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Space1 v1.0 (NDS Game)

Space1 by fraz75 is a game where you have to get save through an asteroid field.

Thanks to for the news.

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DS2x86 v0.10 (DOS emu for NDS)

DS2x86 by Patrick Aalto is a PC emulator for Nintendo DS. It’s purpose is to allow you to run old DOS games on your Nintendo DS game console. DS2x86 is a port of DSx86 port using the SuperCard DSTwo’s MIPS processor, therefor it will just run with such a card.

Release notes:

This version does not bring many improvements. It is mainly just a small maintenance update, for the Homebrew Bounty competition. I fixed a potential memory alignment problem in the EMS emulation, which could cause a BSOD exception. This happened in Colonization, at least. I also implemented several previously unsupported INT calls.

For the whole of this weekend I worked on a completely rewritten audio handling for DS2x86. Sadly, I was not able to make it work reliably yet, so I could not include that in this version. It has gotten quite frustrating, as the new code is much cleaner and faster than the current audio code, and it should work much better, but it just doesn’t! I have been debugging it for several hours now, and everything seems to work as it should, but still the audio sounds very bad! Very frustrating!

Looks like I will need more time to thoroughly debug this problem, and compare the behaviour of the new code to that of the original audio code. The reason I want to rewrite the audio code is that it is nearly impossible to add other emulated audio sources (besides the SB digital audio) to the current code. I want to start working on the AdLib audio code soon, so I needed to rewrite the audio code so that it can be extended with other audio sources. But, the first step is obviously to make it run the plain SB digitized audio at least as well as the current code.

The Homebrew Bounty 2011 competition will close after tomorrow, so I believe DSx86 0.34 and DS2x86 0.10 are the final versions that I participate in the competition with. Any last minute changes have a high risk of breaking some previously working code, and I try to avoid releasing versions I haven’t tested properly. Since both my emulators are still in a continuous “work-in-progress” state, the competition versions will in any case be kind of snapshots of the evolution of x86 emulation on the Nintendo DS. Now I’ll just wait and see what happens, whether the judges feel my entries are worthy of some prizes. So, good luck, me! 🙂

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Gaia DS (Revision 6) (NDS Game)

Gaia DS is supposed to be a RPG in the classic SNES style. There is not really much to show right now. At the moment the message-box, movement system and the collision detection is functional. The next step is the map-change and npc-sprite display and with that the interaction with sprites on the map.


inventory use and swap feature added
some code was tidied up
some story was written

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Mr. Robot And His Robot Factory (05-06-2011) (NDS Game)

Mr. Robot And His Robot Factory by mark2512 is a remake of an old c64 alltime classic, with the same name. Collect pills but avoid enemies and traps!


-bug fixed in teleporter function.
-added pause function (press START during game.)

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Sandbox Engine DS-DSi v004.1 (misc)

Sandbox Engine DS-DSi is a 3D FPS style DSi hybrid (for DSi only but also playable on DS) game which started back in 2010 on the DS but when the DSi sudokuhax was discovered its being made with DSi mode in mind.


minor changes…
fixed some lighting.
changed title screen.
changed some controls.
this version has some small fixes from the last version. & some things i forgot.
(note: lighting depends on what emulator your useing. but the correct lighting should work useing flashcards & sudokuhax.)
Edit sorry guys had to take it down for a sec, its back now tho, accidently named it v005, fixed it

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PadSend (Revision 3) (misc)

PadSend lets you use Gamecube pads connected to a Wii, or a DS, as a PC gamepad. PPJoy must be installed. Just run the server on your computer (requires .NET framework 2.0) and run the client on your Wii or DS. It will only work right now if your DS or Wii has an IP address that starts with 192.168.1.*

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Super Smash Bros Crash (Demo 9.5) (NDS Game)

“Super Smash Bros Crash” is a Super Smash Bros fan game created by miguel28. The project is a demo, but has 29 characters, 28 stages, 2 CPUs, music and sounds that accompany you throughout the game and two game modes. You can also take pictures of the battle (saved in .bmp format).


Bug Fixes and varius improvements

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Fireworlds (Beta 3) (NDS Game)

Fireworlds by Dirbaio is a completely original puzzle/platform adventure game for Nintendo DS. Objective is to collect all energy bits from the level and then reach the exit. For now the game has four levels.

Fireworlds Trailer - by Dirbaio


– Last update before final release!
– Annoying corner bug fixed, now completely!
– Fixed falling through ice blocks sometimes.
– Added intro video
– Zoomed out a bit for more visibility
– Improved the tutorial levels.
– Added speed button! Big levels are no longer boring!
– ROM no longer needs to be in root.
– Added fireboxes!
– Added switches!
– Bug fixes! Collision fixes!
– Added awesome intro video (Thanks to my friend Sorington!)
– Added pause button
– 28 levels!

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MunchiToy (Demo 2.5) (NDS misc)

MunchiToy is a physics application which lets you manipulate “Munchi” using the microphone.


MINOR BUG FIXES (munchi hits ground)

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StellaDS v1.2 (A2600 emu)

StellaDS is an Atari VCS 2600 Emulator for DS and DSi. It’s a port of Stella by French developer alekmaul. This emulator supports ROMs in A26 or BIN format.

StellaDS V1.0


* Change screen height when switching from PAL <> NTSC
* Add fps display with START button
* Add stylus management for paddle

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