Port)

Strange Adventure in Infinite Space is a game where you need to explore the galaxy in 20 minutes or less. Pandora Port by ptitSeb. This PND doesn’t include the full data, but they can be freely downloaded. You’ll need to extract the data from the Windows or MAC version of the full game.


* Better support for case sensitive file system

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Tread Marks v1.7.0.02 (Pandora Game Port)

Tread Marks is an Off-Road Battle Tank Racing and Combat game. Unlike most off-road racing games, in Tread Marks you can actually put holes and scorch marks in the terrain, which last for as long as the race does and don’t hurt performance. With a suitably powerful weapon, you can even dig yourself a new canyon, or level a significant chunk of the map! Ported to Pandora by ptitSeb.

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QMPlay2 v17.09.16.0 (Pandora Application Port)

QMPlay2 is a video and audio player. It can play all formats supported by FFmpeg, libmodplug (including J2B and SFX). It also supports Audio CD, raw files, Rayman 2 music and chiptunes. It contains YouTube and Prostopleer browser. Ported to Pandora by Canseco.


– Latest stable release.
– Updated youtube-dl and patched source code in src folder.

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Draconian (04-10-2017) (A2600 Game)

SpiceWare updated their game Draconian. Your goal is to destroy the space stations on each level. Use the radar, located at the bottom of the screen between the score and lives remaining, to find the stations (green dots) in relation to yourself (white dot). Destroy the stations by taking out all 6 pods.

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The Retro Hour EP91 – Twin Galaxies and Classic Arcades (misc)

The Retro Hour is your weekly dose of retro gaming and technology news, views and interviews from the UK.


We talk about the golden age of arcades with Twin Galaxies’ Walter Day! The games, the gamers and how accurate was the King of Kong movie?

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City Trouble (Commercial) (NES Game)

City Trouble for the NES by Den Kat Games, published by Mega Cat Studios. The game currently sells at $44.99.

You are Amy and your mission leads you to the rooftops high above the town’s not so pleasant districts. So, take your trusty taser and electrocute all evil scumbags that stand in your way. Show those muscle-headed Goons and them jumpy Paradudes who’s boss. Use your agility to pass over deep and dangerous gaps and outrun that pesky helicopter. It’s a tough job, but not all is dire: There’s your best friend Rachel waiting in the middle of the action to provide you some useful items to help you on your way. You’ll need it since it’s only a matter of time until bad girl Scarlett bothers you again or you’ll have to face another one of the Jumbos. Do you have the guts and the skills to rid the City of the Jackal Gang in this fast-paced arcade action game?

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SNESPi – Raspberry Pi Mini Super Nintendo Consoles (SNES misc)

This is an attempt to make a Mini Super Nintendo.

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Beats Rhythm (Android Game)

Beats Rhythm is a fresh Android game by Perfectsin. Left click or press the arrow keys when it is on the last stone. Correct timing is needed to score and you must find the correct path to the boss. You must beat the boss to win. If your health reaches zero, it is game over. To beat the boss, you must figure out the correct timing and rhythm.

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The Awakening (Android Game)

The Awakening by Racso is a fast-paced puzzle game. Use your quick thinking to collect food while avoiding the Awaken: reanimated death who appeared in the world and caused the society to collapse.

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