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Touchdown Challenge v2 (A2600 Game)

Atarius Maximus makes Atari VCS users happy once again with his new game Touchdown Challenge. The object is to run past the defenders and score a touchdown. The pattern changes when you score. Most of the players run slowly down the field, but there is one who will relentlessly chase you. If you get tackled, the score resets. It needs a lot of polish but is very playable and kind of fun.

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Three.s v0.9 (Atari 2600 Game)

Thomas Jentzsch bring us Three.s for the Atari VCS. The game was earlier called 2^11 which basically equals into 2048. Now from this point on, there is probably not much more to tell. Enjoy the game!

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Palomino (10-05-2014) (Atari 2600 Game)

Palomino is a puzzle game for Atari 2600 by Seemo.

The playfield is continuously scanned by a vertical beam, that periodically deposits cells in the playfield. The player has to arrange these cells to form the pattern shown on the top of the screen. To form the patterns, the player controls a cursor that can pick up and release the cells on the playfield. When the vertical beam meets a pattern, it removes the cells that form the pattern from the playfield, and the player scores points. Each pattern has to be composed eight times before the timer, represented by the bar on the top left of the screen, expires.

In the recent update a few bugs were fixed and minor improvements were done. Check the release thread for full details.

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Tumulus (r28) (A2600 Game)

In Tumulus by yllawwally you are an adventurer, out to stop the fiends coming from Tumulus. This game is inspired by Golden Axe.

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Draconian (13-05-2014) (A2600 Game)

SpiceWare is on the way to teach you how to destroy space stations in their new game Draconian. Use the radar, located at the bottom of the screen between the score and lives remaining, to find the stations in relation to yourself. Destroy the stations by taking out all six pods.

This game is still “work in progress”.

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Flappy v11 RC2 (A2600 Game)

Flappy, a Flappy Bird style game, for Atari VCS has been updated.


* Changes in “random” for the pipe.


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Snappy (15-01-2012) (A2600 Game)

The goal in Snappy by Sebastian Mihai is to get as many men across Snappy’s pit as possible. Each game starts with ten men, and each of them gets parachuted at a random spot, so you have to time your jumps well. Only one button is used – fire. It will start a new game when on the menu screen, and it will cause a man to start running, trying to make it across the pit.

Snappy (Atari 2600 homebrew)

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Flappy v6 (A2600 Game)

Seriously… is there any reason the Atari VCS should be not having a Flappy Bird style game? Oh wait… thanks to iesposta there is actually a game very similar to it named Flappy.

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Larry the Lemon (Build 18) (A2600 Game)

Guide Larry the Lemon to collect gifts while being haunted by an enemy. Coded by atari2600land.

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Point Zero (23-01-2014) (A2600 Game)

There is not only a Michael Knight in TV, but also in Atari VCS development scene. If you are in the mood for a little shooter you may try Point Zero. The ultimate goal of this game is to get a score of zero!

Use the joystick to move around and pressing fire when moving increases your speed. Press fire while still to shoot your missiles and blow up bad guys. Not everything is a bad guy there are also power ups to obtain. Every thousand points you remove from the score a boss like ship will appear… Don’t get hit by its missiles!

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