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AnimEDS v0.3 (NDS Application)

AnimEDS by PypeBros is a sprite/animation editor for the Nintendo DS. The editor itself works with the .spr format.

Thanks to and,5033 for the news.

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SSEQ Player (08-09-2011) (NDS Application Source Code)

fincs updates his SSEQ player. SSEQ is the official music format used in Nintendo DS games. As distributing a ROM with copyrighted music would be a copyright infringement, you can only get the sources for the player routine for now.

You can discuss about the player here, at the board.


– Added support for multiple SWAR files
– Added StopSeq() function
– Implemented per-track ADSR (thanks KazoWAR)
– Implemented loop start/end events (thanks KazoWAR)
– Implemented PSG instruments

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Sheep Goes Left (Proper Release 1) (NDS Game)

Jayenkai updates his game “Sheep Goes Left”. Guide your sheep always left, but avoid obstacles. Sounds easy, is easy, but only in the first few levels.


100 levels, all taken from the iOS release, but tweaked so they work properly!
10 different backgrounds split up into 20 whole worlds, each with it’s own BGM.
Saving, so everything has to be unlocked in a proper order. Woot!
Editor, so you can start to build your own awesome Sheepy Level collection.
Is Hard!!

You can Die now!
No DS Specific delights, yet. Everything is still a redo of the iOS original.
No switching of level packs. There’s either the Play pack or the Edit pack. I’ll sort that out next time.
No scores… .. Still no scores.. That’s coming, though, don’t worry!
Is Hard!!!

If you die a lot, you can Skip now!!
Menu looks a bit better!
Sheep!! There are SHEEP!! (complete a whole pack without dying once.)
Is Hard!!!!

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NDS Music Player v1.0e (NDS Application)

KazoWAR updated “NDS Music Player”. It’s based on fincs’ SSEQ Player and allows to play music tracks from commercial games with a GUI browser pointing at the desired ROM file.

Release notes:

1.0e caitsith2 updated SPSMaker to put all SDATs for one game into one SPS, before it was one SPS per SDAT.

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NesDS v0.56a (NES emu for NDS)

NesDS is a Nintendo Entertainment System emulator for Nintendo DS.


* Short-Cuts updated. Fast forward & rewind can be changed.
* Screen scaling can be saved to nesDS.ini
* gzip file supported. only .gz could work. Thanks to dszip. The decompression of large files would take a while.
* Compiled with latest libNDS (as required).

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MonkeyTouch v1 (NDS misc)

In “MonkeyTouch” by “Filou HB” you have to touch a monkey with your stylus…

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Boring Killer v1.0 (NDS misc)

Boring Killer by The Dark Master is a fun application that allows you to bully the NDS screen with virtual weapons.

Thanks to for the news.

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Last Survivor v2.0 (NDS Game)

Homebrew developers with a scary name, such as “The Dark Master” possibly reflect the scariness to their homebrews too. As the titel “Last Survivor” tells, you are possibly the last survivor of a tragedy. Build yourself a home, avoid monsters and discover the secret.

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Nintendo Needs Indies (NNI) (Nintendo misc)

Nintendo do have their “Seal of Quality”, but what does the homebrew scene got? Up till today possibly nothing.

From now on Jayenkai scans through the new NDS homebrew, picks out the best stuff and awards an NNI badge to anything that would live up to the scrutiny of Apple’s Appstore.

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SuperPong v2.0 (NDS Game)

SuperPong is a Pong game for Nintendo DS by PacoChan. It was already released a while ago, but was not covered here on the front page.

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